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Ayana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesAyana Sweet Heart Dress - ShopBop DressesOutfit Details: Sweetheart Dress: ShopBop | Steve Madden Booties: Nordstrom (on sale) | Rebecca Minkoff Clutch: Nordstrom | Stila Lip Stain: Nordstrom

Happy Friday Friends! 

How’s life? How was your week? Ours definitely flew by, which is my favorite kind of week! I don’t know what it was, but I just felt super inspired all week. I was getting up early, getting things done at work, I was super productive at home in the evenings and went to bed at a decent hour, like every night. Cough, cough, like 9:30. Who am I?? 

Oh and one more thing. I literally only had one glass of wine all week. Could this be the reason why?? I’ll keep you guys updated. 

In other news, I’m not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but the past few Fridays, I have been trying to show more weekend outfits for you all. Specifically going out and date night outfits. This Ayana Sweet Heart Dress has been a total show stopper for me. The moment I put it on the other evening, before heading out, Colton goes, “Wow, you look really good! I really like that dress!”. Which obviously made me feel super confident when going out! I also just love the details on this dress. This Ayana Sweet Heart Dress is also under $100 so total plus there too! While I would not wear this to a Holiday party, I will be wearing this dress when going out to dinner with my girlfriends, as soon as they get in town for the holidays. 

I also love these Steve Madden booties because they are surprisingly super elongating. I was a little hesitant to get them at first, just because every girl I have seen wearing them, are like 6 feet tall and total model status. I wasn’t sure how they would look on my 5 foot frame – lol. 

One more thing! I’ve been getting asked on Snapchat from a lot of you guys what lip color I have been wearing all week, and it’s this Stila Lip Stain in Patine. I highly recommend it and love the color, but because it is a lip stain, it can dry out your lips pretty fast so be sure to put some sort of lip balm over it! 

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Colton and I are heading to Waco for the whole weekend to work on a fun project, as well as see Baylor play! 

Have a great weekend! 



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ayana-sweetheart-dress  edit-bootie _12896011 stay-all-day-liquid-lipstick

Morning Suede Moto Jacket

Morning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketMorning Suede Moto JacketIMG_0235 copy.jpgMorning Suede Moto JacketOutfit Details – Suede NYC Jacket : Nordstrom | White Tank : Nordstrom | AG Jeans : Nordstrom | Steve Madden OTK Boots : Nordstrom | Ray Bans : Nordstrom | Stila Lip Stain (Share Aria) : Nordstrom | Palm Tree Phone Case : Nordstrom (on sale) | Rebecca Minkoff Purse : Nordstrom

Good Morning!

How was everyone’s weekend? I have to say, ours was pretty good! Friday we went out with a bunch of friends, and had a little bit too much fun, to say the least!! Saturday I finally got my hair done (I go to Iris Studio off of Westheimer, ask for Eddie!) and went to Kirby Ice House to watch a little bit of college football, before heading out to a really sweet date night.  We went the Cru and sat outside because it was just so nice out. We had a few wine flights and ended the evening with the chocolate fondue! Colton and I’s schedules have been a little opposite recently, so I loved getting to spend that one on one time with him. 

Sunday, we woke up early, went to shoot a few looks, and had the most amazing brunch at State of Grace (go and get the beignets!). Then I spent about four hours completely organizing my closet before spending the evening at my moms, catching up with her.

All around, it was a really, really nice weekend! 

 With Christmas coming up, I have really been trying to not impulse buy, but when  I saw this NYC Moto Suede Jacket in person, I literally fell in love. I was at Nordstrom’s with my friend and little sister, helping them shop, with literally zero intention to get anything. I had seen this jacket a few times online, but brushed it off for different reasons. I just didn’t think I needed it, but after seeing it and trying it on, I couldn’t imagine going home without it. Like, I knew I would majorly regret,  not getting it. Especially since it is selling out so fast!  This jacket comes in like 7 colors, but this baby blue one is by far my favorite. It’s just so soft and honestly just feels so luxurious. If you are wanting a hot item to spice up your wardrobe or are looking for an awesome Christmas gift, then this jacket is it!


Any who, I kind of wanted to touch base on something. I get a lot of questions as to why I shop at Nordstrom’s as much as I do, as opposed to other stores. With Christmas coming up and since I am in the middle of building my gift guides, I wanted to explain why. First off, I swear & I promise, I do shop at other stores (I actually prefer to shop local) – lol but the truth is, Nordstrom’s is just my favorite.

  1. I live like really close to Nordstrom’s…. so it is super convenient for me. 
  2. They restock items (quickly) and as fast as the can. This is a big deal for me when it comes to the blog because it’s the absolute worst when I buy an item to share with you all and it goes out of stock. It’s just a huge let down. I link similar items, but we all know it’s just not the same. 
  3. They have all different price points. From extremely affordable high quality pieces, to really expensive luxury items. They really have something for everyone and everyone’s budget.
  4. They have the BEST customer service. They truly bend over backwards to make their customers happy. A long time ago, I had bought Colton a Burberry watch from there and after two years, the watch ended up breaking. When we brought it back to Nordstrom’s to ask about it, with out even the slightest bit of hesitation, they gave us a brand new watch. I mean, they still looked up my account to verify my purchase, but still! 
  5. It’s always clean and organized. When I go to a Dillard’s or a Macy’s, I get very over whelmed, very fast. Not Nordstrom’s though. They have a very sleek and clutter-less layout that lets me shop at ease. They also have the most on-trend items.
  6. They carry all of my favorite brands and always have killer sales. I mean, you honestly just can’t beat their sales. Most of my highest quality items have been from Nordstrom’s during their sales. I’m talking my Tory Burch Boots, Manolo Blahniks, winter coats, purses and more.

So there, lol, I hope this cleared up come questions. What is your favorite store to shop at?!




Rapture Romper : For A Going Out Fall Look

Fall Night Lookimg_9743-copyFall Night Lookimg_9724-copyFall Night LookFall Night Lookimg_9769-copyFall Girls Night LookFall Night LookOutfit Details – Romper: Planet Blue | Steve Madden Boots: Nordstrom | Sam Edelman Purse: Macy’s 

Good Morning you guys! Happy Friyay!

This week literally flew by and I am not complaining about it one bit. Concerning my work & family, there were just good spirits in the air, so I will take a work week like this past one any day. 

I know this is being super critical of myself, but when I was editing these pictures yesterday, I was like holy moly guacamole I need a spray tan! Yo girl has been really pale all week -lol.

None-the-less, pale or not, I have felt like a million bucks every time I have worn this outfit. So far I have worn it to a few birthday dinners, but my favorite outing, was for a girls night a few weekends ago. It was one of the first weekends the weather was starting to drop and this outfit was perfect for the occasion. 

I feel like “going out – outfits” are harder to figure out when it starts getting colder out. You know what I mean? Especially if you are going dancing! It’s like, you want to look cute and have fun, but you also don’t want to freeze our booty off. Pairing this Planet Blue Romper with these Steve Madden boots, at first, was a little out of my comfort zone, but the moment I put it on, I loved it! I don’t know what it is about this romper, but I just love the way it fits. It just kind of hits in all of the right places, if that makes sense! I also love this romper because of its bell sleeves, I literally can’t get enough of them! 

Any who, I’m not sure what all we have going on this weekend. Besides the fact that I super over booked on Saturday. I’m literally supposed to be three places at once, on Saturday at noon….so it looks like I may need to move a few things around in my schedule. I know one thing I will be doing, is getting ready to put out Christmas decor. Key phrase “getting ready”. I know it’s too early to technically put anything up, but I at least want to start pulling things out to see what I have so that I don’t over buy. 

Have a great weekend loves! 



What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch OutfitPumpkin Patch Outfit

Outfit Details: C/meo Sweater // Gap Jeans // Booties // Black Ray Bans // Marc Jacobs Purse

If there is one holiday I loved the most while in college, it was without a doubt, Halloween. I would put a lot of detail into throwing the perfect Halloween party, and spend months planning out my Halloween costume. My favorite tradition of them all though, was going to the pumpkin patch, before carving pumpkins. 

I think I have mentioned this to you all before but I can’t remember…. so I’ll just continue like I haven’t told ya’ll.

The Thursday before Halloween, my roommates and I would go to the closest pumpkin patch, take pictures with all of our pups and pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving. We would bring them back home, invite all of our closest friends over and have a huge pumpkin carving party. We would drink beer, play music, order pizza and just have the best evening. For some reason it is one of my favorite memories and most cherished times. It’s crazy that a bunch of  college kids would have so much fun carving pumpkins – ha! 

Anyways, lets just say my love for carving pumpkins and Halloween runs strong haha. Sadly, for the past two years, Colton and I have been out of town on actual Halloween (Last year we were in Hamilton, NY) but one tradition we have kept on, is going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. This year, it was a bit more relaxed event, taken place in my living room watching Hocus Pocus – lol. Which is still the perfect night for me! 

Hopefully next year, Colton and I will be in a bigger home and will be able to have everyone over for a full night of pumpkin carving just like we used to! 

Right now, Houston is in that weird time where it is super chilly in the mornings & evenings, yet is pretty warm during the day. Since we went to pick out pumpkins towards the evening, this sweater was super acceptable as the temperatures were dropping quickly! 

My favorite thing about this sweater is the fact that it is high in front and longer in the back. I also love that it is a turtleneck, it’s truly unique! Also, a little birdie told me it is selling out super fast, so just a heads up! 

Have a great Wednesday! 



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