Vertical Striped Belted Dress

blue striped dress - sheinimg_6381sjhjfdsimg_6390-copyblue striped dress - sheinblue striped dress - sheinblue striped dress - sheinblue striped dress - sheinOutfit Details – Dress: Shein ($31) | Pumps: Jimmy Choo (similar) | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Kate Spade | Monogrammed Necklace: Bauble Bar 

Happy Monday! 

It’s no secret that I’m not exactly excelling in the height department. Growing up, I was always one of the shortest (if not the shortest) person in my class and we knew early on I was probably never going to have some crazy growth spurt. It’s like in 7th grade I hit 5 feet  tall and God said “Welp, I think this is good enough for Lauren” (ha!) and lets just say I haven’t grown since. 

So although he made me tiny, he gave me rather long legs for my petite frame. Which thank goodness for because I have zero torso! Since I am all legs and no torso, I have really had to learn to dress for my frame and when dresses like this one cross my path, it makes my job so much easier. 

This dress is hands down my most favorite item in my closet right now. I wore it recently to a Neiman Marcus event and I honestly cannot describe how great I felt in it. I think my only complaint is that it is one of those dresses that no matter how many time you steam it, it always looks a little wrinkled. Which honestly doesn’t bother me that much. If anything it makes my life a little bit easier lol.  It’s just so light weight and incredible flattering, I mean the perfect spring dress! It’s from Shein, which I understand some of you are skeptical on because of their too good to be true prices, but I promise you, I have loved every single item I have ever gotten from them. Hands down my favorite store for affordable, trendy, seasonal pieces, just like this dress!  

Any who, I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! This was our first weekend like home – home in a long time and we fully embraced it. Saturday, I went to 8:30 spin, had a spa day with my Mom and planted flowers on our porch. Then Sunday we had brunch with our sweet friends and went apartment hunting all afternoon. Our lease is up in May and we are  very perplexed as to what we are going to do. The good news is that we should be home for the next few weeks and will have time to figure it out hopefully! 

Have a great week loves! 




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A Spring-Like Winter Wonderland

Winter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCimg_5726Winter Neutral Outfit - NYCOutfit Details – Pink Sweater: Goodnight Macaroon | White Jeans: Nordstrom ($59) | Coat: J Crew  (30% with code WEEKEND) | OTK Boots: Steve Madden  (40% off!) (more sizes here!)| Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 

Good Morning! 

My goodness it feels good to be back. We had an absolutely incredible time in New York but there is nothing better than coming home after being away for a long period of time. Originally, we were supposed to come home on Sunday, but….. Saturday morning, after my birthday, I became incredibly ill. At first, we thought it was nothing more than feeling the effects of too many martinis from the night before (it was my birthday!), but as the day went on, we realized that it wasn’t a hang over at all and that it was actually food poisoning. Which I hate to say because we LOVED the restaurant we went too.

Anyways, after being sick all morning (tmi?), around 11:00, Colton took me to a clinic that hooked me up to a IV and gave me a ton of nausea medicine. By 2:00 I was finally feeling like myself! Which I am so thankful for because at one point we didn’t know if I would be able to leave the hotel all day. None-the-less, even though we had Saturday afternoon, we still felt like we missed a huge chunk of time and decided to stay an extra night! 

Besides the getting sick part (ha!) NYC was a dream. I hadn’t been in a few years and this was Colton’s first time. The energy in New York is like nothing else. There is just something always going on and it’s incredibly exhilarating. I’ll do a whole recap sometime this week!

These photos were taken in Central Park on my birthday, after brunch and I was so excited to see the snow hadn’t quite melted yet! I mean, it was technically more like ice…. but still! It was the closest thing I had seen to snow all year. Since the temperatures have been so warm in Houston, in my mind it’s definitely spring time. I’ve been bringing out my spring clothes a little bit earlier than usual and have been swapping out my darker shades for more neutral tones. Even though the temperature in New York was way chillier than in Houston, I still kept the same spring like mentality. The combination of white, tan, and pink is perfect for this transitioning season. 

Any who, this week we are taking it pretty chill. Actually, now that I think about it, things should be pretty relaxed around here for awhile. Maybe I will actually be able to start getting things done for the wedding. You know like,  finally getting our Save the Dates out. Lets just say its been a work in progress lol. 

Have a great week! 



image_f534e85d-c24e-4076-b643-d3be384b0a85_1024x1024 screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-5-05-31-pm rm steve j-crew

Happy Birthday To Me! 10Thoughts On Turning 25

cake.jpgCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressbirthdayCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressCold Shoulder DressOutfit Details: Dress: C/meo (similar $25) | Nude Pumps: Jimmy Choo (similar) | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Earrings: Similar |Sunglasses: Rayban | Lipstick: Dior

Happy Friday Loves and Hello from NYC!

Not only is today Friday, but it is also my 25th Birthday. And let me tell you, I have never had more mixed emotions about a birthday in my entire life. Maybe it’s the fact that 25 makes me a quarter of a century old and that I am no longer counted as being in my “early twenties”. Maybe it’s that I am getting kicked off my mothers insurance in less than a year or maybe it’s even the fact that I will be married in less than 8 months. 

I remember talking to my friend Haley around this time last year, and we decided that 25 was going to be our year. That being 25 was going to be the best year yet. Since then, I have kept this mind set all year long, leading up to this birthday, literally until like two days ago. Out of no where, I got scared. I got scared because I realized that 25 is when things start to change. 

Before I get into the rest of this (sorry if this is already turning into a long post!), let me explain something real fast. I’m a little bit dramatic in all situations. I wear my heart right on my sleeve and almost everything in life gives me major feels. So it’s no wonder, that I am making turning 25 into a way bigger deal than it really is. 

As strange as I feel about this birthday, I can’t help but look back at my past birthdays and be proud of the person I have turned out to be today. That I have made it perfectly fine through all of my past mile stones, and that this one really will be one of the best yet. So in honor of all of that, I am going to share 10 things that give me comfort, about turning 25. I thought about doing 25 things, but that just seemed really long lol, so you’re welcome 🙂 

  1. I am more sure of myself and who I am right now, than I ever have been in my life.
  2. I feel the most grounded in my relationship with Colton, than I think we ever have been.
  3. For the first time in my life, I have an idea of my career path. I know what I want and I see my end goal. 
  4. The friends that are in my life are here for a reason, and the ones that are not, are not   in my life for a reason as well. 
  5. I finally do not have a problem saying “no”.  Well, kind of, this one is a work in progress. 
  6. I will be marrying Colton and starting my life with him. This is definitely my most exciting and scary step! Not only are we getting married, but we are getting married in the most amazing place
  7. At 23, I took a leap of faith and started this blog. Who knows what I will do at 25.
  8. I’m praying that I will finally start to feel like an adult. Whatever that’s supposed to feel like -lol.  
  9. As bummed as I am about not being in my early 20’s, now that I am 25, I really hope I will start getting taken more seriously. There is nothing worse that someone in their thirties asking you your age, then looking at you like your an infant once you’ve told them.
  10. I have a lifetime of milestones to look forward too. That in the long scheme of life, 25 is a teeny-tiny hump that I will surpass and flourish from like I have the rest 🙂 

 Any who, as you guys know Colton and I are in New York to celebrate this birthday of mine! For some reason, this year, I just really wanted to get away! You know, instead of doing the normal hoopla, the only thing I really wanted to do was to take a trip with him. 

Be sure to follow along on Snapchat and Insta stories! I’ll be documenting as much as my phone allows me-lol. I’m currently having the “you don’t have enough space issue”. 



Check out last years birthday post: 10 Secrets About Me On My Birthday 


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Satin Me

Leith Satin Set NordstromLeith Satin Set Nordstromimg_5410-copyLeith Satin Set Nordstromimg_5400-copyLeith Satin Set Nordstromimg_5368-copyOutfit Details: Satin Top: Nordstrom | Satin Bottoms: Nordstrom | Nudist Sandals: Stuart Weittzman | Faux Fur Purse: Nordstrom | Raybans: Nordstorm | Monogram Necklace: Bauble Bar |Infinitely Earrings: Kate Spade  

Happy Monday Ya’ll! 

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was incredibly low-key and exactly how I wanted it. Every time Colton and I had the opportunity to really make plans, we kind of steered away and chose to relax instead. Friday , we had a very chill dinner with my Dad and talked wedding business; Saturday – I had pilates in the morning, grabbed a spontaneous boozy lunch with Colton and spent the rest of the day at the park with Bentley; Then Sunday was incredibly low key (like we watched 5 episodes of Shameless), cleaned the apartment and had a last minute Valentine’s Day shoot. It was still busy, but we didn’t have plans nor real obligations or commitments and it was just really nice. We have been so busy recently and for my own sanity, I really needed to decompress. 

This week is going to be absolutely crazy though! Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, Thursday we leave for NYC and Friday is my Birthday! It’s going to definitely be a super fun week and I cannot wait! I’ll expand more on Friday ,on my thoughts on turning 25, but I’ll go ahead and let you know now, that it is definitely sinking in and starting to feel real, that I am actually going to be 25 years old. 

Any who, onto this amazing little satin number I am wearing! The moment I saw this satin outfit pop up on the Nordstrom website, there was no hesitation that it was going in my shopping cart. I honestly feel like I have been waiting for this outfit my entire life (lol). It’s sophisticated, it’s sexy, it’s classic, and extremely affordable. I bought the satin top in an xs but I wish I would have ordered it in a small instead and the satin bottoms are an xs as well, but fit perfectly. My only complaint, is that they are a tad bit long on me, but what can I say… I am only 5 feet tall! None-the-less, it’s outfits like this one that just make you just feel so confident. Also, the nude tones are absolutely perfect for transitioning into spring. I swear I have been living in nude tones recently! 

What do you guys think of this satin set?! Is it a yay or a nay? 

Oh and Happy official Galentine’s Day!:)



leith-satin-camisole satin-leith-pants stuart-weitzman  baublebar fur-faux-pouch