Bridal Gifts For The Brand New Bride


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Guys, after almost five months of being engaged, I am finally getting in the spirit of things. I don’t know if it is because of the Bridal event this past Sunday, the fact that we are so close to picking a venue or the fact that we are pretty much exactly a year out from the wedding, but none-the-less, I think I may finally have the bridal bug.  

If you’re between the age of 22 to 35, you’re bound to know multiple people getting married within the next few months. Tis the season would be the understatement of the century! When Colton and I first got engaged, we received a lot of really cool and unique gifts. It was really special to be showered by friends and family at the beginning of the engagement because it showed us everyone else was as excited as we were.

In the past, I kind of thought of all bridal gifts as kind of silly and cliche but to be honest………you’re really only a bride once, so you might as well take it in while you have it. It’s an exciting time that should be cherished. No matter how cliche you think it may be! I absolutely love all of the picks above. No matter the bride or how you’re related, these are all gifts the bride in your life will be excited to have! 

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Clutch: The cutest accessory to take to all of her upcoming events! This is the only one that is a little expensive, but I think it would be super fun to get this clutch and then pass it along to friends as each one gets engaged. 
  2. His & Hers Glass Wear: I love this gift because it includes the groom as well! Most likely, your bride has been waiting for the moment that it is finally acceptable to own something that says “His & Her” on it and this set would be the perfect first addition. 
  3. #Busybride Notebook: I absolutely love this because as I have been planning my wedding, I have been taking a lot of free handed notes. Notes on venues, notes on catering,notes on prices and etc. This notebook would be perfect for that.
  4. Put a Ring On It Mug: Mainly because it has a ring on it, but also because it is just the cutest little mug ever.  Any bride would be pumped to have it! 
  5. White Tassel Earrings: I love these and put them on the list because they are the perfect piece of jewelry for the bride to wear to all of her upcoming bridal & wedding events. 
  6. Thank You Cards: This is one thing I am super trying stack up on. The bride and groom will have a ridiculous amount of up coming events and the more thank you cards, the better. 
  7. Feyonce Tank: Cliche but so incredibly cute! Your bride will love wearing this to bed and around the house. 
  8. Ring Tray: On top of everything else, kind of unnecessary but is something the bride will just love because, she is a bride. This one is extremely cute and would be the perfect piece to hold her ring.
  9. The Knot Wedding Planner: Colton’s mom actually gave this to me and I LOVE IT. It’s great because it gives brides an outline of exactly what to expect and really helps to plan your wedding. My advice is to take notes in the notebook above then once things are more finalized, transfer them into this planner !
  10. Date Initialed Necklace: So sweet and thoughtful. A piece the bride will want to wear even when she is no longer a bride. 
  11. Bride & Groom Luggage Tags: LOVE this for the honeymoon! 
  12. I Do Cosmetic Bag: Another perfect gift for the bride! It’s the perfect cosmetic bag for her to take with her on the honeymoon, bachelorette party or just to have to use throughout the engagement! 

Gifts not listed but that I LOVED were all the wine, champagne and sweet cards we received,  along with framed photographs, special occasion wine stickers, a monogrammed kitchen towel, the sweetest gift basket with a wedding count down board and more.

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Our Engagement Party + Tips


Outfit Info: In Store-Cake Walk Style Shop  // Identical Dress!  // red lips // heels // pearl bracelet

As most of you guys know, Colton and I got engaged while we were in Capri and I don’t think it even took us a day to decide that we wanted to throw a huge party for it as soon as we got back. As amazing as it was being there, we were anxious to celebrate our engagement and to see all of our friends. To be able to share this moment with every person who had been such a huge part of our relationship. 

The party turned out to be a dream and such a sweet celebration. It was very emotional for Colton and I to have everyone there in one place. From high school friends who mean so much to Colton and I, to our college friends who watched our relationship start and grow, it was pretty surreal having everyone in one place. One of my best friends even flew in from LA to surprise us! It was seriously just such a fun night. I wish I could relive it over again lol. 

When we first started planning the party, I was clueless, so thank goodness for my best friend Ann (she used to work for A Fare Extraordinaire) who pretty much took care of all the complicated stuff for me.  We sat down with my dad, made a list, and the rest was pretty easy going! That is until about 12:00 the day of the party. Honestly, so much happened in 5 hours that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll just give you the gist of it and say that the venue double booked, Colton & our friends from out of town got into a car accident on their way to pick up food and Randall’s popped all of our LOVE balloons right before the party started. Looking back it really wasn’t that bad, but at the moment I was convinced that this was too much stress to handle -lol! The party would not have been possible without Annie, my parents, and Colton’s parents. Everyone seriously pulled their own weight. 

We had an open bar, a ridiculous amount of food (especially sushi!), a dessert table filled with Colton’s favorite cupcakes and the cutest little engagement cookies. Of course we included a Mister Bentley, and my mother and grandmother did all of the floral. We also had the best cello and guitar duo playing throughout the whole event. I highly recommend them! They were seriously so good and played the best music without being overbearing.

When it came to the guest list, we wanted to keep it under 50 people. When we first started writing the list, we had both of our immediate families + all of our friends and the list quickly jumped too over 100 lol. So we chose to only have our parents//grandparents and then only friends who had impacted our relationship in someway. We tried to stray away from one sided friendships because this wasn’t just my party nor his, but ours. This was the hardest part. 

My favorite part though, with out a doubt were the speeches. My Dad gave a really sweet speech, as did Colton. Then of course my mom gave her two cents and Colton’s dad of course made a ridiculous speech to try and embarrass Colton and I – lol. It really was just such a fun party! I kept joking that I didn’t even need a wedding after this because this was  all I needed!  After the party ended, we headed to La Grange to continue the celebration! 

It truly was a night I will never forget and was the perfect kickstart to our wedding journey! Thank you Dad so much for such a n amazing party. It made Colton and I feel very special, and very loved. 

My advice for anyone throwing an engagement party

  1. Use your resources & connections. Whether it’s for food, entertainment or literally anything else, think about who you  or your parents know & reach out to them.
  2. Ask for help. Do not try and do everything by yourself. Delegate as much as possible. Trust me, your family and friends want to help more than you think.
  3. DIY what you can. For example, my mother doing our flowers saved a ridiculous amount of money. If there is something you know you can make, without it being hassle, do it. 
  4. Do not buy things the day of. Try to have everything bought and ready to go the day before so that on the day of the party, all you have to do is set up!
  5. Have a sign in book for guests addresses. The people you invite to the engagement party are the people you know you will be inviting to the wedding. By having all guests sign a book, leaving their addresses, it will save you time in the future when sending out invitations! 

If you are planning an engagement party and have any question, send me an email (! 



All Vendor Information 

** I want to give a special Thank You to Joe Broussard, from The Blue Fish on Washington. Who went out of his way to help us and truly went above and beyond **

Location: 7 Riverway

Dress: Cake Walk Style Shop

Spray Tan: Bronze Bar Tan 

Make-up: Dior – Nordstrom’s 

Hair: The Dry Bar

Sushi: The Blue Fish

Additional Catering: Central Market, Prego’s, Papadeux

LOVE Balloons: Party City

Large Balloons w/ pink Tassel: Emerson Sloan 

Cello & Guitar Duo: Third Floor Strings

Engagement Cookies: Michaels Cookie Jar

Cupcakes: Crave Cupcakes

Tartes: La Madeline

Cocktail Napkins: Moments & Occasions Inc. 

Linens: Aztec Party Events & Tents

All Rentals (tables // plates // dish ware : A Finer Events

He Asked, She Said Yes Banner: Colton’s Mother 🙂

Floral: My Mother & Grandmother 

Photography: Colton’s sisters boyfriend, Ricky!