Spaghetti Squash Chicken Florentine

Oh mah gah. Am I actually doing a dinner recipe?! 

I literally feel like it has been forever. 

When I asked you guys to take a survey on the blog at the beginning of the new year, recipes were your least “wanted” posts. Then when you guys took this survey last week, it was yall’s most requested! 

You guys are so silly – lol. None the less, I thought I would share one of my absolute favorite recipes of the moment with you guys. My bestie, Ann Bowie actually made this for me a few months ago, and it quickly became my new favorite dish. 

It is literally scrumptious. Like so good. 

& it only has like 4 ingredients soooo #winning. 

I love recipes like this because they are so easy to make & it makes a lot of it which is perfect for leftovers! If you follow me on Snapchat (Lauren_smith6), then you saw last night how easy it is to make! 

I’m not exactly sure as to which recipe Ann originally used, but I have been using this one, from Stupid Easy Paleo. When I feel like I have been eating a lot of carbs & dairy, I like to eat straight paleo for a little while. Just to get my body back on track. But don’t let that scare you away! This recipe is absolutely delicious!

The spaghetti squash makes this the perfect low carb – high protein dinner! 


  • 1 large Spaghetti Squash 
  • 16 oz of Chicken Italian Sausage 
  • Minced Garlic
  • 1 White or Yellow Onion (diced) 
  • 3 cups Baby Spinach Leaves 
  • Himalayen Salt (to taste) 


  • Preheat the oven to 400°F. Using a large knife, split the squash in half longways. Once the squash is split in half, use a spoon to remove the seeds and pulp (just toss it!). Place the halved squash cut-side down on a roasting pan, add 1/2 cup of water to the pan and roast the quash for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • While the squash is cooking, starting preparing to cook the florentine. Heat a large skillet to medium-high and drizzle in a few tablespoons of olive (or coconut) oil. Once heated, crumble in the chicken Italian sausage, garlic and diced onion into the pan. Cook and stir until the sausage is fully cooked and the onion is translucent. This will take about 12 minutes. Right before the chicken is finished cooking, pile the baby spinach on top of the sausage and stir the spinach into the sausage mixture. Set aside until the spaghetti squash finishes cooking. 
  • Once the squash has finished cooking,  pull it out of the oven, and turn them over so they cool a little faster. Once you can handle them comfortably (or if you can manage holding them with an oven mitt), use a fork to scrape with the grain out of the squash. Transfer the strands of squash into the pan with the florentine and mix the two completely using a folding motion. Add sale & pepper to taste. 

Nutrition: Energy: 231 // Fat: 10.7 // Carbs: 14.3 // Fiber: 3.7 // Sugar: 5.6 // Protein: 20 


BBG 3.0 Review

Outfit Details: Lulu Lemon top // leggings // shoes // Leazy No-Tie Shoe Laces

As of this week, I will officially be finishing my 36th week of BBG. 36 weeks, wow!!! I literally can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long. As you guys know, I completed the first 12 weeks twice before starting over from the beginning and going all the way through, up until now. 

BBG is designed for you to grow with, and get stronger with. If you are currently doing BBG, then you know that the workouts pretty much change every four weeks. BBG  3.0 was really hard, I am not going to lie, but I was also properly prepared for it thanks to 1.0 and 2.0. Like there is no way I could have completed it with out doing the first two! 

Here’s What I’ve Taken Away From BBG 3.o

  1. The first thing I noticed about 3.0 is that you no longer do four, seven minute circuits. Instead, you have just have two, 14 minute circuits. This can be good and bad, depending on how you look at it. What is nice, is that you don’t have to go back and fourth from different equipment. What is not so nice, is that you have less breaks. 
  2. Because the workouts are so much harder, I am only able to complete each round 2-3 times as compared to being able to complete them four times in each round.  
  3. You still have three resistance training days (legs, arms, abs) & four cardio days a week. 
  4. There are a lot more common weighted exercised, as compared to before. You’ll need less equipment. I think this is why I liked 3.0 so much! They were workouts I was used to doing. 
  5. Even though the workouts are harder, I am less exhausted after my training. This is because I’ve properly learned how to do each move. I’ve learned how to take each workout step by step, and I’ve learned that it is more important to do each move correctly as compared to just getting it over with. 
  6. Almost every circuit includes some sort of burpee, snap jump or tuck jump, which is probably why my core has gotten so toned. 
  7. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten really strong. Potentially too strong? You could say that. Since completing 3.0, my legs have gotten crazy strong. I love the definition in my arms and my stomach, but I think that my legs are getting a little to stacked for my liking. So next, I am going to work on leaning out my legs by adding in more cardio and yoga. 
  8. Box jumps have officially become my favorite move, which I never thought I would say. 
  9. What I love the most? My core, ya’ll. I’m telling you, I have never really had a core until now and I love it. So while I am looking to lean out my legs, I am not changing a thing when it comes to my arm & ab work outs. 
  10. If I followed her meal plan, I would be so ripped haha. 

Am I going to continue to BBG 4.0? 

Absolutely! But as I mentioned above, I plan on changing // adding a few things. I really miss my basic weight training, so as of now I am going to start working on continuing BBG but also incooperating my own things into it. I’ll keep you all updated in what I change // add!

Can you buy BBG 3.0 or How does is work? 

BBG 3.0 is technically just weeks 25 – 36 on the app. Unlike 1.0 & 2.0, I’m not sure if you can buy the ebook. 

Do I encourage you to try BBG? 

Absolutely! Especially if you are someone who has no idea where to begin & needs guidance, or someone who is in a workout rut and needs a change. You can check it out, here!

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Run

Leazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesLeazy No Tie Shoe LacesOutfit Details: Leazy Shoes Laces // Nike Leggings // Lulu Lemon White Top  // Nike Air Max Thea // Power Beats Bluetooth Head Phones   // Swell Bottle // Ray Bans 

You guys all know that I love spin classes. You’ve read both of my posts here & here. But did you know that my absolutely favorite form of cardio is running? Well it is! I love it. I love getting into my music & clearing my mind. It is indeed, what I call, me time. 

If you’re reading this and are thinking I am crazy, well you’re right, I probably am. At the same time though, understand that it took me years to get to this point. I would try my hardest to run once a week in the beginning and most of the time I could barely run a mile. But the more and more I ran, the easier it got. 

Throughout the years I have acquired a few tricks to get the most out of my run, because there is nothing worse than having a terrible run! The smallest things can throw off your run, but by planning ahead, you can completely avoid any sort of mishap.

  1. Pick a good hair tie that won’t fall every two seconds (the worst).
  2. Switch out your regular shoes laces for some Leazy No Tie Shoes Laces. They will make your life so much easier. I am talking about never having to tie your shoes again here! I’m absolutely obsessed with them. There is nothing worse that just starting your run and having your shoes laces come untied, but with Leazy Shoe Laces, that problem is completely gone. 
  3. Make sure you have head phones that fit your ears. Running and constantly having your ear buds fall out will ruin your run, real fast.
  4. Even better, invest in Blue Tooth head phones like mine. They are the best because you do not have to worry about the cord. 
  5. Find an awesome playlist w/ high beat music. I like to listen to the kind of music I would listen to in spin class. High energy, kind of EDM, lots of remixes. My favorite songs are ones I can sing along too and really get into 
  6. Ignore everyone around you. Especially if you’re on a treadmill. In the past, I would almost dictate my run as to what the person next to me was doing. Lame? Yes. But I was self conscious and didn’t want to seem weak or like a slacker. Now, I could care less. It’s MY workout and I know when I am tired, when I want to slow down, when I need water and when I want to sprint.
  7. Run to the beat of the music. Remember what I said above? How I like to run to songs that I know and can sing along with? Well, this is where that comes into play! Base your speed off of the tempo of the music. 
  8. Go to the ladies room before you start you run. 
  9. New to running? Try running one song and walking the next song until you hit your goal. Or, if you are really new, try running from light pole to light pole. I did that for years!
  10. Wear clothing you are comfortable in. There is nothing worse than going for a run and having your shorts ride up or your shirt be to tight, hot, or hug the wrong places. I love this top Lulu Top because it is light and breezy. 
  11. Understand that everyone has a bad running day & don’t let is discourage you. I run multiple times a week, and sometimes, my run just isn’t great. Whether I am sore from another work out or just plain tired, everything comes into play and not every run is a great one,  
  12. Get out to run first thing in the morning. Especially if you are in the south! Do not try running at 5 p.m. in August,in Texas. You will have a heat stroke! Instead, start your run when it’s still a little cool outside. Plus, it is the best way to start your morning! You will feel so much better throughout your day knowing you got a good sweat in 🙂



Thank you Leazy for sponsoring the post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

What To Actually Eat When You’re Hungover

It’s Sunday morning and you had one to many drinks last night while out on the dance floor. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Now your head is spinning and the thought of any light makes you sick. Like I said, we’ve all been there!

Idk when this happened, but I feel like at one point, I didn’t get hangovers. But now? Two glasses of wine leaves me with an aching head ache the next morning. 

When you drink alcohol, it leaves your body is incredibly dehydrated and in desperate need of nourishment. Most believe that greasy food and the hair of the dog, would cure your nasty hangover. The sad part, is that neither of those are even the least bit true. In fact, they will actually make you feel worse!

Here is what you really should be having! 

Electrolytes: First things first, replenish your body with electrolytes. Replenishing electrolytes is literally essential to making you feel better. You can essentially restore some through your common H20, but you really do need more than water.  To restore electrolytes, most reach for a Gatorade, but truth be told, because Gatorade is so high in sugar, it will actually make you feel worse. So instead, look for water with Electrolytes (sodium) in it. Like this Propel Electrolyte option.  Coconut water is also a really great option! Coconut water actually has 5 of the electrolytes found in our blood as compared to Gatorade, which only has two! 

Bananas: Full of potassium, bananas are one of the top foods you should be grabbing after have one too many cocktails. Potassium, which is an important mineral in your body, is significantly lost when you drink. Bananas are also full of the Vitamin B6! 

Healthy/Fatty Foods: Not the greasy burger on the menu! I’m talking healthy fats like avocado and salmon. When you drink, the alcohol completely depletes the body of its B Vitamins. So when you have a high (healthy) fatty food like salmon, with just 3 oz, you can completely restore your body. Eating foods like this will help with the dizziness. 

Eggs: Eggs contain two main types of Amino Acids, Cysteine and Taurine. Cysteine breaks down the left over alcohol in your body while Taurine is known to boost your liver function. Which your liver may need after a night of serious drinking. 

Sweet Potatoes: Since alcohol puts a beating on your blood sugar and metabolism, it’s important to consume unrefined carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes. Which is why it is important to stay away from refined sugary carbs like biscuits, donuts, waffles and etc. Plus, sweet potatoes are high in fiber, potassium and B vitamins. 

Oatmeal: I would have never thought this, but supposedly, oatmeal can help with the morning after jitters and anxiety. It’s been proven to calm you down, help to stable your blood sugar, and is filled with fiber. So instead of reaching for a bagel or pancake, try oatmeal!

Blueberries: Next time you’re head is spinning, try reaching for blueberries as opposed to aspirin. Blueberries jump start your immune system, as well was as are a great antioxidant. 

Leafy Greens: Also filled with electrolytes, Vitamin C and lots of fiber. 

Green, Rosemary or Lavender Tea: If your stomach is queasy, then be sure to reach for some tea. These three types of tea are high in antioxidants, which keep your organs healthy – including your liver. The tea will calm down the nausea making you feel better in no time. 

Things to Avoid? 

Basically, all of your temptations. Avoid the hair of the dog, avoid the overly greasy food (bacon &sausage) you’re craving, coffee (dehydrates you even more) and aspirin. Avoid anything overly sugary and all white carbs. Another thing to avoid is anything citrusy.While you would think it would be fine, the citrus will actually really irritate your stomach. Other than that though, what your body really needs is nutrition. It needs vitamins and the good stuff to get it feeling back to normal. So basically, if you want to cure that hangover of yours, then you need lots of healthy food and water! 

My Favorite Hangover Meals? 

  1. My banana and PB2 oatmeal, every time. You can find the recipe, here! 
  2. Avocado toast on whole grain bread with a side of scrambled eggs. 
  3. Green Juice. Not exactly a meal, but a great addition to your breakfast. 
  4. Smoked Salmon w/ a hard boiled egg, capers and tomato slices. 
  5. The Annie’s burrito from Barnaby’s w/ a side of guacamole. You can find the burrito, here! It’s filled with lots of egg whites, chicken & black beans. 
  6. Leafy Green Salad filled with nuts, beets, asparagus, fruit and either chicken or shrimp for protein.