Walk It Out – How Walking Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

LululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonLululemonOutfit Details – White Jacket: Similar | White Top: Lululemon |Black Leggings: Lululemon | Ray Bans: Nordstrom | Nike Shoes: Macy’s (similar & love)

While we were in New York, Colton and I ate more bread than I think I have eaten in the past year. Like, one day I literally only ate bread. Me!!!

I swear, It was an entire day of carbs. 

I wasn’t hating on it though, because not only were we on vacation and living it up, but also because we were walking more than we ate. I’m talking 20,000+ steps a day. 

We did the exact same thing in Europe last summer. We had two weeks of eating pizza and drinking wine in Italy and I didn’t gain a pound thanks to walking. Did I lose muscle tone? Well that’s a different story, but we will get to that in a second. 

I think that walking is so incredibly underrated. Living in Houston, we literally drive everywhere and if I didn’t make a conscious effort to walk as much as I do, I do not think I would be in the shape that I am in. 

A few months ago, after losing my Fitbit, I noticed I was gaining weight. I was still doing my BBG program and I was eating exactly the same, so I wasn’t sure why I was gaining weight? Needless to say, I quickly realized it was due to the fact that I wasn’t walking. I would go to work, complete my BBG program in 30 minutes and then go back to work then drive home. I was probably walking less than 1 mile a day and I could definitely see it. Around Thanksgiving, Colton bought me an Apple Watch and I started tracking my steps again. After a week and a half of hitting 10,000 steps a day + my program, I was able to lose the weight I had put on. Just by making a conscious effort to walk! I wasn’t running vigorously every day or killing myself in cardio, I just started walking more. 

So how am I hitting my steps everyday? 

  1. Taking the stairs and never the elevator.  
  2. Walking Bentley around the block every morning & night. 
  3. Running 3 miles twice a week. 
  4. Parking in the back of the parking lot at the grocery store. 
  5. Walking on an incline for 15 minutes after every BBG workout. 
  6. Walking, instead of driving to places less that .25 miles from my house. 
  7. Investing in a fitness tracker. I recommend either an Apple Watch or a Fit Bit

All of these things help me to lose the little bit of weight I had put on. 

Is walking going to solve all of your problems? No, it’s not. 

It’s simply a great addition to be included in your healthy lifestyle.  Working out, lifting weights and eating clean is still key! Walking just may help you lose those last 5 lbs you’ve been struggling with.

What do you guys think about this? 




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Keeping On Track With Your Fitness During The Holidays

img_0313img_0297Keeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessOutfit Details – Jacket: Lululemon | Leggings: Lululemon | Nike Presto Running Shoes: Nordstrom’s 

I know it feels like I have been throwing the “holidays” at you guys all week, but I guess that’s because I have been -lol. 

Gift guides, recipes, outfit inspirations, and now, fitness. 

I was reading something the other day, and it was along the lines of that it is okay to gain a few extra pounds during the holidays and that’s it is perfectly fine because it’s expected.

While I firmly believe that you are beautiful at any size, I think that’s a horrible way to view your health and your own fitness journey. 

That’s like studying for a test for months in advance, only to sleep through the exam. Does that makes sense? Giving up on your fitness goals during the Holidays makes everything you’ve done a complete and total waste. It’s important to look at the holidays as an opportunity to push yourself. That way, when New Years hits, you’re not starting from square one, you’re just continuing your journey. 

  1. Keep up with your workouts. Literally make it a point to sweat everyday. Don’t blow them off just because it’s the holidays. Look at your calendar and schedule them in where they fit. 
  2. Manage your eating habits like a checkbook. Meaning, if you know your going to go all out on Thanksgiving, make sure that morning, to get a sweat session in and to start your day with a really healthy breakfast. Check out how to stay fit on Thanksgiving, here
  3. Enjoy your holiday meals but be mindful. Aim for more protein and vegetables as opposed to starchy casseroles. 
  4. Bring healthy options to holiday parties. I promise you, people will thank you for it. There is nothing worse than going to a Holiday party and there not being one healthy option. 
  5. Keep your eye on the prize. Remind  yourself every morning why you’re doing this. Read this post again, and don’t get discouraged in the next two months because you are awesome and you are making a difference in your life. You’ve always been beautiful, but you’re becoming a healthier and stronger you. 

If you guys are in a major city for Thanksgiving, I really encourage you all to sign up for the Turkey Trot. Here is the link for Houston’s. If you want to find one in your city, just google “Turkey Trot” and the name of your city and it will come up. My family and I have made this a tradition for the past five years and we absolutely love it. It’s a tradition that doesn’t require food, that is good for our minds and our bodies.

Plus, it makes that Thanksgiving Day dinner that less guilty. 

Recently, I have been running a lot. Like a lot, a lot. The weather in Houston has been perfect the past few weeks (never thought I’d say that), so I have been getting outside to run every chance I get. I understand that it is getting darker earlier, so running in the afternoons may not work for you, but try going for a run or walk on the weekends. If you’re looking for new running shoes, I just bought these and I love them. 

Also, be sure to check out my post on  How To Stay Fit This Thanksgiving



My Thoughts On College Graduation


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As of this weekend, I’ve officially been out of school for two years. TWO YEARS. That’s literally crazy to me. Graduation literally feels like it was just yesterday and all of the emotions I had on that day still come flooding back to me. It has been two years, and I still feel like the same girl who had no idea what life was like after graduation. That same girl who got teary-eyed as she walked out of the B-School, after her last exam ever. Not because I was so sad to be taking my last test (lol), but because I knew things were about to change. That this bubble I had been living in the past twenty-two years was about to be popped, real fast. 

Now let me tell you, I’m not writing this to make anyone feel sad or nervous about Graduation. These are just my thoughts that I reminisce on every once in awhile. This whole time of year makes me very nostalgic, especially since I’m very close to so many graduating. 

I remember walking into Ferrell Center and seeing thousands of people in the stands cheering for the soon to be Graduates.  The energy in the air was indescribable. All that I could think of was “Wow, this is it.” This is the moment that people work their whole lives for. This is moment I have been working towards for so long. Every test, paper, long night, no-sleep, stress, & happiness was all leading up to this ONE moment.

Pretty remarkable. 

Jeeze, here I am getting teary eyed again – where was I? 

Oh yeah, Graduation.  Look at how excited I was! 

Every moment in my life had been leading up to this moment. Even elementary through high school, it was all for this.  When Colton graduated, he did not feel this way – lol. He was just so ready to get out of there. But I wasn’t, I was scared. I was so excited but I was also so scared. I was scared to leave my life. The life that I adored so much.  

For me, graduating was hard. I’m not going to lie, I bawled my eyes out when I moved out of the place I called home for 3 years. But once again, this isn’t a post meant to make you feel sad or scared. I want you to know that you are one of thousands of kids graduating, who all have the same rush of emotions that you do. 

But you know what? You’re going to be okay!

You’re graduating from college!!! Something that most could only dream about. You worked hard for this and you deserve this degree. Whether you have a job immediately or not, you should be so proud! You’re going to miss your friends, there is no doubt about that. You’ll definitely realize you took that daily 3pm nap for granted, and that those fun made up holidays like “Pre Halloween” no longer exist. But you’re going to be okay! Your first three months are going to be the hardest. It’s a transition, this is normal. But once again, you’re going to be justtttt fine!:)

So be proud and stand tall on your Graduation Day!  You worked hard and you deserve every moment of this day. Everyone in that stadium is cheering for you. You’ll never forget college and you will reminisce on it a lot, there’s no doubt about that. You’ll cherish the memories forever.

But I’ll tell you one thing. I know everyone says that college is the best years of your life, but I don’t think so. 

I truly believe that the best years are yet to come 🙂

Congratulations To All Graduating!