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If you guys follow me on Instagram, then you know that on Sunday I officially completed BBG 2.0 and as of this week have started BBG 3.0! So please pardon the sweat mess & rosy cheeked pictures above. I thought about doing a different kind of shoot, but shooting these right after my last workout seemed a lot more appropriate and more raw.

The transformation my body has gone through, only using my body weight and maybe 10 lb weights is crazy. I’m so excited to see what 3.0 brings. I will admit I’m not in my ideal shape, but that’s because I was on vacation for over two weeks and haven’t been eating the best since I have been back due to a lot of engagement celebrations. Despite all of this, I’m still really proud of myself and have continued to become more and more toned.

I wanted to do this review for you because I get a lot of questions asking if continuing onto 2.0 is worth it, if the app is worth it, or if they should just repeat 1.0 over and over instead of buying the new one.

So here are the things I have taken away from BBG 2.0

  1. Yes, continuing onto 2.0 is worth it. This is because after repeating 1.0 over and over again, I did not see any progress and I soon plateaued giving up all together the first time around.
  2. I have a core! I mentioned this in my last post, & I keep saying it because it’s shocking to me. Even in school at about 5 lbs less that I am now, I didn’t have a core. I couldn’t flex my stomach muscles and could never figure out why I had this belly fat even though I ate correctly and worked out. My stomach has always been my problem area, and for the first time I am proud of it and comfortable showing it.
  3. I’m really strong. The first time I did a burpee into a box jump, I had a real moment. I never would have thought that I would be able to do that. Knowing that I was capable of that,
  4. The workouts do change a lot from 1.0 & they are harder.
  5. Almost every workout is a full body workout that involves your core, which is probably why my core has gotten so much stronger.
  6. Get used to lots of burpees, planks & jumps. Don’t worry though it won’t be as bad as you think.
  7. In 1.0, I could usually complete 2 rounds in 7 minutes but in 2.0 in most, that is almost impossible.
  8. Towards week 20-24, instead of doing 4, 7 minute circuits you do 2, 14 minute circuits.
  9. I’ve lost a significant amount of cellulite in my thighs and bottom. As well as losing inches in my love handles.
  10. There is no way you could do 2.0 without completing 1.0. Bottom line. You have to gain the right kind of muscles and stamina to be able to do the workouts.

If you are thinking about starting BBG, be sure to check out my post on How To Conquer BBG Like A Pro.

I’ll be answering more BBG questions in a future post, so be sure to send them to me ūüôā



15 Steps To Conquer Kayla Instines BBG Program Like A Pro


Outfit Details: pants // sports bra // shoes // heart rate monitor (found on sale!)

As of last week, I completed my third round of¬† Kayla Instines BBG program!! In the past after completing the program, I would take a few months off to do my own routines but this time, I have decided to keep it going. I think it’s because I’m on such a high after this go around. It’s like finally, after three times, I have all of the exercises down and truly look forward to the workouts!

When you see the results of all of the women on Instagram, it doesn’t take long to start dreaming of your own incredible bikini body transformation. I for one, do not have a crazy transformation to show you guys, but I’m still not quitting the program. Why you may ask?

Because thanks to BBG, I finally have a core.

My mid section has always been what I thought of as my “problem area” but since completing BBG I can honestly say I have a core. My stomach is stronger than it has ever been. I can flex my muscles and I am proud of my stomach. Do I have a 6-pack? No – lol. But I also like wine, so there.

Needless to say, I am excited to get stronger and see where the rest of the program takes me. Even after 6 years of lifting, my body is tighter than it has ever been before, thanks to Kayla Instines. I wrote a post on BBG in the past, but something about this time around is making me want to keep going.

So in case you’re thinking about starting BBG, here are my tips on Conquering Kayla Instine’s Bikini Body Guide Program.

  1. Do not look ahead at the guide to see what you’ll have to complete in the future. I did this my first two times around and it gave me serious anxiety. It made me fearful that I couldn’t do it. I would look ahead at the weeks to come and get discouraged before even giving it a chance. I recommend checking out your workout the night before or the morning of.
  2. Get a gym membership. I know she says that there is little to no equipment needed and that a gym isn’t necessary… but coming from someone who has completed it 3x now…. you need a gym membership. And if you do have all of the equipment required at your own home…..then can I move in with you? lol?
  3. Set aside 45 minutes everyday for BBG.¬†Even though she publicizes that BBG is indeed a 28 minute workout, realistically, it’s 45 minutes. Between setting up your equipment, cooling down, stretching, and attempting to catch your breath in between, 28 minutes is no where near realistic.
  4. Technique over Speed. The first time I completed BBG, I would try and go as fast as I could to complete all of the workouts twice, in under 7 minutes. Because I was going so fast, this caused me to half way do each exercise and become more exhausted than I normally would if I would have done the exercise properly in the first place.
  5. Shake it off. Week 10 legs you’re required to do 5o jump squats in a row at least 4x through out the workout. If you can do all 50 jumps without stopping, then kudo’s to you lol. But if you can’t, there is no shame in doing the jumps in sets and shaking off the pain in between. For example; I’ll do 20 jump squats; shake it off and breath for 10 seconds; do 20 more; shake it off and breath for 10 seconds; then finish the last 10.
  6. Do not do cardio before your resistance training.  During my first two rounds of BBG, I would run about a mile or so to warm up before completing my resistance training. This made my resistance training 10x harder, and not in a good way. So instead I moved it to the end of my workout.
  7. Take longer breaks. In between each round, you are given 30 seconds to recover. I will be completely honest that with some workouts, I take longer. I never go more than 2 minutes, but I definitely do not recover in just 30 seconds lol. Not only do I do this to catch my breath, but I do it so that I do not injure myself. Listen to your body, it knows what you need.
  8. Pick Your Favorite Exercises To Use As A Substitute.¬†There are a few exercise that I despise. For example, commandos. I think they’re extremely boring and they give me scabs on my elbows. So instead of commandos I pick an equally as hard move, ¬†for example, butterfly pushups, which I love. Another exercise I hate are the 180 degree jump squats. They make me very dizzy and make my head hurt, so instead, I do X jumps!
  9. Plan Out Your Workouts. Make time and write down when you are going to do the resistance training and the LISS. Make doing your workouts your priority.
  10. Down load the App.¬†I love the app. It’s very unique and fits into my day. At the beginning I used the original guide (Like an actually PDF) and it would stress me out because it was say “Wednesday Arms” or “Monday Legs” and if I didn’t complete those workouts on those exact days, I would feel like a failure. The app though is different and lets me pick what I can do each day, making it more customizable for my lifestyle.
  11. Join the community. The BBG community is HUGE and is so encouraging. Just look up #BBG Instagram and you will see. It’s incredible!
  12. Make sure your pushing yourself as hard as you can each round. If you are active and would consider yourself advanced, then¬†you should be able to complete each workout twice in under 7 minutes. Sometimes you can’t, and that okay, but try too. If ¬†you are just starting and you can only complete a round once in those 7 minutes, then that’s perfectly fine too! Just make sure you are pushing yourself.¬†
  13. Keep Going!¬†If you’re on BBG week 5 and you miss one resistance workout or a whole weeks worth of resistance workouts, do not stay on week five and attempt to do it again. Instead, move on and go to week 6!
  14. Understand that what you’re doing is really hard.¬†There is not one person who is flying through these workouts without breaking a sweat. I for one am usually laying on the ground dying afterwards. You’re not alone, it is hard, but you are more than capable.
  15. Don’t get discouraged because YOU HAVE THIS AND YOU CAN DO IT. JUST KEEP GOING. Go at your pace. Breathe, drink water, and keep going. Take as long as you need to finish each exercise. Just make sure you’re completing each workout. Doing them correctly and keep pushing yourself. The results will come! It took me almost THREE ROUNDS to really see results. Just don’t give up!

So are you ready to #sweatwithkayla??

If you have any questions on Kayla Instines program, please comment on this post! Or shoot me an email, a message on fb // snapchat // Instagram!



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