Keeping On Track With Your Fitness During The Holidays

img_0313img_0297Keeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessOutfit Details – Jacket: Lululemon | Leggings: Lululemon | Nike Presto Running Shoes: Nordstrom’s 

I know it feels like I have been throwing the “holidays” at you guys all week, but I guess that’s because I have been -lol. 

Gift guides, recipes, outfit inspirations, and now, fitness. 

I was reading something the other day, and it was along the lines of that it is okay to gain a few extra pounds during the holidays and that’s it is perfectly fine because it’s expected.

While I firmly believe that you are beautiful at any size, I think that’s a horrible way to view your health and your own fitness journey. 

That’s like studying for a test for months in advance, only to sleep through the exam. Does that makes sense? Giving up on your fitness goals during the Holidays makes everything you’ve done a complete and total waste. It’s important to look at the holidays as an opportunity to push yourself. That way, when New Years hits, you’re not starting from square one, you’re just continuing your journey. 

  1. Keep up with your workouts. Literally make it a point to sweat everyday. Don’t blow them off just because it’s the holidays. Look at your calendar and schedule them in where they fit. 
  2. Manage your eating habits like a checkbook. Meaning, if you know your going to go all out on Thanksgiving, make sure that morning, to get a sweat session in and to start your day with a really healthy breakfast. Check out how to stay fit on Thanksgiving, here
  3. Enjoy your holiday meals but be mindful. Aim for more protein and vegetables as opposed to starchy casseroles. 
  4. Bring healthy options to holiday parties. I promise you, people will thank you for it. There is nothing worse than going to a Holiday party and there not being one healthy option. 
  5. Keep your eye on the prize. Remind  yourself every morning why you’re doing this. Read this post again, and don’t get discouraged in the next two months because you are awesome and you are making a difference in your life. You’ve always been beautiful, but you’re becoming a healthier and stronger you. 

If you guys are in a major city for Thanksgiving, I really encourage you all to sign up for the Turkey Trot. Here is the link for Houston’s. If you want to find one in your city, just google “Turkey Trot” and the name of your city and it will come up. My family and I have made this a tradition for the past five years and we absolutely love it. It’s a tradition that doesn’t require food, that is good for our minds and our bodies.

Plus, it makes that Thanksgiving Day dinner that less guilty. 

Recently, I have been running a lot. Like a lot, a lot. The weather in Houston has been perfect the past few weeks (never thought I’d say that), so I have been getting outside to run every chance I get. I understand that it is getting darker earlier, so running in the afternoons may not work for you, but try going for a run or walk on the weekends. If you’re looking for new running shoes, I just bought these and I love them. 

Also, be sure to check out my post on  How To Stay Fit This Thanksgiving



October Tidbits

Happy Monday & Happy Halloween!!  

Everyone! How was everyones Halloween weekend?? Ours was absolutely amazing, even if we didn’t get to participate in the Halloween activites!

I usually try my bestnnot to do monthly Tidbits on a Monday, but with us being away this past weekend, this was just the easiest option for me. Plus, it’s technically the last day of October, so  think it’s okay!

October TidbitsOctober TidbitsOctober TidbitsOutfit Details: (Pink Knit Top // Blue Planet Blue Top // Lace White Blouse // Heels // Purse)

As I mentioned last month, I left you guys off with Hannah J (my baby sister) going to her first High School homecoming. Guys, she looked absolutely beautiful, it was definitely weird seeing her look so adult, but I loved being able to be there for her during this time.

Before Homecoming, she went to her dates house, with the rest of the group, to take pictures, before heading off to homecoming. So of course, like the “mom” that I am, I tagged along, camera in hand, ready to take all of her pictures.

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be doing this or how much I would have enjoyed it, I wouldn’t have believed you, but I seriously had the best time at this kids house. This mom had a whole spread of amazing food, beer, wine & etc. for everyone, so that was really unexpexted but very cool.

I had introduced myself to her dates mother, as Hannah’s sister, at the beginning of the night, but I guess the rest of the parents didn’t get the memo because once everyone was a little boozed up, a mother ran up to me and said “Are you her mother? Because if so, I NEED your face cream!”. I about died haha but told them that I was in fact her sister and did not have Hannah when I was 10!!! It’s literally so strange, but people ask me this all the time and I’m like, “What is wrong with you all!!” – ha!

October TidbitsOctober Tidbits

One thing we have started doing, that we really enjoy, is going to the Drexel House in Highland Village on Sunday evenings. They have live music and two free Stella’s with dinner, so Colton I have been taking full advantage of the free booze and music. Plus since the weather has been so amazing, it has made the event that much better. 

October TidbitsOutfit Details: (Bodysuit // Corduroy Shorts // Watch // Flats )

October TidbitsOctober TidbitsOctober TidbitsOctober TidbitsOutfit Details: (Urban Outfitters romper // booties // choker // ray bans)

That next weekend we went to ACL and danced/sang our little hearts out all weekend long. There is literally nothing I love more than festivals, and ACL is of course one of my absolute faves! 

We stayed with our friends, at their awesome apartment and just partied with them all weekend. It was the best. We all went to Baylor together and I am pretty sure it was the longest we had all been together since being at Baylor, so it was pretty awesome spending the weekend with them. 

October Tidbits

SIDE NOTE: I consumed about 10,00000 popsicles that week. #dontjudgeme

October Tidbits

The moment I got back from ACL, I started the Dirty Lemon Detox, which I LOVED. After a full weekend of consuming more beer than I had all year long, my body was begging for me to treat it well. A full post on the detox is coming soon!

October TidbitsOutfit Details: (sweater // white tank // blue jeans)

img_5759(Brasserie 19)

img_5761img_5783img_5786Outfit Details: (White C/meo Romper // Stuart Weitzman Heels // White Tassel Earrings // Shein Blue Striped Top)

Last weekend, my best friend Annie came in to stay with me and I honestly can’t explain how happy it made me. Like I really needed my Ann time. On Friday night, we started out at Brasserie 19 for a casual dinner and ended up going dancing all night.  

That next day, we were all a little slow but still had such a fun day. We went to Baba Yegas for lunch and watched football at Down the Street Bar all afternoon but called it an early night because I did not want to be hungover for my event the next day! 

As you guys saw last week, the event was such a hit. Afterwards we headed to North (or favorite) to grab an early dinner before taking Annie to the airport. 

img_5805Outfit Details: (Green Knit Sweater)

Even though I knew we weren’t really going to be here for Halloween, I was determined for us to get our family photo. We’ve had at least one family photo from a pumpkin patch, every year, for like the past 5 years and I was not about to miss this year, all because we would be out of town! 

Outfit Details: White Sweater // Burberry Jacket (cheaper) // Burberry Scarf  

As you guys probably saw from Instagram and Snapchat, Colton and I spent the weekend in Napa with my Dad. Oh, what a weekend it was!! I cannot wait to tell you all about it! It actually felt like fall there, so I was in heaven!! It was crisp, cool and the leaves had all just changed colors. It was absolutely magical. We were there Labor Day weekend and it was crazy to see, just how much the area had changed in less than two months. 

This week, my Dad is away for work, so Colton and I will be house sitting (& babysitting) for him for the next 5 days. We’ll see how this week goes! 

Any who, I hope you all have a great up coming week! As I write this, I’m sitting at the San Francisco airport and our flight has officially been delayed 3 times. It’s looking like we won’t be home until almost 2 a.m….. yikes! 



Links I Love


Happy Halloween Weekend Friends!! 

I literally cannot believe it is almost November, like where has this year gone?! The past few months have just been completely flying by. I walked into Marshall’s two weeks ago and it was flooded with Christmas decorations. Which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but at the same time, give the other Holidays a chance too – lol! 

This weekend, Colton and I are headed out of town and unfortunately will not be able to really partake in any crazy Halloween fun. Which really makes me sad because I love Halloween so much (like love it) but I know this weekends plans will be equally as fun! Don’t worry, I’ll probably sneak a costume in somewhere throughout the weekend. 

I started this series, Links I Love, when I first started Life to Lauren and am thinking of bringing it back! It’s basically just a list of my favorite links from the week, for you to enjoy, on your Friday, as you watch the clock, waiting for it to be the weekend 😉

  1. The Best 5 Drug Store Fall Beauty Buys 
  2. These Do’s & Don’ts of How to Deal With Jet Lag are pretty spot on. 
  3. This DIY Scarecrow Costume from Dress Up Butter Cup is literally the cutest.
  4. These fall wedding floral arrangements are to die for. 
  5. These tips will help you get the most out of your run
  6. This wedding is so beautiful it doesn’t seem real. 
  7. Still obsessed with this velvet skirt. 
  8. I love this bloggers response to the Vogue article regarding bloggers. 
  9. The best & easiest Halloween Drink: Halloween Sprinkle Champagne

Let me know what you think of this series and be sure to follow along on snapchat to see what we’re up too this weekend! I’ll really try to post on Instagram Story, but it kind of kills my battery sooooo, we’ll see!

Be safe this weekend y’all!



Friday Frills: Totally Chic Halloween Decor

Photo Details: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Happy Friday Friends! Cheers to the weekend!

We’re heading to Austin this morning for ACL and I’m starting to get pretty pumped. Definitely ready for a full weekend of good friends and great music. 

Above are all of my favorite Halloween & Fall Home Decor. Totally chic, not tacky and definitely, not boring. I want this wall print to go above my bar cart, this pumpkin pillow for my couch, and how cool is this gold skull? So chic.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Print
  2. Gold Triple Skull Pillow 
  3. Halloween Mugs 
  4. Gold Skull
  5. Gold Skull Wine Stopper
  6. Copper Solo Cup
  7. White Pumpkin
  8. Pumpkin Chai Candle 
  9. Drink Up Witches Napkin
  10. Black & Gold Pumpkin
  11. Gold Rim Coasters 
  12. Pumpkin Pillow 

Have a great and safe weekend!