L to L Vegas Recap



As I told you guys, this past weekend was my first trip to Vegas!

I was a little hesitant about this trip because, well, for starters, I don’t gamble. Like, it’s not my thing. If someone were to ask me were all of my money goes, I like to say,” I’m either wearing it, or I ate.” So basically, gambling doesn’t fall into either of those categories. So I was worried I would have to be in a casino the whole time…

I was also hesitant because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep – hah. See, I am definitely more of a go-to bed at a decent time, then wake up early to workout kind of girl. Anddd I knew that wasn’t going to happen! None-the-less, I went in with an open mind, let my guard down & had an absolutely fantastic time!!

One of the things learned about Vegas, is that there is a little something for everyone there! Even people like me, who hate to gamble & rely on my eight hours of sleep.

 I for one, loved going to all the different hotels & exploring them! They are all just so breathtakingly beautiful. Actually, I just enjoyed exploring the whole time I was there!

Below are just a few tidbits of the trip! 
IMG_5191jeans // top <- fav! // jacket // purse // luggage // old shoes-similar

IMG_5197 (1)We got in really late Thursday night, so our first meal was the next morning. We chose Giada’s at the Cromwell & it did not disappoint! Plus, I am a huge fan of hers! Pictured above is smoked salmon, topped with capers, caramelized onions & tomatoes on avocado toast!

IMG_5310top // shorts // old flats – similar

IMG_5213To put it gently, Saturday morning I was hurting a little bit. As we set out, we walked past Squeeze, a juice bar on the side of The LINQ. Since I did’t have my detox drink with me, and I knew that I needed to give my body some TLC, I decided on their juice, called The Cleanse. It had cucumber, lime, spinach, ginger, chia seed, carrots, & green apple – aka everything my aching body needed!

IMG_5204The most awesome view of Vegas from the top of the Eiffle Tower!

IMG_5225The day before Colton’s birthday, we became friends with the people who worked at our pool. They gave us an awesome deal to get bottle service at a club to see Fetty Wap that night. It was such a fun way to start his birthday festivities, plus, after paying a ridiculous cover charge the night beforethis was too good of a deal to pass up!

IMG_5230Dress (sold out)  // shoes // purse // earrings

IMG_5238If you’re looking for an awesome brunch, with the most amazing view, then Lago is definitely your place! I am still in awe over it. We went here on Colton’s birthday & it had the best view of the Fountains of Bellagio. Truly spectacular!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.58.10 PMA sample of deserts for Colton’s birthday at Lago!

IMG_5246Even though this was my first show, I feel pretty confident to say that Absinthe is one of the best shows  you can see! From acts that will make your jaw drop, comedy, extreme vulgarity, this shows has a little bit for everyone.


It didn’t hurt that we had awesome seats! We sat in the large comfy chairs right in the middle with champagne in hand.

IMG_5252 (1)

Martini at the Cosmopolitan. Check out that amazing chandelier in the back!!

IMG_5285At the end of our last night, we went on the High Roller to overlook all of Vegas, it was a great way to end the trip & say goodbye to the city!

Things not featured that we did, was getting a cabana by the pool for Saturday with the whole group, the most amazing Japanese dinner at Robu Nokku with Colton’s parents, lots of club hoping, exploring Fremont Street & even a little big of gambling on my part! It was all around an amazing trip! You can check out my Facebook for the rest of the pictures!

Have a great weekend!



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