Cyber Monday + Holiday Shop + A Holiday Giveaway


Outfit Details – Skirt: Boohoo ($26) | Top: J Crew Factory (60% off) | So Kate Heels : Nordstrom | Tory Burch Purse: Nordstrom (30% off)| White Earrings: Design Darling (20% off code HOLIDAY)

Happy Cyber Monday Ya’ll! 

I’m not going to lie, I think I enjoyed this Thanksgiving break a little too much! From Thanksgiving Day fun, to celebrating Colton’s and I five year anniversary, to binge watching the Gilmore Girls ( OMG ) and partying with my girlfriends, it was all around a really good few days off. 

Since it is officially Christmas time ( YAY!) I wanted to do a full on holiday post for you guys .  Can you tell how excited I am from the pictures above? It really is just the most magical time of the year. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing all of my gift guides with you guys! If you look in right hand corner of my page, you’ll see a tab that says “Gift Guides”. Throughout the season, you can click that to reach all of my gift guides that I will be posting.

If you haven’t taken part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness, I highly encourage it!  These are fantastic savings and you don’t want to miss out. I plan on hopefully being done with most of my gifts by the end of today. 

Here are all of my favorite sales! 


Also, to start the Holiday season off on the right note, I wanted to do a giveaway for you all! Just as my little gift to ya’ll. 

$150 Nordstrom’s Gift Card! 

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 8.05.21 PM.png

Entry Rules 

You Must Be Following Me On All Three! I will be checking when picking the winner. If you’re already following me on all three, then lucky you! Please still leave a comment on my Instagram letting me know you’re already following. 

This Giveaway will close Thursday Night and will be announced Friday morning!

Have a great Monday! 




        azz00727_ivory_xl  screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-6-25-49-pm earrings img

Take Me Out

Ayana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesOutfit Details: Sweetheart Dress: ShopBop | Steve Madden Booties: Nordstrom (on sale) | Rebecca Minkoff Clutch: Nordstrom | Stila Lip Stain: Nordstrom

Happy Friday Friends! 

How’s life? How was your week? Ours definitely flew by, which is my favorite kind of week! I don’t know what it was, but I just felt super inspired all week. I was getting up early, getting things done at work, I was super productive at home in the evenings and went to bed at a decent hour, like every night. Cough, cough, like 9:30. Who am I?? 

Oh and one more thing. I literally only had one glass of wine all week. Could this be the reason why?? I’ll keep you guys updated. 

In other news, I’m not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but the past few Fridays, I have been trying to show more weekend outfits for you all. Specifically going out and date night outfits. This Ayana Sweet Heart Dress has been a total show stopper for me. The moment I put it on the other evening, before heading out, Colton goes, “Wow, you look really good! I really like that dress!”. Which obviously made me feel super confident when going out! I also just love the details on this dress. This Ayana Sweet Heart Dress is also under $100 so total plus there too! While I would not wear this to a Holiday party, I will be wearing this dress when going out to dinner with my girlfriends, as soon as they get in town for the holidays. 

I also love these Steve Madden booties because they are surprisingly super elongating. I was a little hesitant to get them at first, just because every girl I have seen wearing them, are like 6 feet tall and total model status. I wasn’t sure how they would look on my 5 foot frame – lol. 

One more thing! I’ve been getting asked on Snapchat from a lot of you guys what lip color I have been wearing all week, and it’s this Stila Lip Stain in Patine. I highly recommend it and love the color, but because it is a lip stain, it can dry out your lips pretty fast so be sure to put some sort of lip balm over it! 

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Colton and I are heading to Waco for the whole weekend to work on a fun project, as well as see Baylor play! 

Have a great weekend! 



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ayana-sweetheart-dress  edit-bootie _12896011 stay-all-day-liquid-lipstick

Gift Guide Under $100 + Tips For Not Breaking The Bank This Christmas

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First off, I want to say, that I promise, I am not the scrooge of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite Holiday -lol. I just wanted to bring this gift guide to you, in advanced, to get you guys thinking about the Holidays, as well as helping you get a game plan for not breaking the bank this season. 

To try and save during the Holidays, I like to buy things in advanced and slowly purchase up until Christmas. That way, it’s not the week of Christmas, and I end up spending so much in three days that I can’t eat for a month. 

I really enjoyed putting this list together for Gifts Under $100 because it shows that there really are good gifts for everyone on your list, for under $100. This Jack Black set is such a good gift for the guy in your life. Jack Black is Colton’s absolute favorite brand. I’m kind of crazy obsessed over this mermaid blanket. This purse would be so fun to give a friend. I love it because, I for one, never buy fun pieces like that for myself, but if someone gave it to me, I would be obsessed. The “After This We’re Getting Pizza” water bottle is so fun and this Bauble Bar tassel earring set is really a great price. Plus they’re all so cute!

With the wedding and multiple trips coming up in the next year, Colton and I are really trying to not spend a ton this year, so if you are looking for ways to save, here are a few tips & tricks that we are trying this year. 

  1. Realistically think of the amount that you can spend this Christmas. 
  2. Start in advance and do it little by little. I would love to have my Christmas shopping done a week before Christmas!
  3. Write a list down early of everyone you want to buy for this Christmas and stick to that list. It doesn’t hurt to write down what you will get them as well, to avoid impulses purchasing. 
  4. Actually get people what they want and like. Not what you think they want and like. For example, last year, I asked everyone for a set of velvet hangers. I was trying to revamp my closet and truly wanted this item but no one took it seriously because it was only $9 – lol. 
  5. The amount you spend doesn’t show the amount you love. 
  6. Brain storm really cool gifts as opposed to really expensive ones. For example, last year, Colton’s sister got us a wine club membership to Club W and we absolutely loved it! It was so unique and we really used it. 
  7. Look into joint gifting. This is especially good for anyone in a relationship. Meaning, instead of giving separate gifts to everyone in ya’ll’s lives, get one gift, signed from the both of you. 

What are your tips for saving during the Holidays? 



Fall To Do List

Nordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitNordstroms Rack Fall OutfitOutfit Details: Green Blouse (Less Than $40) // Gap Jeans (the best for any size) // Mules  (Cheaper) // Rebecca Minkoff Purse (on major sale $80!)

Hi ya guys, welcome back! Sorry about not posting yesterday, Colton and I were in Austin for ACL all weekend and had originally planned on coming home on Sunday, but ended up driving back early Monday morning. 

How was yall’s weekend though? And your Monday?! I kind of mention it yesterday on Instagram, but ya’ll, this weather has put me in THE BEST mood. I’m just giddy from ear to ear. Like it’s actually kind of starting to feel like fall! 

Love, Love, Love it! 

In honor of the weather  finally cooling down, I wanted to share a few fun things that I am looking forward to doing this fall. 

(1) Going to the pumpkin patch

When I was in college, every year, Colton, my roommates and all of our dogs, would make our way to the pumpkin patch. We would get dressed up in all of our comfiest sweaters and make quite the evening out of it! It became one of my favorite traditions.

Shop Sweaters Under $100

333 11 img _13041483 sweater

(2) Making all of my favorite pumpkin recipes! 

I have been working on a few that I cannot wait to share with you all!

(3) Switching to Early Morning Saturday Runs

Because it is so hot during the summer in Houston, I usually go to spin on Saturdays, as opposed to running! Although now that the temperatures are dropping, I definitely think it is time to start running more! Speaking of which, if you’re thinking about running in a Turkey Trot this November and have never ran a 5k before, this is the perfect time to start training!

Shop Fall Workout Gear

lulu d0837ec7ea9cf155e122309ee4d2994e_best 4be73b38919f7d1dbfa189ea8aa5cdb0_best 29b04724761b9d592c48e60f5ee43bfd_best f1429d2b4c090bce4764ea3bc610cc53_best

(4) Make a stew in the crock pot. 

 I love to do this on Sunday’s so that we can have it for the whole week! It’s warm and comforting and I swear it gets better every day. 


(5) Finally put out all of my fall home decor.

I love dressing the apartment for the season. My favorite way to do this is by filling our home with fall candles and white pumpkins. They make our house feel so inviting and warm!

Shop Fall Decor

6 _7907926  screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-9-27-02-pm _13011591 screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-9-30-11-pm

(6) Wrap up in a scarf and head to the farmers market.

There is nothing I love more than grabbing a cup of coffee and heading to the farmers market on the weekends. It’s relaxing, I get to bring Bentley and I love picking up fresh produce to have for the week!

Shop Favorite Scarves Under $50

_13001157 _11223307 _13086327 screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-2-44-35-pm _13088561

(7) Spend one full weekend in Waco. 

I know this may seem weird, but Waco in the fall, is my absolute favorite! Last time we went up, I wasn’t able to do a lot of my favorite things. So I  would really like to go back and spend a full weekend there. Maybe even put together a Waco Travel Guide?! We’ll see.

(8) Clean Out Closet / Put Up Summer Clothes

Every season, I put up clothing from the previous season and store them under my bed until it is time to bring them out again. This is my favorite storage container for it. 

(9) Spend a whole Sunday watching football with Colton

Oddly enough, one of my favorite things about fall is just hanging out with Colton at our home and watching football all day. We open the doors, have music playing, and make snacks to munch on throughout the day. He brings out multiple TVs and we just kind of relax all day. I love it! 

(10) Curl up and watch Halloween movies / drinking cider all night.

If you aren’t planning on watching Hocus Pocus at least once this season, then we can’t be friends….. Kidding! Lol but in all realness, who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? When looking for movies, I always run to ABC Family or… “Freeform?” for their 13 Days of Halloween schedule. You can find it here