2017 Life to Lauren Survey

Neutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitNeutral Winter OutfitOutfit Details – Old White Turtle Neck: Similar | Paige Raw Hem Denim: Nordstrom | Coat: J Crew | Jimmy Choo Pumps: Nordstrom (Cheaper Option) | Ray Ban: Nordstrom

MakeupDetails – Foundation: Dior Airflash Spray Foundation| Bronzer: Dior Nude Air Glow | Lip Liner: Rouge Contour Lip Liner (Grege) | Lipstick: Dior Addict Hyrda-Gel Lipstick (Urban) | Gloss: Dior Lip Maximizer & Collagen Booster (Pink)

Happy Humpday guys! 

I don’t know about you all, but I am selfishly really excited for today because tomorrow we are heading to Mexico! We have been planning this trip with 10 of my closest friends from high school, since like September, so I can’t believe it is finally here! 

I’m just ready to get away and be in the beautiful weather. For anyone that lives in Texas,  you’re more than aware that our weather has been extremely bipolar. One weekend it is snowing in areas and a high of 35 and the very next day we are reaching the high 80’s. Like I said, bipolar. Any who, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was craving the spring time now that the holidays have passed.  Does anybody else feel that way? It’s like, I want it to be cold for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but as soon as those two pass I am ready for patio weather!

Regardless, I know that Texas will definitely throw a few more frigid days our way. Despite when it’s time to put up my coats, one item that I will continue to wear are these distressed jeans. I have been living in this exact pair . They are a little bit pricer, but my goodness are they comfortable and flattering. Definitely true to size. If you would like to spend less, here is much cheaper option

Also, your also going to see below a link to my 2017 Survey. If you guys would please take the time to complete it, it would mean the world! I mean SO much! It’s only 8 questions, will take you less than 3 minutes and is completely anonymous. I did this at the beginning of 2016 as well and it helped me tremendously. 

It’s an easy way for me to hear from you guys, as well as help me bring you guys the best content that I can. 

You can find the survey link here! 




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