My Every Day Makeup Routine

Happy Friday you guys!

Man, oh man has it been a rainy week here in Houston. 

I hope it doesn’t rain all weekend, but at the same time, I wouldn’t hate having a lazy movie weekend – lol! After getting a lot of messages from you guys, on my make up routine, I realized I hadn’t exactly done one yet. So here it is – lol. 

Of course I change my make up routine, considering the occasion. But if you’re looking for my every day, work, errands, and life routine. This is it!  Besides the lipstick, this is also the routine I usually do for photoshoots as well! 

Here it goes 🙂


 Before I put my make up on, I always prep my skin. I told you all about my skin care routine in this post. First, I was my face with this foaming cleanser using my Foreo. Next, I apply this (life changing) eye creamwhich helps with dark circles, followed by this serum. Then I apply daily moisturizerwhich has SPF in it. Last, I use this lip exfoliator on my lips to get any dead skin off. 

Cauadlie Cleanser  Caualie Eye Cream Caudalie Serum    Caudalie Moisturizer Foreo  lip scrub

Primer // Foundation // Concealer 

After my face is ready, I use this primer. I have tried multiple over the years, but this Laura Mercia Blemish-Less Primer takes the cake every time. Next, I use Dior Air Flash for my foundation and apply it with this brush. It’s pricey, but I love it! I have used every “top” foundation under the moon, but this is my go-to every time. It really leaves that air brush look. Then, I apply this Nars Radiant Concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape, as well as over any blemishes or pimples I may have. My absolute favorite, is this Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer, but it’s just a little to pricey for everyday use. 

Laura Mercier Blemishless Primer  Dior Airflash  dior brush  Nars Radient Creamy Concealer

 Bronzer // Blush // Highlighters

This is my absolute favorite bronzer for a natural healthy glow. I’m not going to lie, I usually just apply it all over my face -lol. I love a good bronzed look. After I apply my bronzer, I apply this Chanel blush to my cheek bones and then use this Hour Glass Illuminating Powder for my highlighter.

      dior bronzer  chanel blush  hourglass ambiant

Brows // Eye Shadow // Mascara

I use all Anastasia Beverly Hills products for my eye brows. I use this brow powder and this brow gel.  For my everyday eye shadow, I use just a little bit of this Bare Minerals Glimmer Eye Shadow. A little goes a long away.  (I’ve had the same one since I was 16!) Then I use this SmashBox Brightener on the inner corners of my eyes and right under my eye brows. I’m probably the most loyal to this brightener, I love how it looks and how it immediately brightens my eyes. For an every day look, I do not use eye liner. Instead, I just really make my mascara dramatic. I am not super loyal when it comes to mascara, but I am recently love, love, loving this Dior Mascara

Anastasia Beverly Hills  Brow Gel    eye shadow  Smashbox   dior mascara


For an every day look, especially for work, I like to wear more subtle, almost nude colors. I’ll either wear this light pink YSL Lipstick (Shade: Lingere Pink), this nude YSL Lipstick (Shade: 24 Blond Ingenu), or this Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment (Shade: Petal)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.12.19 PM  Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 1.16.48 PM  Sugar Lip Treatment

Finishing Power 

Last but not least, I apply this Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and spray this Cauadelie Beauty Elixir all over my face before I leave! 

Laura Mercier Power  beauty elixir

If you have any questions, leave a comment! 

Have a great weekend!