Outfit Inspiration: White Linen Night

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Happy Thursday!

Here is a little outfit inspiration if you’re heading out to White Linen Nights in the Heights this weekend! If you’re  from Houston, you know what this is. If not, then here’s a little all white outfit to wear this summer!

I tried to make this outfit as light and airy as possible because…… idk if ya’ll have noticed this or not….. but it’s eff-ing hot out side.

As in I leave the apartment and can’t breath in the heat kinda hot. So hopefully this outfit will keep ya cool while your out in the heat on Saturday.

This would be a great option as well!



2 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration: White Linen Night

  1. Omg I love it! I saw something just like this on pintrest it may of been slightly different but it was almost this exact thing! Xoxoxo


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