12 Summer Wardrobe Essentials 

Shop Outfits: dress (love) // black tee // denim shorts // sandals  // floppy hat // sunnies // cross over bag (cheaper) // cover up // swim suit // maxi dress (similar) // wedges // tote 

Hi there!! I hope you all have had a fantastic week! 

With summertime basically being in full  swing, I wanted to share with you guys the 12 items I think every girl should have for the perfect summer wardrobe. These are the pieces that you will wear over and over and over. The ones you’ll gravitate towards when you don’t know what to wear, and the ones you’ll get more use out of then you’ll know! 

  1. Sundress: A basic white sundress is a necessity for summer. I have had this one for years now and it’s my absolute favorite. From cookouts to casual Sundays, you’ll wear it to everything. I also love this one & this one
  2. Basic Tee: There is nothing I love more than a basic tee. Especially a black one. I love this one from Madwell. It’s made so nicely and is extremely comfortable. I wore mine almost the whole time I was in Miami last summer! 
  3. Denim Shorts: I know, that you know, that denim shorts are a must in the summer time. But what I want you to do, is find the right pair for you! Find the pair of denim shorts you truly feel like a smoke show in. Stop borrowing your roommates and find your own pair. I currently love my One Teaspoons
  4. Nice Sandals: I think that nice sandals are key for the summer. Not just your average joe flip flops, but nice, sandals that make you look more pulled together than you are. 
  5. Floppy Hat: I love a good floppy hat for so many reasons. Not only does it keep the sun off my face (derrrr) but it also completely makes any outfit that you are wearing. I just bought this one a few weekends ago! 
  6. Ray Bans: For the summer (or anytime for that matter) I think that Ray Bans are the sunnies of season. I love mine and constantly choose them over my high designer glasses daily. They give the effortlessly chic vibe that I can’t get enough of. I also have the mirrored ones and they are so fun for lake weekends! 
  7. Cross-over bag: Every girl needs her go-to cross over bag. Concerts, shopping, vacations, parties -literally the perfect casual bag for every occasion. This is a great budget friendly option
  8. Cover Up: I never really understood the craze of cover ups until last summer. Usually, I would just wear my swimsuit with my denim shorts. But last year when I got one similar to this cover up, I became obsessed. I just didn’t feel as grungy, if that makes sense? With my cover up I felt more put together and had no problem going places post swim. 
  9. Swimsuit: But not just any swim suit, the one swim suit you feel great in. Whether it be a one piece or a little bitty bikini, one that you actually like to wear. My advice in shopping for swimsuits, is to not choose your swimsuit based on trends, but rather what is comfortable. My favorite swim is this one from Mikoh. 
  10. Maxi Dress: A maxi dress is a summer must. Whether it be for a special occasion, vacation or a wedding, you will want a maxi dress! I’m currently loving this one and this one
  11. Neutral Wedges: For some reason I only wear wedges in the summer! I love a neutral wedge because they will match literally any outfit you throw on. These were super popular last summer and I still love them this summer! 
  12. Neutral Tote: Last year, I’m sure you guys saw me wear this tote a ridiculous amount! From the pool to every day errands, it was the one tote I used all summer! It matched every outfit and I loved not having to constantly change out purses lol. This year I have my eye on this one! 

Skinny Little Coffee Cubes

IMG_4240IMG_4238 IMG_4241 IMG_4246 IMG_4244 IMG_4242

Good Morning!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had the best time celebrating our friend’s, Mollie & James, beautiful wedding this weekend in Dallas. We got home late Sunday afternoon, and spent the entire night binge watching Intervention lol, it was crazy, we couldn’t stop watching it!! Then of course Bentley got sick, and was sick all night long.  Needless to say, I got zero sleep & zero writing done!

So here I am, at the vet, typing away while I get my pup all checked out, with a big booty coffee in hand. Even though I don’t have my fancy coffee here with me in the waiting room, the least I can do is share my coffee cubes with you!

A friend recently told me about a girl from college whose mom told her that “the key to being skinny is by drinking your coffee black.” LOLOL I thought it was fantastic, but so not necessary! The truth is, this mom did have a solid point. Majority of Starbucks, and all of the store bought coffee creamers are extremely high in calories & sugar.

I mean SO bad for you!

But these cute little coffee cubes? They’re fantastic. & good for you. & won’t kill your diet. I love these little guys because they make my coffee taste great and cool it down at a casual pace. They are also great for iced coffee!!


Almond Milk




So what you do is, fill a your silicone ice tray with almond milk. Then once it is filled, add two drops of vanilla into each slot. Top with lots and lots of of cinnamon & freeze! I always load my coffee with cinnamon. Like lots and lots and lots of cinnamon. Coffee raises your blood sugar, while cinnamon lowers it, so by loading your mug with cinnamon, it evens out! #winning



My Five Favorite Workout Buddies

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.33.04 AM


Whenever I go to the gym, there are a few things I go without. Things like my personal yoga mat, heart rate monitor, my little iPod shuffle, & a water bottle. They all serve their own purpose, and if I ever forget one, then my entire workout is completely thrown off.

So you may be thinking, “cool… so you take a mat, a water bottle & music with you to work out, what’s so special about that?”. It’s the specific items & brands that I want to share that allow me to a) get the most out of my workout b) make my workout easier, c)  help me stay healthy in more ways than working out.

Bose In Ear Head Phones

Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be running along, doing your cardio, which already sucks  & having your ear phones falling out every 2 seconds? Well, it’s the worst & can completely ruin your work out. I have super tiny ears, so a lot of earphones won’t work for me, but these do! I hate the ones that wrap around my ear, ones that completely cover my ears, or the cheap ones with the little balls on the end. These Bose ones perfectly outline your ear & will never fall out. Amen to that!


Okay, this little guy is my best friend. Along with my headphones falling out, another one of my work out pet peeves is having cords flying everywhere and getting in the way of my work out. I clip him onto my shorts, then line my head phones up under my shirt so that I don’t have any cords in the way.  I have a workout play list that I constantly update and sync with this little guy so it’s really hassle free. The only thing that stinks is that I can’t have Spotify on it, but it doesn’t really bother me since I update this playlist anyways.


This has been the newest addition to my workouts & my favorite. I promise it has literally changed the way I work out. I wear the strap right below by sports bra, so that it can get a good read of my heart rate. Then, the watch allows me to track my workout. It has been really helpful in showing me which workouts that I do that are the most affective. It shows me which ones am I really working hard in, which ones burn the most fat & which ones aren’t doing either. It’s a super cool gadget and it’s crazy for me to think I have been working out this whole time without one! One of the things I also really like about it, is that it gives an accurate estimate of how many calories your burning. In some exercises I thought I was burning way more than I actually was, so it was definitely a wake up call on the effectiveness of some of my workouts.


This is an easy one that you can find anywhere. I love it because it holds a lot of water, it’s easy to drink out of & I don’t have to worry about it getting hot in my car! <- Thats the biggie!! There is so much out there about how horrible plastic water bottles are for you, so I jut try and keep it safe with this little guy. I specifically got my from LuLu, but like I said, you can buy them anywhere. Target, HEB, Marshals, Amazon, you name it, they’ll have one.


A workout matt, is a true personal preference, but it’s an important one! Think about this though, all of those mats at the gym, how often do you think people are actually courteous enough to wipe down after every work out? The answer is, not many. Those mats have so many germs on them its un real and super disgusting. I know that I am a germ freak, but really, those mats are so gross. So while you could just wipe the gyms mats down yourself before using them(that’s what I do if I forget my own), it’s still a lot  more safe to keep yours with you, so that you know for a fact that it’s clean and germ free.

So yeah, those are my little workout buddies! Also, be sure to follow my Instagram account @lifetolauren for more inspiration! On Sunday’s I will start posting my weekly workouts  so be sure to check them on there.

If you’re in Houston, I hope you’re enjoying the rain this morning as much as I am!! Fingers crossed it cools things down for awhile!!



One Set As Separates

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top // skirt // heels // purse // red lips


I’ve mentioned before that I love matching sets!! Especially when they are affordable like this one from Top Shop! I picked up this set during the Nordstrom’s  Anniversary Sale, and ya’ll, the quality is so nice. I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive then it was, but each piece was surprisingly under $100 during the sale! It’s very soft and is even more beautiful in person. I just feel really striking in it. Top Shop really went the extra step with these pieces.

Although, one thing I always forget with sets is that I am allowed to wear each piece as a separate. So I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I plan to wear each piece without its partner, especially since this piece was such a big hit for Nordstrom’s during their sale!

Crop Top // Wide Leg Pants

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Pants // Top // Lipstick // Heels // Purse 

These pants are already my favorite pants in the world, so choosing them to pair for the top was an obvious choice for me. They really emphasize your waist which made it perfect for paring the two. Since it’s so hot outside, I will definitely be pairing the top with this skort too!

Skirt // Bright Top

 Cd8eq-94gebVWk7dLR7CNwygql8G39P8N3GlkU3r230 (1) CXmShwufv-LDl_hiP0shMUQgfdwkti8GW_DiPT4v3UA EZv866mjb8TnhTE9FYFZK6joWfIViB73c3Sv4irZvHc (1) NI2vU3SWldt644chOhX8TOYhPeP_Ci6uIzogCgFU1zE O0nD9_ZrJFf3dzZjpR6As6A0PM84rG44ZIs8WX7yKLM

Skirt // Top Similar // Necklace Similar // Heels // Purse // Lipstick

Okay, so this outfit would normally be completely out of my element, but when I put it on, I instantly fell in love! So did Colton, which is weird because he usually hates me to wear out fits like this. He says they’re “matronly”. Whatever, I think it would be great to wear for either work, church, or some type of shower… or at least those are the kind of places I would wear it too! It’s a little to dressy for my everyday wear but I love it nonetheless!