September TidBits

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Fall Date Night Look

img_6763img_6773img_5228img_5227img_6762Outfit Details: Floral Dress  (similar) // Steve Madden Nude Heels // Rebecca Minkoff Clucth // Tassel Earrings 

Guys, four outfit posts in a week. That’s a record! Clearly you can see which posts I am up to date on and which ones I’m not lol. I’m a work in progress ya’ll. 

Anyways, Happy Friday!!! What a crazy week this has been for us. We are home in Houston tonight, but tomorrow morning we are waking up early and heading to Waco for the Baylor game. We haven’t been to a game yet this season, so I am really excited! Actually, we haven’t been to Waco since last football season! It’s always super nostalgic going back, so when Colton said this is what he wanted to do this weekend, I was pumped.

Tonight, we are heading out for one of our date nights, which is why I found this post so appropriate! We love date nights. Okay, I love date nights lol but I know Colton doesn’t mind them. There is always one night a weekend where we are absolutely exhausted and just want to hang out with each other. Tonight is that night! 

I picked up this dress from Nordstrom’s last week before heading out of town. It was a random try on and I just felt like such a lady and new it would be perfect for a date. The cold shoulder, the elegant pleats and the fact that it’s burgundy make it the perfect fall date night dress. Unfortunately as of this glorious morning it is sold out. And I literally cannot find it ANYWHERE. I’m so sorry, I feel like I have been doing this to ya’ll a lot lately. 

I’ll keep my eye out for it though! 

If you’re in Houston and your boo (or just your girlfriends, whatevs) are looking for a few date night ideas for the weekend, here’s a few of my suggestions!  

  1. Take her out to the ball game. The Astros are playing the Los Angeles Angels Friday, Saturday & Sunday. 
  2. Karbachtoberfest. Have yourself a feast at Karbach all weekend long! They will have lots of food, live music & a whole lot of beer. 
  3. Wine & cheese night: Go and get the best cheese and charcuterie board around town at 13 Celsius
  4. Try a new restaurant! We tried Sozo Sushi last night and it was really good. It’s located near the Galleria right next to North and OH MY GOD YALL. We went there last night and the sushi was so fresh!  
  5. Listen to live music at White Oak Music Hall. We haven’t been yet, but it is definitely on our list! I have heard people rave about it and I absolutely love live music, so hopefully we will make it soon!

burgundy dress burgundy dress  burgundy dress    burgundy dress burgundy dress

Hello Fall!! Tips For Dressing For The Season When It’s Still 100 Degrees Outside

img_6651img_6712img_6683img_6644img_6710img_6648img_6690Outfit Details: Top // Suede Skirt // Chunky Heels // Fringe Purse // Black Watch // Choker

Hello first official day of fall! My goodness, I am welcoming you with open arms. Now, if it could just start getting cooler here in the great state of Texas -lol. Literally, I tried to wear jeans yesterday and I thought I was going to die. Like, I literally had a hot flash. Which is why, outfits like this one are perfect for transitioning into the cooler weather.

I’ve talked to you guys a lot about transitioning into fall. Starting with my favorite fall trends and all of my favorite fall picks for under $100. I call these outfits “warm weather fall outfits”. Meaning they are definitely in season, but won’t leave you sweating your face off. 

As much as I want to curl up in my leggings & sweaters with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand…. We justttttt aren’t there yet! I mean, the weather man did say this morning that we are getting a small cold front here in Texas, starting next week…but I’m not getting my hopes up! Like, I’m pretty sure Texas weather breaks my heart more than the movie “Me Before You” did… Have ya’ll seen it?! Total tear jerker. 

Any who…

Here are the rules (or tips) I follow for dressing for the season, even though it’s still hot as haillllll outside. 

Any who, it is almost the weekend, woo hoo!! My dads in San Antonio for work until Friday, so Hannah J has been staying with us for the past few days. It has been funny. Just watching her kind of push our limits to see what all she can get away with and then watching Colton turn into total Dad mode. Hannah always says how she wants to move in with us, but I think she will be rethinking that by the time Friday hits – lol. 

Have a great day! 



Fall Guest Wedding Dress

img_6873img_6807img_6860img_6871img_6865img_6842img_6823img_6857img_6815Outfit Details: C/meo Dress (dress in pink) // Heels // Tassel Earrings // Lipstick

Oh Monday, we meet again. If this week is anything like last week, then it will go by quickly and smoothly. Which is always preferable -lol. We spent this past weekend in Plano, at our friends wedding, and truly had THE best time. The rehearsal dinner and the wedding were both insanely beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

At the wedding, Colton and I definitely spent the entire night dancing. Which is totally fine by me because I love to dance! 100% my favorite part of weddings. Especially if there is a live band! 

The first time Colton and I went to a wedding together, he was totally caught off guard by me & my awesome dance moves. Like, I think he knew we would dance, but I don’t think he realized just how much -ha! Poor guy. I have to give him credit though, since then he has really loosened up and will actually dance the night away with me. Twirling and all!

When it comes to dancing, the only thing better than a great band, and the perfect dance partner, is the perfect twirl-worthy dress. The moment I saw this dress, I knew it would be perfect for the wedding. It was not only comfortable, but it was so fun! Like THE BEST dress for twirling. I also love how it’s just different from the average dress. The high neck, the different lengths, the color, it was just perfect. I bought it from Baanou (my favorite boutique in Houston), but I also found it at ASOS and at Bloomingdales (on sale!). So if you’re not in Houston and can’t make it to Baanou, you can find it both of those!

When we finally got home on Sunday, we spent majority of the day watching football, shooting for the blog, and having the best dinner. We were shooting in Highland Village and heard live music coming from the Drexel House, so we walked over and decided to sit down. I have been looking for a place in Houston where we could relax and listen to live music, and I think I finally found it! It was just a nice way to end the weekend. 

Tomorrow, is Colton’s birthday, so as you are reading this, I am probably running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done for him. I’m not kidding when I say I might like his birthday more than my own. Like I usually go all out. I hide things and give him different things throughout the day, and since he is turning 25, I am really wanting to make it special! I also just really like spoiling him – lol

Have a great day!