Lady in Red


Outfit Details: A.L.C Eve Dress: Revolve | ‘So Kate’ Pumps: Nordstrom | Tory Burch Purse (similar): Nordstrom | Burberry Scarf: Nordstrom

It’s officially the week of Christmas and I truly couldn’t be more excited. It also freezing outside which has been putting me even more in the spirit. Like, I honestly wish is was this cold for a few straight months. I absolutely love it. 

Any who, how was everyones weekend? Ours was pretty good! Friday night we had a date night and went to the movies, Saturday we had our two Christmas parties, and Sunday we did some serious relaxing and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. 

I bought this dress at the beginning of the holiday season because I knew it would be a staple in my closet for years to come. I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good red dress. There is something sexy, yet extremely elegant about them. I like the confidence it gives me. I love a red dress for the Holidays, I love a red dress for NYE, I love a red dress for a winter wedding and I love a red dress on my birthday (February!). My favorite part about this dress is the low neck line and the bell sleeves.  So far, I’ve worn it to two different parties this season! I also love this dress from Nordstrom ($119!) and  this dress from Revolve. Meow.

If you want this exact look, I picked up this dress from Cake Walk Style Shop in River Oaks but you can also find it at Revolve as well. 

When we were shooting this look, it was no joke, 35 degrees outside. Hence why I had to add my coat in a few shots! I literally couldn’t feel my fingers half way through it and neither could Colton lol! And I swear, walking in heels is harder when it’s cold out! We took these at the River Oaks District, and if you haven’t been, I highly recommend going! Just to walk around and take in all of its beauty. Especially during this time of the year. It’s extremely magical. 

I want to say this upcoming week looks low-key, but I have a feeling that is going to be the complete opposite of that lol. 

Six more sleeps until Christmas ya’ll! 




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Gift Guide For Your Dad


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Good Morning!! 

My goodness what a week it has been and it is not even Friday yet. Today  I am showing  probably one of your last gift guides! Are ya’ll over them? I know I am. But at the same time, I do have to say, building these guides have tremendously helped me with buying gifts this year. 

I mean think about it, I pretty much had to do a lot of research and go through each and every top site, to bring the best gifts to you all. Which in return, helped me buy all of my gifts! Especially gifts for the ones who didn’t put anything on there list. I’m talking to you Dad!

Any who, this is the first year (in like ever!) that I have pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping a whole week before Christmas. Colton and I are notorious for Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. So I am really proud of myself this year. I have a few little last minute gifts to buy today, but then I’m done! Another thing that really helped me get all of my shopping done this year, was the fact that I bought everything online. Amazon Prime, you mah best friend. Not only was it just convenient to online shop, but it help me not make impulse purchases or over buy. In the past when Christmas shopping, I would go in with a list, then completely ignore it and over buy. 

Despite my Dad not having anything on his list (well besides a vacation 😉 ), I know everything above is something that any Dad would love. A Bonobos button down is always a solid choice. My Dad and Colton both LOVE Bonobos. They sell Bonobos at Nordstrom’s, but I prefer to buy them directly through their online store. The actual online site has way more sizes, colors and also offers slim or regular fit. 

These noise canceling earphones are perfect for the Dad that works on the go. This Burberry Wallet is absolutely beautiful (My sister and I split buying this for my Dad last year!), this battery charging cell phone case is perfect for the Dad who never charges his phone and this cologne smells so incredibly good! 

If your Dad is a big golfer like Colton and I’s Dads are, then he will love this Nikon Cool Shot. It’s a Golf Laser Rangefinder that is supposed to be really cool. Then I added these personalized golfballs to the list because someone got these for Colton’s Papo last year and he absolutely loved them! Except his has had face on them – lol! They were absolutely hysterical! Then these Ugg slippers are literally the most comfortable things in the world!

Any ways, like a I said, everything on this list is something your Dad will love! If you are like me and are planning on doing mostly online shopping this year, I wouldn’t do it any later than Monday! Most of the online stores says “Order by Monday to receive it on Christmas” but I for one, hate cutting it close, so I’ll probably put my last order in, Friday by the latest! 

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Christmas Gift Guide For Your Mom


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See, I told you all there would be a Gift Guide today – lol! 

I’m not sure about you guys, but I am really really close to my mom. I know I have told you guys this a million times before but she is definitely my best friend. I love buying gifts for her, because she rarely buys gifts for herself. So I love getting to spoil her a little bit. 

When putting this list together, I definitely had my mother in mind. So hopefully all of our mothers are a like – ha! First things first, I thought about what she likes and what she has. My mother loves to entertain & cook, she loves to read and she loves her baths. She only wears night shirts like #1, she is obsessed with her Daniel Wellington Watch (check out post here!) and one thing I have learned over the years is that I can never go wrong with Kendra Scott

So if our moms are anything alike, then she will love anything from this list above too! I bought this electric wine bottle opener for my mom on her Birthday and she loved it! These slippers are honestly the softest thing ever and are perfect if your mom has hardwood floors. A Fitbit is a perfect gift if your mom is trying to get a little healthier for 2017 and I think that bath caddy’s are the coolest things ever! I mean, it literally combines all of my moms favorite things in one – lol! 

Last years Christmas Gift Guide for my Mom was pretty solid too and are still great gifts!

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5 Christmas Gifts From The Heart That Cost Almost Nothing

img_0986-3-copyimg_1038-copyimg_1023-copyimg_1054img_0994-copyimg_1062-copyimg_1048-copyimg_1019-2-copyOutfit Details – Sweater: Good Night Macaroon | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Tights: Nordstrom | Burberry Jacket: Neiman Marcus | Steve Madden Booties: Nordstrom | Loeffler Randal Purse: Nordstrom (on sale!) | Lipstick: YSL Nordstrom

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

How was everyones weekend? Ours was really great and as busy as expected, but it all worked out perfectly. As Colton and I were driving to our friends Christmas party on Saturday, he told me that this was the first year in a long time, that it actually felt like Christmas to him and I couldn’t agree more. The past few years have just felt blah to me, but this year, things just feel different. Maybe it’s the cooler weather we’ve had in Texas or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had my Christmas tree up since before Thanksgiving. Either way, there’s not a grinch in sight in our household.

With that being said though, I did want to take the time to share with you guys some gifts that aren’t as materialistic as my usual suggestions and definitely won’t break the bank. As much as I am in the Christmas spirit, I couldn’t help but feel kind of suffocated over the weekend with everyone telling me to buy, buy, buy. Whether it be at the mall, on TV, on Instagram or on Facebook, I admit, it all gotten kind of overwhelming. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably have another gift guide for you all in the morning – lol, but for today, I just wanted to take a break and let everyone breath. Just a little bit 🙂

Photo Album 

Have you and your family gone on a family trip recently? Try making a sweet photo album of all of all of the photos you took from the trip to help relive the memories. I know we all have Facebook, Drop Box & Google Share, but there is just something different about making a photo album and holding the photos in your hand. Flipping the pages of the book with your family as opposed to clicking next on the computer screen.

Sweets & Treats  

Every year, I make a few sweets and treats to give away to family members. For example, my sweet & spicy pecans. Colton’s Dad and Papo love them, so I always make a batch, put them in a nice Christmas container and give them to them on Christmas Eve. Want something a little more sweet? I also love this as an idea.

Pass down an Heirloom

Has your little sister or daughter been eyeing a piece of jewelry of yours for years? What about a jacket. Be clear, this is not to be mistaken for a down Hand me downs. Hand me downs are items that you pass down because you no longer want them. I am talking about precious items that mean a lot to you, but will mean the world to them. They are the perfect gift that your loved one will remember forever. 

DIY Something

Make something that your loved one could use or love. This list from Country Living really is great. From homemade soaps, to mugs to Mason Jar Lid Coasters, everything on this list, really is great. I especially love the Cutting Board Tablet Holder (#31).

Gift Baskets

I understand that Gift Baskets may seem boring but try making a basket for someone and really having it cater to them. Try making a spa basket and fill it with fun little items. Example, bath bombs, face masks & sugar scrubs. To really save, try picking these items up at a places like Marshall’s or TJ Max. They have a great bath/spa section that won’t kill your bank account.

If it’s for a guy, like your Dad or Grandpa, buy him his favorite candy that he never has and add it to his basket. Or add his favorite brand of coffee, some golf balls if he likes to golf or just little things you know he likes. These baskets do not have to be extravagant, but do put thought into them to make them as special as possible.

Do you guys have any suggestions to add to this list? If so, I would love to hear them!