My Christmas List

All Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitAll Black Winter OutfitOutfit Details – Black Wrap: Shein | Jeans: Nordstrom | Black Shirt: Nordstrom | OTK Lace-Up Boots (ON SALE!): Nordstrom | Loeffler Randall Purse (ON SALE!): Nordstrom | YSL Lipstick: Nordstrom

Tis ‘ the season of gift giving, and as you guys all know, I slowly but surely have been sharing my gift guide suggestions with you all for everyone in your life. A few of you guys have asked though, what’s on my list and specifically what I want. 

The truth is, I really don’t know what to ask for because I want things like, a wedding – lol. Maybe like a months rent paid for…..possibly a payment on my credit card statement? My car to finally be out of the shop? This is how I know I am transferring into adulthood -ha! But it’s so true. It’s kind of hard for me to ask for materialistic items, when I know I need things else where. Which is why this list below may be a little strange or at least not your average gift guide. These are all things that have either been on my wish list for years, that I need for work, or that I have to buy every month anyways and try to stock up on.

Really fast, before I get into my wish list, I want to talk about this outfit. I’m not sure why I do this, but every year, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I swear I only wear black. Well at least variations of black & white with a pop of red lips. Especially on days when it is a little bit overcast and super chilly! This is the look I wore on Colton and I’s anniversary, the day after Thanksgiving! This black wrap I am wearing is from Shein and my boots are the tie version of the Steve Madden OTK boots. Although I definitely recommend getting the zip up version over the tie. I have both and prefer the zip up! I love this outfit because it can be worn so many places. It’s there perfect outfit for Christmas shopping, grabbing dinner, or just grabbing a glass of wine with a friend

Okay, now onto my wish list!


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  1. J. Crew Black Coat: I have this coat in camel and it is honestly my favorite coat in the world. I don’t have a nice black peacoat or anything, so I have been meaning to invest in a black coat for some time 
  2. Make Up Brush Cleaning Pad: I have wanted one of these for so long! I’m not sure why I haven’t bought one, but it’s definitely on my list. It has to be a way more effective way of cleaning brushes as opposed to how I am now. 
  3. Dior Air Flash Foundation: The only foundation I will wear! I have to restock this stuff quite often so I would love to stock up on it. 
  4. White Slippers: I hate to ask for a new pair, but my goodness I need a new pair. I love my slippers, but they are definitely showing their age. 
  5. Kate Somerville: I really need to do a whole post on the Kate Somerville Skin Care Routine I have been doing, but in the mean time, I’ll just let ya’ll know that I am OBSESSED. I was talking to a friend of mine, and she told me that every year, the only thing her mom asks for, is a years worth of her beauty products and I thought it was genius! 
  6. Burberry Brit Perfume: My favorite perfume of all time. I usually put this on my list every year because I love my Burberry perfume and will usually last me about a year, 
  7. Monogramed Necklace: I know this may sound silly since I will be changing my last name soon, but I would really love a monogrammed necklace. Not only because this has been on my wish list for years (like why have I not bought it  for myself yet?), but also because I have been Lauren Smith for my whole life (clearly) and I want one last thing that has my name on it. 
  8. Tory Burch Beige Satchel: I love this purse because it kind of reminds me of a Chanel purse. This is on my list because I really just need any neutral satchel. The only kind of off white, cream purse I own is a really really old Calvin Klein one that I hate.We go to so many weddings and nice events that require a purse like this and I never have one. I keep on meaning to buy one but never pull the trigger.
  9. Manolo Blahnik Pumps: Serious WISH LIST – lol. I honestly just need a new pair of nude work heels and I have been dying for these for years. My current Kate Spade ones have just been worn to pieces so I am in desperate need of new ones for work.
  10. Shaken Not Stirred Framed Print: This has been in my shopping cart on One Kings Lane for 3 years. It’s a piece I have wanted to add to the house sometime for Colton. 
  11. Black Work Tote: Despite my pick from #8, I have really been trying to stray away from Tory Burch. I’ve been putting her in the same category as Kate Spade recently. The logos and purses just scream the brand a little too much for me. I currently don’t have a black work tote and I LOVE this one. I think it’s sleek, chic and screams #girlboss. 
  12. Lululemon Cropped Leggings: This is probably one of the most realistic and most needed items. They are my favorite leggings to work out in and I only have two pairs. Scratch that – one pair. Hannah J. stole my other one, so I am currently having to wash my one pair literally everyday lol. 

What are you guys asking for this Christmas?




Cyber Monday + Holiday Shop + A Holiday Giveaway


Outfit Details – Skirt: Boohoo ($26) | Top: J Crew Factory (60% off) | So Kate Heels : Nordstrom | Tory Burch Purse: Nordstrom (30% off)| White Earrings: Design Darling (20% off code HOLIDAY)

Happy Cyber Monday Ya’ll! 

I’m not going to lie, I think I enjoyed this Thanksgiving break a little too much! From Thanksgiving Day fun, to celebrating Colton’s and I five year anniversary, to binge watching the Gilmore Girls ( OMG ) and partying with my girlfriends, it was all around a really good few days off. 

Since it is officially Christmas time ( YAY!) I wanted to do a full on holiday post for you guys .  Can you tell how excited I am from the pictures above? It really is just the most magical time of the year. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing all of my gift guides with you guys! If you look in right hand corner of my page, you’ll see a tab that says “Gift Guides”. Throughout the season, you can click that to reach all of my gift guides that I will be posting.

If you haven’t taken part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craziness, I highly encourage it!  These are fantastic savings and you don’t want to miss out. I plan on hopefully being done with most of my gifts by the end of today. 

Here are all of my favorite sales! 


Also, to start the Holiday season off on the right note, I wanted to do a giveaway for you all! Just as my little gift to ya’ll. 

$150 Nordstrom’s Gift Card! 

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Entry Rules 

You Must Be Following Me On All Three! I will be checking when picking the winner. If you’re already following me on all three, then lucky you! Please still leave a comment on my Instagram letting me know you’re already following. 

This Giveaway will close Thursday Night and will be announced Friday morning!

Have a great Monday! 




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Gift Guide Under $100 + Tips For Not Breaking The Bank This Christmas

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First off, I want to say, that I promise, I am not the scrooge of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite Holiday -lol. I just wanted to bring this gift guide to you, in advanced, to get you guys thinking about the Holidays, as well as helping you get a game plan for not breaking the bank this season. 

To try and save during the Holidays, I like to buy things in advanced and slowly purchase up until Christmas. That way, it’s not the week of Christmas, and I end up spending so much in three days that I can’t eat for a month. 

I really enjoyed putting this list together for Gifts Under $100 because it shows that there really are good gifts for everyone on your list, for under $100. This Jack Black set is such a good gift for the guy in your life. Jack Black is Colton’s absolute favorite brand. I’m kind of crazy obsessed over this mermaid blanket. This purse would be so fun to give a friend. I love it because, I for one, never buy fun pieces like that for myself, but if someone gave it to me, I would be obsessed. The “After This We’re Getting Pizza” water bottle is so fun and this Bauble Bar tassel earring set is really a great price. Plus they’re all so cute!

With the wedding and multiple trips coming up in the next year, Colton and I are really trying to not spend a ton this year, so if you are looking for ways to save, here are a few tips & tricks that we are trying this year. 

  1. Realistically think of the amount that you can spend this Christmas. 
  2. Start in advance and do it little by little. I would love to have my Christmas shopping done a week before Christmas!
  3. Write a list down early of everyone you want to buy for this Christmas and stick to that list. It doesn’t hurt to write down what you will get them as well, to avoid impulses purchasing. 
  4. Actually get people what they want and like. Not what you think they want and like. For example, last year, I asked everyone for a set of velvet hangers. I was trying to revamp my closet and truly wanted this item but no one took it seriously because it was only $9 – lol. 
  5. The amount you spend doesn’t show the amount you love. 
  6. Brain storm really cool gifts as opposed to really expensive ones. For example, last year, Colton’s sister got us a wine club membership to Club W and we absolutely loved it! It was so unique and we really used it. 
  7. Look into joint gifting. This is especially good for anyone in a relationship. Meaning, instead of giving separate gifts to everyone in ya’ll’s lives, get one gift, signed from the both of you. 

What are your tips for saving during the Holidays?