My Favorite Pre & Post Workout Snacks


Hello you guys! Welcome back! 

Pre & Post Workout Meals are vital to performing your best and seeing results. When it comes to my Pre Workout snacks, it all depends on my day and when I am working out. If I just had breakfast an hour ago, I will not have a Pre-Workout Snack, but if it has been a few hours since eating and I am working out at lunch, then I need a snack to get my energy up and to help me get through my workout. For Pre-Workout snacks, I like them to be under 200 calories, and have a mixture between carbs, a little bit of protein and healthy fats. 

Then when it comes to my Post Workout snacks or meals, I never miss them! It is extremely important to eat something within in hour of working out so that your body can repair itself and grow properly. For Post Workout, I aim for under 300 calories and high protein and complex carbs are key! 

Pre Workout Snacks 

  1. Avocado Toast: Very basic of me, but I love Avocado Toast. It’s the perfect combination of healthy fats and good carbs (great for energy!)
  2. Hard Boiled Egg: If I am working out during my lunch break, then a hard boiled egg is a really easy and quick Pre-Workout snack. I hate being full when I workout, but this snack gives me the energy I need to get through my workout. 
  3. PB2 & Banana Oatmeal:  I eat this oatmeal almost every single morning for breakfast and it is the perfect fuel before a morning workout. Whole oats are a complex carb that produce a steady amount of glucose in your body, which helps to keep your energy levels up and going. 
  4. Blueberries & Walnuts: My most recent pre-work choice. I have been working out at lunch a lot recently and this has been a really quick and easy snack for me to bring to work with me. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and walnuts are a fat burning power food. It’s light but fuels me just enough. 
  5. Banana & Almond butter: I would have to say the yummiest choice of them all! I am literally obsessed with Almond Butter, and Bananas are one of my favorite foods, so it’s a win – win. Bananas are great for a pre-workout snack because they are filled with potassium and will keep your nutrient levels high throughout your workout! They are also a good source of carbohydrates.  Then almond butter is a great addition because it gives a hint or protein, fiber and healthy fats! This is a great Almond Butter brand

Post Workout Snacks/Meals 

  1. My Cake Batter Protein Smoothie: This smoothie, as seen here, is my favorite post workout meal. It’s delicious and is filled with protein! Plus, it literally tastes like cake batter. 
  2. Protein Pancakes: My favorite post workout meal after a weekend workout. During the week I do not have enough time to make them, but for a Saturday morning they are perfect! In my Ninja Bullet, I blend 1 scoop of protein powder, 1/4 banana, 1 egg, 3 TBSP almond milk and blend. Once blended, I pour the batter onto my non stick pan and cook just like normal pancakes! On top add sliced banana and blue berries! 
  3. Chicken & Broccoli: If I have a late night workout, then this is my post meal choice. Aka – dinner lol. The chicken is a lean mean that’s high in protein and then steamed vegetables are great because they are high in nutrients and fiber. Add sweet potatoes for a source of good carbs.
  4. Quest Bar: The perfect on the run post work out snack. When I do not have a lot of time, I always gram a Quest Bar. I love Quest Bars because they are not only delicious, but they are less than 200 calories, have over 20 grams of protein, only 2 grams of sugar and are gluten free. 
  5. Green Protein Smoothie: The perfect post work out smoothie after a morning workout. Just like my cake batter smoothie, it’s high in protein but the spinach gives it a kick of nutrients and fiber. You can find it here

What do you guys like to eat for your Pre & Post Workout snacks? 



Clean Eating 101 – The Beginners Guide To Clean Eating


When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, what you put in your body is with out a doubt, the most important factor. The truth is, you can spend hours of your day at the gym, 6x a week and if your diet is terrible, then nothing is ever going to change.

The number one question I get, what my diet plan is and what I eat. The thing is, I do not follow a specific diet, but I do try to eat as clean as possible and follow the 80/20 rule. Meaning, 80% of the time I will always choose the healthiest (most clean) option but 20% of the time, I am human and will indulge on something I shouldn’t have.

It’s all about balance. 

So what is Clean Eating?

Clean Eating is the method of eating whole or what you would call ‘real’ foods as opposed to eating anything that is processed or pre-packaged. Eating foods as close to their original nature as possible. This means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, whole grains, nuts, seeds & oils.

What’s wrong with pre-packaged foods?

The problem started with the food service industry. Pantry’s are filled with processed foods that are made up of sodium, sugar, (bad) fats, and ingredients you cannot even pronounce. In some cases, you think you’re  buying”healthy” options because the box says so, but the truth is, you have no idea what it is actually made of. In most cases, it’s not healthy at all. 

What to Eliminate.

-Pre-packaged and highly Processed foods, which include sugary cereals, soft drinks, fruit juices, white bread, fast food, savory snacks (chips), frozen microwaveable meals, and canned vegetable, just to name a few. An easy way to tell if an item is something you should eliminate is by reading the ingredients. If an item has way too many ingredients or has ingredients that you cannot even pronounce, than you should probably get rid of them. 

For instance, if there is a product in your fridge or pantry, that lasts more than a year without going bad, than it’s probably not the greatest thing for you. The only reason it’s lasting so long, is because of the chemicals and sodium that are in it giving it shelf life. 

Remember though, not all pre-packaged food is bad for you. Example: almonds, chickpeas and spinach are all pre-packaged. The difference is, they are not highly processed. They are still natural and are considered whole foods. Another example would be items like spaghetti sauce. There are plenty spaghetti sauces on the shelf with 5 natural ingredients or less. It is just all about reading the label and really thinking about what you are putting in your body.  

What to Add in Your Diet.

Lots of veggies: If it falls from a tree or comes from a vine, then it is safe to say that it is a good option. Fruits and veggies are full of fiber which help make you feel fuller, longer. 

Protein: Especially lean meats! They are a perfect source of protein because they are easier for your body to process. They are also great because your body needs protein! 

Healthy fats: For example, those found in nuts and fatty fish. These kind of fats are good for your heart, as opposed to saturated fats (butter & cream) which are associated with increased risk of heart disease and should be limited. ***Update 12/3/17 12:06 PM – Daily, nutritionists go back and forth on debates when it comes to saturated fat. Some say it’s okay, others say to absolutely stay away from it. The only kind of fat that everyone agrees on to stay away from, is animal based saturated fat (cream cheese, butter, whole milk). As always, I encourage you to talk to your doctor. Especially if people have heart and/or high cholesterol problems. My favorite types of oil to cook with are Coconut oil, Avocado Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Grains: Think “whole grains” like quinoa, brown rice, whole oats and rye bread. Steer clear of ‘white’ breads, pasta and white rice. 

Drink your water! Drinking water keeps you hydrated and aids in burning fat. Fruit juices found at the super market are filled with added sugar. As well as sodas and all soft drinks. 

I love this method of eating because I know exactly what I am putting in my body. Do I eat clean all the time? No, I love a good sugary cereal once in a while! It’s all about moderation. 

If you would like, you can find my full Grocery List Here. Or just type Grocery List into my search engine for the full post! 

If you have any questions, please let me know! 



Healthy Breakfast Banana Nut Bread


Hi guys! I am going to keep today short and sweet. 

If you guys have seen this post, then you know that I am a huge fan of Simple Mills. They are a great healthy alternative to some of our most loved dishes. The best part, is that all of their mixes are absolutely delicious and Colton approved!!

The first time I made this dish I was shocked as to how scrumptious it was. I loved it served warm with just a little bit of butter! I plan on making this for family members this year, as well as having a loaf ready at our home Christmas morning. There is nothing better than opening up gifts with Hot Cocoa and something comforting like warm bread. I love the idea of Banana Bread for Christmas morning because it’s not so sweet that it will make your stomach hurt but it still makes your heart just as happy. 

This bread is Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo Friendly 🙂

You can find Simple Mills at Whole Foods or you can buy it from Amazon


  • 1 Simple Mills Banana Bread Box 
  • 3 Eggs 
  • 2 TBS Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1 Banana
  • 1/4 Cup Crumbled Pecans 


  • Preheat Oven to 325 degrees. 
  • In a large bowl, lightly mash the banana. You want it to stay kind of clumpy. Once mashed, at and whisk together the eggs, oil and water. 
  • Add in the Simple Mills mix and pecans. Whisk until well blended. 
  • Pour batter into a lightly greased 8×4 loaf pan. 
  • Bake 30 minutes. Then, loosely cover the pan with foil and bake for an additional 25-30 minutes. 
  • Cool for 10 minutes before removing bread from the pan. 

Three more sleeps until Christmas! 




Amazing Holiday Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super Greens

If you follow me on Snapchat (Lauren_smith6), then you have most likely seen me talk about this amazing Green Superfood that I have been drinking and literally adding to everything. Since you guys were so interested in it, I decided to share what it was! 

It’s called Amazing Grass Green SuperFood and no joke, I live for this stuff.

Like, I’m not kidding when I say I love this stuff. 

I’ve actually ben drinking it everyday for a few months now, so I cannot believe I am just not sharing it with you all!

I first had it back in October, while sampling things throughout Whole Foods because… why not? Anyways, in my route of samples, I tried this little green drink concoction they had made and oh my was it delicious. 

After reading the information card, I found out that main ingredient in this drink, was a green flavored powder from Amazing Grass Green SuperFood. Which is actually a powerful blend of nutritious greens, phytonutrient packed fruits and vegetables, cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Aka – all the good stuff! You’re pretty much getting a full serving of all of your daily fruits & vegetables in one scoop. 

It’s literally a miracle powder. It is packed with a ridiculous amount of vitamins and probiotics, so I swear it is the only reason I haven’t gotten sick this season 

The very first flavor I tried, was their Pumpkin Spice Flavor and it literally tasted just like a cold pumpkin spice latte. So being the basic girl that I am, I bought it because, hello it was October and betches love pumpkin. Although, now that we are in the full swing of the Holidays, I went ahead and picked up the Holiday Cookie Flavorwhich I also love just as much

Amazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super GreensAmazing Grass Super Greens

So how do I use it? 

I love to put it in smoothies. Especially my Cake Batter Protein Smoothie.  I just add one scoop of the powder into my smoothie recipe and wah-la! That’s it! 

Then my absolute favorite way that I have been using it, aka – they way I use it the most, is by making a hot milk drink out of it. I love making this drink and then cozying up on the couch. It makes me feel like I am drinking Hot Chocolate, when in reality I am drinking something way better for me. I don’t exactly have a name for it….. but here’s how you make it 🙂


-1 Cup Original Sweetened Almond Milk 

-1/2 Scoop of Green Super Food

(Note* If you do not want to use the sweetened almond milk, you can also do unsweetened and then add a little bit of honey to it) 


In a microwaveable mug, microwave Almond milk for two minutes. Two minutes is important because you want it to get hot enough to make it foam a little bit. 

Carefully remove the mug so that you do not get burned. It will be very hot. 

Add 1/2 scoop of the Green Super Food and stir well until completely mixed! 

Let it sit for a minute or two to cool down then enjoy! 

You can find this Amazing Green Super Food on  Amazon




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