LtoL Fitness Guide


If you click on each workout, it will direct you to each workouts very own page. They are workouts I have shared in the past, but that I have modified to replicate more of what I have been doing more recently.

My workouts consist of lifting weights 4x a week, then straight cardio 2x a week and 1 rest day.

Weights: Weights are done Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Cardio: Cardio is completed on Wednesday’s and then once on the weekend. My preferred choice of cardio is either running, or spin class. I mix it up, but I try to do them both at least once a week for at least 45 minutes. To see my running guide, click here!

Rest Days: One day, usually on the weekend, but I always rest when I know my body needs it.

On each individual page, if you are not sure as how to do a certain workout, click on each workout and you’ll be directed to an instructional video.

Life to Laurens Workout Guide






Sat // Sun
Leg Day Shoulders Cardio Back Day Arms/Chest

Cardio or rest

This is pretty much the exact weekly routine I have been using for 5 years. Some weeks I jump in and do Kayla Itsines guide, or I learn new moves and incorporate them into my own! It’s all about what your body wants. Workouts are supposed to be fun!

Each work out consists of (1) 5-10 min Warm up (2) Two weighted sets performed 4x each (3) 15-20 minute end of work out cardio. You’ll start to notice that in each weighted set, I usually give 3 “weighted” stationary workouts , and then one that is high intensity workout like jump squats or burpees. This kind of resemble Kayla Instine’s method. If I suggest you do 10 burpees, and you’re really not feeling it that day….switch it up and jump rope instead! Your body knows what it wants & it’s always fun to mix it up. The whole point of these high intensity exercises is to get your heart rate up while you’re lifting.


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