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Surprise! I actually was able to get a post up today! I know that on Insta Stories, I said there wouldn’t be one, but hey, I am always throwing out surprises ūüôā¬†

For those of you who do not know, ShopBop is kind of having an amazing sale. Normally, I am not a fan of sales that kind of just encourage you to buy more, but in ShopBops case, it is too good not to share. This sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on things that are normally a little bit more expensive. 

For example, if you guys have been eyeing my favorite Stuart Weitzman Heels¬† #5 (Seen¬†here, here & here), this is your opportunity to get them 15% off. If you have wanted a pair of Tory Burch Sandals¬†#8 for years, then this is your chance! OR if you don’t have a pair of Ray Bans¬†#6¬†or have lost your favorite pair recently, than this is also your chance. I for one have this Kiini Bikini¬†#13 in my cart. I was planning on getting it anyways, but now that it is 15% I am for sure snagging it today!¬†

Also, these One Tea Spoon Shorts¬†#7 are my absolute favorite and I actually just bought these earrings¬†#9 last week and am kind of super mad I didn’t wait to purchase them!¬†

This Sale Ends On March 4th so just a heads up!

Any who, I have something pretty exciting to share with you all tomorrow so stay tuned! 




ShopBop Main Event Sale

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Good Morning Guys! Thank goodness it is almost the weekend. 

I wanted to take the time today to share with you guys the SHOPBOP¬†¬†sale that is going on. Basically, the deal is, for three days only, if you spend up to $500 you get 25% off of your order and if you spend over $500 then you get 30%. What’s great about this sale, is that basically everything on SHOPBOP is on sale.¬†

So if you’re on the verge of buying a few staples, then this is the perfect time. So if you are on the hunt for new jeans, this is the time. If you’re wanting to find the perfect booties for the season, this is the time. In the picture above, I shared three of my staples that I wear literally all the time. My RayBans, my Stuart Weitzman heels¬†(I also have them in nude!), and my Rebecca Minkoff “Regan” Purse. If you follow me at all, then you know these are my favorite!¬†

I for one, know for a fact, I will be picking up a new wallet since mine was stolen last week.

To get 30% off of your order, be sure to use the code MAINEVENT16 at check out!

The sale ends tomorrow night! 

Have a great day! 



Labor Day Sales


Happy Labor Day friends! 

I hope you’re all relaxing and not working one bit today!! ¬†We are home from Napa, and I am absolutely pooped. None-the-less, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging today! Here are a few of my favorite Labor Day sale picks! A lot of these are great options for stocking up on your fall wardrobe!¬†

Nordstrom’s: These Steven Madden OTN boots are my absolute favorite and will once again be one of my fall & winter staples. This is my favorite tunic, seen here. It comes in so many colors and is great quality.¬†This black sleeveless turtleneck is a must need for your closet.¬†For $18, this bucket bag is everything & I am absolutely obsessed with this chambray top. Then I am also swooning over ¬†this belle sleeve blouse, this tee (how cool is the back?!) and these booties (need for fall).¬†

Nasty Gal: Words can’t describe how cool I think these booties are. My favorite floral romper from this post is now less than $50. I think this chiffon dress¬†is very romantic. This open back tank is everything. Then I also love this turtleneck bodysuit¬†and these loafers are calling my name. I mean, how chic!¬†

ShopBop: I need this criss cross, belle sleeved sweater¬†in my life, right now, along with this Lace Up Free People top. Colton’s sister bought me¬†Kate Spade Letter Pendant Necklace¬† for Christmas¬†and love it. I think this dress paired with booties would make the perfect fall date night look. ¬†I need this Free People pull over in my life & who says you can’t wear white¬†after Labor Day! Then this cross body purse, this cardigan & these booties would be perfect additions to any fall wardrobe.¬†

Alright, well I am off to go workout before heading out to a little afternoon cookout! Maybe I’ll bring something from this Labor Day menu. I’ll see you guys tomorrow & share a little more of my weekend with you!:)