L to L Takes Miami


top// hat // earrings // purse // Tory flip flops // shorts









Look for a post on this little matching set next week!

As you guys know, Colton and I went to Miami last weekend for a little get away. I found a super good deal, and jumped on it when I had the chance. That weekend was actually our “meet-aversary” lol, but the trip wasn’t planned for that, it was only a coincidence!

We stayed at the Thompson Miami Beach Hotel and it was the perfect option with out a doubt. The Thompson was so cool. It’s a brand new hotel, but in a super old, classic Miami architecture building, with the best retro vibe. We were in awe the whole time we were there! Especially at the pool area! I HIGHLY recommend it & wouldn’t be surprised if we stayed there again.

We landed in Miami around 8:30 a.m. and went straight to the hotel to eat at the Sea Grape for breakfast. Friday we mainly enjoyed the hotel, its pool area, the beach, and some fun cocktails for the remainder of the day. That night we headed out to Versailles (recommend by so many!), which is on of the most authentic Cuban restaurants in Miami. It was definitely a hole in the wall, but it was PACKED, and so good.


IMG_3349 IMG_3350IMG_3347


IMG_3390 IMG_3391


top // romper // purse // satchel // bracelet // watch // Tory flip flops

Saturday morning, somehow I managed to make it to the gym, which was such a nice facility. We then had breakfast at the SOHO Beach House which was a short five minute walk down the beach. We actually ate there twice because we loved it so much! I felt like I was in a secret garden, and they had all of their fresh herbs right there.

We then headed to the Art Deco District and Ocean Drive to check out the scene there. We saw a ton of street performers, The Versace Mansion, went the the Dash store, and grabbed a beer before getting caught in the worst monsoon ever. It was crazy, and funny watching everyone (including ourselves) run from the rain.

That night we got all dressed up and went to Prime One Twelve which is an awesome steak house in South Beach (highly recommend it!) before heading out to LIV at Fountain Bleu for some dancing.




Romper // swimsuit // hat // shorts

Sunday was super chill, we grabbed breakfast at SOHO again (if you go you have to get the smoked salmon & scrambled eggs), grabbed a fresh coconut from someone on the beach because I was so dehydrated, and just enjoyed Miami before our flight home.

Hopefully if you’re making a trip to Miami in the future, you’ll have a place to reference back to when planning your trip!



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