Hello Fall!! Tips For Dressing For The Season When It’s Still 100 Degrees Outside

img_6651img_6712img_6683img_6644img_6710img_6648img_6690Outfit Details: Top // Suede Skirt // Chunky Heels // Fringe Purse // Black Watch // Choker

Hello first official day of fall! My goodness, I am welcoming you with open arms. Now, if it could just start getting cooler here in the great state of Texas -lol. Literally, I tried to wear jeans yesterday and I thought I was going to die. Like, I literally had a hot flash. Which is why, outfits like this one are perfect for transitioning into the cooler weather.

I’ve talked to you guys a lot about transitioning into fall. Starting with my favorite fall trends and all of my favorite fall picks for under $100. I call these outfits “warm weather fall outfits”. Meaning they are definitely in season, but won’t leave you sweating your face off. 

As much as I want to curl up in my leggings & sweaters with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand…. We justttttt aren’t there yet! I mean, the weather man did say this morning that we are getting a small cold front here in Texas, starting next week…but I’m not getting my hopes up! Like, I’m pretty sure Texas weather breaks my heart more than the movie “Me Before You” did… Have ya’ll seen it?! Total tear jerker. 

Any who…

Here are the rules (or tips) I follow for dressing for the season, even though it’s still hot as haillllll outside. 

Any who, it is almost the weekend, woo hoo!! My dads in San Antonio for work until Friday, so Hannah J has been staying with us for the past few days. It has been funny. Just watching her kind of push our limits to see what all she can get away with and then watching Colton turn into total Dad mode. Hannah always says how she wants to move in with us, but I think she will be rethinking that by the time Friday hits – lol. 

Have a great day! 



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