My 5 Favorite Perfumes

Life to Lauren favorite perfumeLife to Lauren favorite perfumeLife to Lauren favorite perfumeLife to Lauren favorite perfumeLife to Lauren favorite perfumeLife to Lauren favorite perfume

Someone once told me that when picking a perfume, you never want to pick a scent that dominates you or a room. Instead you want to pick a a scent that compliments you.

This is something that has always stuck with me because, it’s true, your perfume should be a part of you. Plus, there is nothing better than someone complimenting you on your perfume! Literally, it’s one of my favorite compliments to get! 

Growing up, I always wanted to find my own scent. That if someone gave me a hug or borrowed a sweater, it would always smell like my perfume. In the past few years, my scent has definitely become a mixture of all of the Burberry perfumes. Below you will notice that three out of my five favorite perfumes are Burberry and I cannot rave enough about their perfume collection. While I have older perfumes that I will always love and new scents that I am completely obsessed with, my Burberry perfumes take the win every time. 

Burberry Body

Burberry Body

(My Everyday & Office Fragrance)

Burberry Body is my absolute favorite go-to perfume. It’s an effortless & luxurious scent that I truly wear every single day. It’s perfect for the office because it’s not obnoxiously powerful, yet it smells lovely and will last all day! I always receive a ton of compliments on it, which always throws me off because I cannot smell it on me. Growing up, strong scents would give me terrible head aches, so I love that this perfume doesn’t bother me, yet still has a strong enough presence that strangers compliment on it. 

Burberry Brit Rhythm For Her Floral

Burberry Rhythm For Her Floral 

(Spring & Summertime Fragrance)

My favorite spring/summer fragrance is Burberry Rhythm For Her . It’s light, sweet, and not even the least bit overbearing. It has a hint of a floral sent to it and it leaves a feminine spring time feel. This scent has me dreaming of warmer day and aching for spring time dresses. 

Burberry Brit For Her

Burberry Brit Eau de Parfum

(Fall & Winter Fragrance)

Burberry Brit Eau is absolutely the best fall/winter fragrance! Unlike the Burberry Rhythm from above, this one is not sweet at all. It’s a lot like the Burberry Body, but I think it’s a little bit more seductive and yet still very fresh. It’s just a very sexy fragrance. Which I think makes it perfect for the cooler seasons! Also, note that they recently changed the bottle for this fragrance since I last bought it. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy

(Girls Day Fragrance)

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a forever staple fragrance on my shelf. I have been wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy since before college and I will always love it. It’s a sweet and light weight scent, much like the Burberry Rhythm. I really recommend this scent for teenagers and young adults. It smells absolutely beautiful and still gives off a presence of innocence. When Hannah asked me for a new perfume for Christmas, I immediately knew that this was what I would be getting her!  


Miss Dior Eau de Toilette 

(Date Night Fragrance)

Miss Dior, my newest love and latest obsession! One of my friends has worn Miss Dior for years and she always smells so divine. As I typed that, I realize how creepy that sounded lol, but seriously, she always smells phenomenal. I’ve never bought it though, because like I said above, everyones skin takes scents differently. I wasn’t sure how it would smell on me, but after receiving a few samples, I have fallen in love with it. I literally ran out of my samples this week and will definitely be picking up a bottle this weekend. It’s very feminine and sweet. It’s a little bit heavier than all of the rest of the fragrances I listed, but smells incredibly beautiful. Perfect for a date night! 

What are your favorite perfumes? 



Skin Care Routine With Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care RoutineKate Somerville - Skin Care Routine

My Skin Care Routine With Kate Somerville 

As you guys know, for the past year or two, I have been very loyal to the skincare line Caudelie. It’s an all natural skincare line, that has honestly been so good to me. My entire life, up until now, I have never had any major skin care problems. Yet I always made sure to take great care of my skin and had a set beauty regimen. I preferred skin care products that were clean, light and helped prepare my skin for aging.

Somewhere in the past 6 months though, my skin started changing. I don’t know how to explain it, but my skin just never seemed moisturized. It didn’t look, nor feel clean and I just always looked tired. My skin wasn’t looking at tight as it had my entire life and my pores were bigger than they had every been before. The worst part, I was starting to notice fine lines in my forehead and crows feet near my eyes. Literally, I started freaking out because I am so scared of getting wrinkles. After doing a lot of research, and reading probably a million articles on skin care, the one common denominator I found amongst most articles was that, at 25, your skins changes. Meaning that the beauty regimen you once used, in your early twenties, might not be enough anymore because at 25 you start showing signs of aging. 

So I went to Nordstrom’s with my options open for a new skin care line. I had a few brands in mind, but I wasn’t sold on anything quite yet. Long story short, I spent 2 hours in Nordstrom’s testing different products and learning about different skincare lines. Like I wan

In the end, I decided to go with Kate Somerville

** Note, before I get into my obsession with this brand, this is not a sponsored post. I am just kind of in love with this product and had to share it with you all. 

Cause ya’ll my peeps. 

And you guys, my skin has never been better. I noticed a difference, literally after one day and now after two months of use, my skin is noticeably tighter, firmer and has not been dried out once. I mean I could rave about these products all day. Hence why this post is so long! 

So if your 25 – 30 and you’ve noticed your skin changing, then keep reading! This post is for you. Below is exactly what I have been using and why I love them so much. 


ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash

As of right now, I’m using the sample version of this product which is actually really big and has lasted me almost two months. This cleanser is an exfoliator that helps with dark spots and leaves my skin with glowing and radiant complexion. I use this cleanser with my Foreo every morning and night. 


Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment (Morning)

This Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment Serum I use every single morning.  After I exfoliate, I apply this Liquid Lift (which is foam based) directly to my face, neck and chest. Meaning I literally spray it directly on my skin and then rub it in as opposed to on my hands first. Let me tell you, this product, in an instant, reduces my pores, tightens my skin. It’s freaking incredible. It’s also great because it helps lock in moisture for throughout the day. It’s almost like a mini face lift every morning. I’ve also noticed it helps with swelling! It just really prepares my face for the day. 


Liquid Lift + Retinol Advanced Resurfacing Treatment (Night)

My favorite part of my night time regimen. Essentially, this product is the same as the one above, but the difference is that it has retinol in it. According to Kate Somerville, “Retinol has the power to transform your skin—it firms, smooths, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles”. It’s basically a powerful antiaging booster that helps diminish the signs of wrinkles, repairs the skin and helps to produce collagen. Just like the Day time Liquid Lift, I apply it straight to my skin after exfoliating. I truly believe that this is the product that has done the most for my skin. It basically works all night long and leaves my skin looking amazing and glowing when I wake up. 


Retinol Firming Eye Cream 

After I apply my liquid lift serums, I apply this firming eye cream, which like above also has retinol in it.  As of right now, I have only been using the sample I was given, but as soon as I run out I am ordering more! Someone once told me that the answer to forever looking young, is to take care of you eyes. Which I 100% agree with. When I started noticing the crows feet in my eyes and how tired I looked, is when I really started to worry. Your eyes tell it all. This product has done wonders for mine. This Firming Eye Cream I use Day & Night and apply it everywhere from under my eyes to right under my brows. It’s also done wonders for my dark circles! Which is heaven sent because my dark circles are real y’all. 


Age Arrest Wrinkle Reducing Cream (Moisturizer)

Then last but not least, the mother of all Anti Aging Moisturizers. This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling ridiculously radiant and is designed to help fight signs of aging, delivering a younger-looking and rejuvenated complexion.  I personally love the application method because it gives you the perfect portion every time. As soon as I apply it to my face, neck and chest, I can feel it locking in moisture. This is a Day/Night cream, but note it does not have any SPF in it, so to make sure I am getting the right amount of coverage, I have been using this tinted moisturizer with SPF 20!

Lets talk about price.

This stuff is not cheap y’all, I know that. At the same time though, when it comes to where I save and where I splurge, my skin care does not fall in the saving department. I definitely justify splurging on my skin. That’s just me though. I’m also not telling you to drop $500 on a skin care line you have never used lol. My advice is to do what I did. Find your biggest problem. For example, mine was signs of aging and dryer skin. So I started with the Moisturize and asked for a million samples with it. Then eventually got the Liquid + Lift Retinol, then a few weeks later got my day time one and so on and so on.


If you’re interested, I also found this really great starter kit for $75 which is basically a sample of everything you may want to try for an amazing price. You can find it here! 

Have any of you guys tried Kate Somerville?



Mizu Floatation Therapy Clinic

Houston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation CenterHouston Floatation Center

Happy Wednesday guys! I am so excited for today’s post! 

If you follow me on Snapchat (Lauren_smith6) then you saw that I tried Floatation Therapy a few weeks ago at the newest ( & best! ) Houston Floatation Center, Mizu Integrative Medicine Clinic

Before I get into all of the details, I just have to say – wow! This experience was breath taking and unbelievable. Truly an outer body experience. 

If you are not aware of what Floatation Therapy is (I wasn’t either at first!) then let me fill you in real quick. Floatation Therapy is an hour long therapy session where you float, in what is called a floatation tank. These floatation tanks are filled with about 6-8 inches of 93-degree (skin temperature) water and holds around 850 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, allowing you to float. These floatation therapy sessions leave you with countless benefits including significant reductions in stress levels, swelling, headaches, chronic pain, depression and insomnia. It will also lower your blood pressure and improve your skin and leave your hair feeling ridiculously silky. 

Pretty cool, right? I thought so too. 

When Mizu reached out to me to try their floatation therapy session, I jumped at the opportunity. It didn’t hurt that they told me that JJ Watt and Steph Curry float on the reg either. 

Going in, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Mostly because I was worried about being in there for an hour. For anyone who knows me very well, then you know that it is very hard for me to relax.  I was also a little worried about being able to float. Like I wasn’t convinced I would actually be effortlessly floating. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

When I walked in, I was greeted by the sweetest receptionist. After getting a tour of the clinic and taking a few photos, I met with the owner of Mizu, Hannah Badrei’s. Who, by the way is the sweetest person ever. She has this extreme calming effect about her that instantly made me feel comfortable. After chatting a bit and answering a few of my questions, they took me back to my room to go over everything.

One thing that is very unique and luxurious about Mizu, that you will not find at other clinics, is that they have individual floatation rooms for each person. Each floatation room, comes fully complete with everything you could need for your float. This includes towels, a robe, slippers, a fully equipped shower, grooming products and more. It really makes you feel like you’re at a super luxurious spa. 

After going over everything, I was finally ready for my session. Before getting in my floatation tank, I had to shower and wash my hair because you have to be very clean before entering the tank. As I opened the door from my shower to the floatation tank room, I became a little nervous as I heard over the speaker that my session was about to begin. I opened the tank, put one foot in and then closed the lid before laying down like I would in a bath. Next thing I knew, I was floating completely at ease. I just remember lying there, listening to the light music they had playing, looking up at the blue lights and thinking “woah”. After five minutes, the lights in the room fully shut off and I decided to turn off the blue lights in the tank and float in complete darkness. 

Once again, woah. 

For the first few minutes, I wiggled my toes and floated around until I began to feel comfortable. The first thing I noticed was my skin. I remember feeling my arm and thinking “oh my gosh, my arm is so smooth” it honestly felt like I had a layer of silk on my skin. Once I became comfortable, I was able to relax.

Let me tell you guys, I have never been more spiritually relaxed in my entire life. Since the water is set at the same temperature as your skin, you really cannot tell where the water begins and where it ends. It felt like I was experiencing true zero gravity. I just couldn’t believe how calm I was.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I did get as close to asleep as one could. I was in a severe dreamy state the whole time. Then before I knew it, I heard a light voice over the intercom tell me that my floatation session had ended and to please exit the tank. As I sat up (or at least tried to) I realized how heavy I felt and how much the salt in the water really was holding me down. When I exited the tank and stepped into the shower, I still felt this incredible calming sensation. Like I was still in a dream. 

After finally getting dressed (I was moving very slow) I stepped out of my room and was greeted by Hannah with a warm cup of  their special brewed tea. We talked about my experience and she answered a few more of my questions. 

If you are even least bit interested in floatation therapy, I highly recommend trying Mizu’s Flotation Therapy Clinic.  I, for one, cannot wait to float again. The cost of a float is about the same as a 50 minute massage and let me tell you, I felt better leaving my floatation therapy session than I ever have after leaving a massage. 

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment or send me an email! You can also read more about Mizu on their website



How To Get My Signature Red Lips

how to get perfect red lipHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsOutfit Details: Striped Top: Nordstrom ($25) | Faux Fur Coat: Jack Wills (on sale!) | Paige Black Jeans: Nordstrom

Red Lip Details: YSL Mat Red Lipstick (203): Nordstrom | Lip Conditioner: Nordstrom | Mac Lip Primer: Nordstrom | YSL Lip Liner: Nordstrom

As you guys know, there is nothing I love more, than a classic red lip. 

 I love that you could be wearing the most basic outfit ever, add red lips to it and instantly transform your whole look. Red lips are bold, they’re sexy and exhilarate confidence. While red lips are the perfect addition to any Holiday look, I for one, wear them all year round. Hands down, my favorite accessory. 

How To Get Perfect Red Lips 


The first step is to exfoliate your lips, because there is nothing worse than dead skin crackling through your lipstick. For my exfoliation, I just use water and my Foreo (post here!), but I also have tried this Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and love it. Plus, it tastes good too!:) 


After I exfoliate, I put on a very light coat of this Mac Lip Conditioner while I do the rest of my makeup. I started using this moisturizer while at Baylor and have been loyal to it ever since. It locks in moisture and is the perfect base for my lips. 


Just like for your face makeup, it is important to put primer on your lips as well! I’m not going to lie, I sometimes forget this step, but whenever I do, I immediately notice the difference and wish I wouldn’t have forgot. This Mac Lip Primer is my favorite. I apply it all over my lips and around the edges. It makes my lip stick last and reduces feathering. 


Very important. After I put primer on, I line my lips with this liner. Liner is important because red lipstick is known to feather off your lips and onto your skin. There is literally nothing worse than having red lipstick fade on the outer line of your lips. This lip liner from YSL is honestly everything. I love it because it is clear (yep, clear!) so I can use it with any lipstick color. My life changed when I tried it for the first time. It’s honestly genius. 

Mat Lipstick

After I do all of the steps above, right before heading out the door, I apply my mat red lipstick to complete my look. 

It’s my favorite part because I live for my YSL Mat Red Lipstick and I give all the credit to Colton on finding this lipstick. I had been using a Red YSL Lip color for a while and one day before heading out of town, had completely run out and needed to pick up a new one. I couldn’t make it to Nordstrom’s, so Colton being the amazing guy he is, went to pick it up for me. I wasn’t answering my phone (shocking) and he didn’t know what to pick, so he ended up picking this one


Ya’ll,  it’s the mother of all red lipstick. Never will I ever again wear a different red lipstick and if they ever discontinue it, I will cry for a million years. I’m telling you, this YSL Mat Lipstick (shade 203) is everything. Making sure it is a mat is very important. Glossy (or regular) red lipsticks can make your lips look overdone and honestly kind of messy. So if you have tried red lipstick before and didn’t like it, it could be because you weren’t wearing a mat.  

What do you guys think of red lips?