Springing Into Summer Beauty Must-Haves

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As we approach our trip, I find myself gravitating more & more towards my summer beauty routine. When it comes to summer beauty, I’m a firm believer in less is more. Actually, I always believe in that, but it’s especially true during the warmer months! I love the all natural, dewy, sun goddess look. Like Blake Lively! I mean, raise your hand if you don’t want to look like Blake Lively… That’s what I thought. 

These are five of my favorite products that help me achieve that natural summer glow. 

St. Tropez Tanning Mouse: I love a nice golden look, but I do not like the side effects that come along with sun bathing and tanning beds. While 16-year-old me could have cared less, 24-year-old me is having a heart attack over every wrinkle and mole on my body. You guys know very well that I love a good spray tan, but for the times I can’t make it to be professionally done, I reach for St. Tropez. It  always comes out incredibly smooth with no streaks, it dries quickly and it has a pleasant smell. You put it on with a special application mitt and I promise it’s super easy to use. Here is a video on how to apply it. Is it as great as a professional tan? Of course not, but it’s a the perfect alternative. 

Lauren Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: In general, I love a good tinted moisturizer over anything. While I don’t wear it normally for shoots or for special occasions, I do wear it the other 75% of time. It’s perfect for summer because, like its name, it is a moisturizer, that is also pigmented to give you the color you need. It’s effortless and clean. The Laura Mercier is a beautiful option and my go-to. I also use Laura Mercier primer. If you’re looking for a foundation that gives you just enough coverage without looking cake-y, then this is the perfect option! 

Peter Thomas Roth Hydrating Gel: I LOVE THIS GEL . Especially after I’ve been in the sun all day or if my skin is just looking a little sun damaged in general. In minutes it restores your face, giving you that dewy look you desire. Have you been at the beach all day? Then you need to try this gel, and thank me later. Or at least your skin will. It’s just incredibly smoothing and gives you instant moisture. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm: I honestly can’t rave enough about this lip balm. Not only does it give off a beautiful and natural tint, but it also has SPF in it. So it’s perfect for the spring/summer time. Actually, it’s perfect for all year round. It’s less of a hassle than lipstick and gives your lips just the right amount of tint while protecting them at the same time.  

Jergens Shea Beauty Oil: Have you ever wondered how models and girls like Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman have that constant glow? It’s from beauty oils. I originally fell in love with beauty oils after using Bali Body for awhile. While I love Bali, it is expensive and one bottle will maybe last a month.  So when I went on a search for an alternative, I found Jergens Shea Beauty Oil. I apply it right after I get out of the shower, and then also all over my body before wearing a swimsuit, dress or shorts. Not only does is give your skin an amazing glow, but it also keeps it hydrated! It’s just all around amazing for your skin! 

What are your favorite spring // summertime beauty products??