Mizu Floatation Therapy Clinic

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Happy Wednesday guys! I am so excited for today’s post! 

If you follow me on Snapchat (Lauren_smith6) then you saw that I tried Floatation Therapy a few weeks ago at the newest ( & best! ) Houston Floatation Center, Mizu Integrative Medicine Clinic

Before I get into all of the details, I just have to say – wow! This experience was breath taking and unbelievable. Truly an outer body experience. 

If you are not aware of what Floatation Therapy is (I wasn’t either at first!) then let me fill you in real quick. Floatation Therapy is an hour long therapy session where you float, in what is called a floatation tank. These floatation tanks are filled with about 6-8 inches of 93-degree (skin temperature) water and holds around 850 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, allowing you to float. These floatation therapy sessions leave you with countless benefits including significant reductions in stress levels, swelling, headaches, chronic pain, depression and insomnia. It will also lower your blood pressure and improve your skin and leave your hair feeling ridiculously silky. 

Pretty cool, right? I thought so too. 

When Mizu reached out to me to try their floatation therapy session, I jumped at the opportunity. It didn’t hurt that they told me that JJ Watt and Steph Curry float on the reg either. 

Going in, I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Mostly because I was worried about being in there for an hour. For anyone who knows me very well, then you know that it is very hard for me to relax.  I was also a little worried about being able to float. Like I wasn’t convinced I would actually be effortlessly floating. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

When I walked in, I was greeted by the sweetest receptionist. After getting a tour of the clinic and taking a few photos, I met with the owner of Mizu, Hannah Badrei’s. Who, by the way is the sweetest person ever. She has this extreme calming effect about her that instantly made me feel comfortable. After chatting a bit and answering a few of my questions, they took me back to my room to go over everything.

One thing that is very unique and luxurious about Mizu, that you will not find at other clinics, is that they have individual floatation rooms for each person. Each floatation room, comes fully complete with everything you could need for your float. This includes towels, a robe, slippers, a fully equipped shower, grooming products and more. It really makes you feel like you’re at a super luxurious spa. 

After going over everything, I was finally ready for my session. Before getting in my floatation tank, I had to shower and wash my hair because you have to be very clean before entering the tank. As I opened the door from my shower to the floatation tank room, I became a little nervous as I heard over the speaker that my session was about to begin. I opened the tank, put one foot in and then closed the lid before laying down like I would in a bath. Next thing I knew, I was floating completely at ease. I just remember lying there, listening to the light music they had playing, looking up at the blue lights and thinking “woah”. After five minutes, the lights in the room fully shut off and I decided to turn off the blue lights in the tank and float in complete darkness. 

Once again, woah. 

For the first few minutes, I wiggled my toes and floated around until I began to feel comfortable. The first thing I noticed was my skin. I remember feeling my arm and thinking “oh my gosh, my arm is so smooth” it honestly felt like I had a layer of silk on my skin. Once I became comfortable, I was able to relax.

Let me tell you guys, I have never been more spiritually relaxed in my entire life. Since the water is set at the same temperature as your skin, you really cannot tell where the water begins and where it ends. It felt like I was experiencing true zero gravity. I just couldn’t believe how calm I was.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I did get as close to asleep as one could. I was in a severe dreamy state the whole time. Then before I knew it, I heard a light voice over the intercom tell me that my floatation session had ended and to please exit the tank. As I sat up (or at least tried to) I realized how heavy I felt and how much the salt in the water really was holding me down. When I exited the tank and stepped into the shower, I still felt this incredible calming sensation. Like I was still in a dream. 

After finally getting dressed (I was moving very slow) I stepped out of my room and was greeted by Hannah with a warm cup of  their special brewed tea. We talked about my experience and she answered a few more of my questions. 

If you are even least bit interested in floatation therapy, I highly recommend trying Mizu’s Flotation Therapy Clinic.  I, for one, cannot wait to float again. The cost of a float is about the same as a 50 minute massage and let me tell you, I felt better leaving my floatation therapy session than I ever have after leaving a massage. 

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment or send me an email! You can also read more about Mizu on their website