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Happy Halloween Weekend Friends!! 

I literally cannot believe it is almost November, like where has this year gone?! The past few months have just been completely flying by. I walked into Marshall’s two weeks ago and it was flooded with Christmas decorations. Which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but at the same time, give the other Holidays a chance too – lol! 

This weekend, Colton and I are headed out of town and unfortunately will not be able to really partake in any crazy Halloween fun. Which really makes me sad because I love Halloween so much (like love it) but I know this weekends plans will be equally as fun! Don’t worry, I’ll probably sneak a costume in somewhere throughout the weekend. 

I started this series, Links I Love, when I first started Life to Lauren and am thinking of bringing it back! It’s basically just a list of my favorite links from the week, for you to enjoy, on your Friday, as you watch the clock, waiting for it to be the weekend 😉

  1. The Best 5 Drug Store Fall Beauty Buys 
  2. These Do’s & Don’ts of How to Deal With Jet Lag are pretty spot on. 
  3. This DIY Scarecrow Costume from Dress Up Butter Cup is literally the cutest.
  4. These fall wedding floral arrangements are to die for. 
  5. These tips will help you get the most out of your run
  6. This wedding is so beautiful it doesn’t seem real. 
  7. Still obsessed with this velvet skirt. 
  8. I love this bloggers response to the Vogue article regarding bloggers. 
  9. The best & easiest Halloween Drink: Halloween Sprinkle Champagne

Let me know what you think of this series and be sure to follow along on snapchat to see what we’re up too this weekend! I’ll really try to post on Instagram Story, but it kind of kills my battery sooooo, we’ll see!

Be safe this weekend y’all!



Fall Home Decor

IMG_8219 (1).jpgFall home decor - lifetolaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenFall Home Deco - LifetoLaurenOutfit Details: Top  // Jeans // Heels

Good Morning, welcome to my home, again! One of my favorite things about fall & winter, is all the decorating that comes along with it. Perhaps it’s the dessert scented candles that should get all of the glory, but something about this time of year makes our home just so much more inviting!!

This year, to save my self from having to put up & take down too many decorations in between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’ve chosen pretty neutral decor choices for the fall. I mainly centered our home around white pumpkins & lots of candles. I’m not kidding when I say I pretty much have an obsession with the two of those. I literally have white pumpkins and candles burning everywhere! The white pumpkins are just so inviting (they’re like the pineapples of the season!) and the candles make our home smell scrumptious. 

Speaking of scrumptious. During this time of the year, I always have yummy snacks for guests on hand! My favorites to keep around the house are my  Flourless Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and Spiced Pecans ! Literally, so good. 

Another easy touch to add to your home, is a simple holiday pillow. Spring & summer, I have a pineapple pillow as the main focus of our couch, then for the winter I have a Christmas tree pillow and then I picked up this pumpkin pillow for the fall. I have to say, even Bentley is in the fall//Holiday spirit! I picked him up from the groomers last week and they put the cutest Halloween bandana on him. You can’t tell from the pictures, but they have little bats on them! He looks adorable – lol. 

One thing I am also doing this fall is decluttering. I’m not sure if “autumn cleaning” is a thing, but it definitely has been for me. I have been throwing things away and giving them away left and right. Actually, this is the last time you will see our apartment looking like this! Change is happening people – lol. 

If you’re wanting more Halloween decor, check out my picks here!




screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-50-21-am black-jeans _11326517 screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-58-58-am


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6 moscow mule flower lamp shot glass screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-9-30-11-pm


outdoor rug gold tray pink place mat   screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-8-32-25-am  gold dot pillow


Sweater Weather

PoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksPoshSquare Cardigan - Fall LooksOutfit Details: Cardigan (less than $40) // White Top // Gap Jeans // Tassel Earrings (on sale!) // Kate Spade Purse (25% off) // Ray Bans // Black Booties

Good Morning! 

How was everyones weekend? Ours was pretty great! We spent a lot of our time hanging out with friends, watching football and staying pretty busy. I think Colton finally found a car, so hopefully he will be able to make his final decision today. On Saturday, I bought a new painting for the living room and after that, all weekend long, Colton kept saying how he wanted to make an “impulse” purchase too and I was like…”You’re buying a new car lol!”. It was like he had completely forgotten about it. 

Not to mention, the painting was not am impulse purchase, we have been slowly changing everything around the apartment to start making it more like us, and not like me. So there.

Do you remember last week. how I was absolutely raving over how cool it was outside and how much I loved this nice “fall” weather we were experiencing? Well, jokes on me weather man. We had record breaking high temperatures here in Houston – lol. 

The good news, is that at some point this week, we will be getting a major(ish) cold front, so fingers crossed! I am just so ready to be wearing cozy sweaters like this one, all the time. I have a few other cardigans like this, but this one  from Poshsquare stood out to me, because of its different stitching along the edges and the way the stitching goes up in the back. I love it because it is just a little bit different than all of the rest! It’s doesn’t hurt that it is less than $40 either. So when the cold front finally hits, my cardigan and I will be perfectly ready and happy 🙂

Any who, real quick before I forget, if you’re in the Houston area this Sunday 10/23, please join me at Baanou in the River Oaks District for the Bridal Extravaganza, Fashionably Ever After. I will be co-hosting the event and I promise it will be such a fun time! It will be a bridal shopping event, with styled fashion show. We’ll have cocktails, sweets, a dj, lots of fashion and more. So if you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, or just anyone who wants to come by, we would love to have you! I’ll share more information on the event throughout the week. 


Have a great day!



Thank you Poshsquare for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

Friday Frills: Lace LBD

Black Lace DressBlack Lace DressBlack Lace DressBlack Lace DressBlack Lace DressBlack Lace DressBlack Lace DressOutfit Details: Dress (similar, similar) // Heels (cheaper & beautiful) // Tory Burch Purse 

Oh Friday, Friday, Friday you are so very welcomed into my life!

We will officially be home for the next two weekends and I could not be more excited about it. I’m excited to have these two weekends to relax and just be home before being gone for like a month straight-lol. So to say I am going to take full advantage of being in town, is an understatement. 

This weekend I am planning on getting breakfast with a girlfriend before she heads back to LA, watching the Baylor’s Bear win, car shopping with Colton, shooting and relaxing. I’d really like to go run at Buffalo Bayou at one point….. but I am still just a little scared after the robbery.

I wore this dress to Colton’s Birthday dinner last month and it truly is such a beautiful staple. It’s flattering and oh so appropriate for so many occasions. The exact dress is sold out ( I know, I’m sorry) but I found this one and holy cow is it awesome. Like slay. It’s also under $100. I also really love this one and this one as well.  

In general, a LBD is always a good idea, but the extra lace details on all of these dresses, gives the wow factor. Don’t cha think? I think so. 

Also, today is the last day for the SHOPBOP sale, so if you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you’ll want to do so quickly!

Any who, that’s all I really have for today. Do you guys have any major weekend plans? Tell me if you do! I’d love to hear about them!



Shop LBD Under $100 Dresses 

6dd15660c87c4ad64f87f4ef533daf97_best  19f6aad9bc0a7772792103548ed9a95a_best    adf92ec0ce6b75147b842faaca8a0842_best   24e1ce106bfe6f4641b5217419faa76d_best  e89a277825d86b5a8092b05c26858e96_best 95fdf4b33fd645fb81cab2d16a38f114_best