The Importance Of An Active Rest Day

img_7177Outfit Details – Top: Lululemon | Shorts: Lululemon  (size 4) | Tubular Shoes: Adidas | Black Ray Bans: Nordstrom

As you guys know, I love nothing more than a good sweat sesh. I love being at the gym, and the thought of missing my beloved workout time makes me sick to my stomach. Seriously.

Although, no matter how much I love to get a good sweat sesh in, I also know the importance of a rest day. Because without a rest day, your body never has time to recover. Rest days are meant to give your muscles a break. It’s giving your body a day without vigorous activity.

But wait you guys, do not be mistaken – lol!! Rest days do not mean to not move from the couch all day long. While I would be lying if I said I have never had a lazy couch day (bc I have had many!), majority of the time, I like to make sure I have an active rest day. This is because, I know that lounging all day long will set me back from all of the progress I have made.

So what is an active rest day? An active rest day is indeed, a rest day, but is filled with light exercises to help stimulate the recovery process and to get your blood flowing. Taking an active rest day will help with your recovery, and will make you feel stronger and faster when you get back to your normal workout regimen. 

For my active rest days, I just like to make sure I move. My rest days are usually on Sunday’s and I fill the day with grocery shopping, running errands, taking Bentley for a long walk or cleaning the house. These activities not only are preparing me for my week, but are also keeping me moving and active. 

So how can you make the most out of your rest day??

  1. Go for a light 20 minute walk.
  2. Clean your house.
  3. Go shopping!
  4. Do some yoga.
  5. Go for a bike ride.
  6. Play with your dog or kids outside.
  7. Go for a light swim.
  8. Foam roll for 20 minutes 
  9. Grab some friends & head to the park for some volleyball or kickball. 
  10. Just  get out there and move!:) 

What do you guys like to do on your active rest days?




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Keeping On Track With Your Fitness During The Holidays

img_0313img_0297Keeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessKeeping On Track With FitnessOutfit Details – Jacket: Lululemon | Leggings: Lululemon | Nike Presto Running Shoes: Nordstrom’s 

I know it feels like I have been throwing the “holidays” at you guys all week, but I guess that’s because I have been -lol. 

Gift guides, recipes, outfit inspirations, and now, fitness. 

I was reading something the other day, and it was along the lines of that it is okay to gain a few extra pounds during the holidays and that’s it is perfectly fine because it’s expected.

While I firmly believe that you are beautiful at any size, I think that’s a horrible way to view your health and your own fitness journey. 

That’s like studying for a test for months in advance, only to sleep through the exam. Does that makes sense? Giving up on your fitness goals during the Holidays makes everything you’ve done a complete and total waste. It’s important to look at the holidays as an opportunity to push yourself. That way, when New Years hits, you’re not starting from square one, you’re just continuing your journey. 

  1. Keep up with your workouts. Literally make it a point to sweat everyday. Don’t blow them off just because it’s the holidays. Look at your calendar and schedule them in where they fit. 
  2. Manage your eating habits like a checkbook. Meaning, if you know your going to go all out on Thanksgiving, make sure that morning, to get a sweat session in and to start your day with a really healthy breakfast. Check out how to stay fit on Thanksgiving, here
  3. Enjoy your holiday meals but be mindful. Aim for more protein and vegetables as opposed to starchy casseroles. 
  4. Bring healthy options to holiday parties. I promise you, people will thank you for it. There is nothing worse than going to a Holiday party and there not being one healthy option. 
  5. Keep your eye on the prize. Remind  yourself every morning why you’re doing this. Read this post again, and don’t get discouraged in the next two months because you are awesome and you are making a difference in your life. You’ve always been beautiful, but you’re becoming a healthier and stronger you. 

If you guys are in a major city for Thanksgiving, I really encourage you all to sign up for the Turkey Trot. Here is the link for Houston’s. If you want to find one in your city, just google “Turkey Trot” and the name of your city and it will come up. My family and I have made this a tradition for the past five years and we absolutely love it. It’s a tradition that doesn’t require food, that is good for our minds and our bodies.

Plus, it makes that Thanksgiving Day dinner that less guilty. 

Recently, I have been running a lot. Like a lot, a lot. The weather in Houston has been perfect the past few weeks (never thought I’d say that), so I have been getting outside to run every chance I get. I understand that it is getting darker earlier, so running in the afternoons may not work for you, but try going for a run or walk on the weekends. If you’re looking for new running shoes, I just bought these and I love them. 

Also, be sure to check out my post on  How To Stay Fit This Thanksgiving



BBG 2.0 Review

bbg2-6bbg2-3bbg2-1BBG Kayla InstinesBBGBBG Kayla InstinesBBG Kayla Instinesbbg2-5

If you guys follow me on Instagram, then you know that on Sunday I officially completed BBG 2.0 and as of this week have started BBG 3.0! So please pardon the sweat mess & rosy cheeked pictures above. I thought about doing a different kind of shoot, but shooting these right after my last workout seemed a lot more appropriate and more raw.

The transformation my body has gone through, only using my body weight and maybe 10 lb weights is crazy. I’m so excited to see what 3.0 brings. I will admit I’m not in my ideal shape, but that’s because I was on vacation for over two weeks and haven’t been eating the best since I have been back due to a lot of engagement celebrations. Despite all of this, I’m still really proud of myself and have continued to become more and more toned.

I wanted to do this review for you because I get a lot of questions asking if continuing onto 2.0 is worth it, if the app is worth it, or if they should just repeat 1.0 over and over instead of buying the new one.

So here are the things I have taken away from BBG 2.0

  1. Yes, continuing onto 2.0 is worth it. This is because after repeating 1.0 over and over again, I did not see any progress and I soon plateaued giving up all together the first time around.
  2. I have a core! I mentioned this in my last post, & I keep saying it because it’s shocking to me. Even in school at about 5 lbs less that I am now, I didn’t have a core. I couldn’t flex my stomach muscles and could never figure out why I had this belly fat even though I ate correctly and worked out. My stomach has always been my problem area, and for the first time I am proud of it and comfortable showing it.
  3. I’m really strong. The first time I did a burpee into a box jump, I had a real moment. I never would have thought that I would be able to do that. Knowing that I was capable of that,
  4. The workouts do change a lot from 1.0 & they are harder.
  5. Almost every workout is a full body workout that involves your core, which is probably why my core has gotten so much stronger.
  6. Get used to lots of burpees, planks & jumps. Don’t worry though it won’t be as bad as you think.
  7. In 1.0, I could usually complete 2 rounds in 7 minutes but in 2.0 in most, that is almost impossible.
  8. Towards week 20-24, instead of doing 4, 7 minute circuits you do 2, 14 minute circuits.
  9. I’ve lost a significant amount of cellulite in my thighs and bottom. As well as losing inches in my love handles.
  10. There is no way you could do 2.0 without completing 1.0. Bottom line. You have to gain the right kind of muscles and stamina to be able to do the workouts.

If you are thinking about starting BBG, be sure to check out my post on How To Conquer BBG Like A Pro.

I’ll be answering more BBG questions in a future post, so be sure to send them to me 🙂



What’s In My Gym Bag



Photo Detail: Gym Bag // Umbrella // Umbrella Holder

If you follow me on Snapchat (Lauren_smith6), then you know that most of the time, I workout during my lunch break. My first year working, I was doing 5 a.m. workouts and they got to me, really fast. I quickly become unmotivated and I was always tired. So when I had the opportunity to switch my workout to my lunch break, I jumped at the first opportunity! It literally saved me – lol.

So since then, my gym bag has become my saving grace. 

It holds everything I need to get ready and back to the office in the quickest amount of time all while feeling fresh, clean and motivated from my workout! 

So What’s is in my gym bag?! 

  1. A Dirty Clothes Bag: This is the best way to keep your bag from starting to smell like a gym – lol. It also makes it easier to transfer your dirty clothes to your hamper. I think this one is so cute!
  2. Flip Flops: No matter what, I always keep a cheap pair of flip flops in my bag for the gym shower. There are so many germs in those showers that I literally get the heeby jeebies. 
  3. Towel: Little to no explanation needed there – lol. Just make sure you’re washing it on the reg!
  4. Dry Shampoo: I swear, dry shampoo is the best thing ever. Especially since there is no way I have time to wash my hair after a work out. I love this one.
  5. Brush: For me, there is nothing like freshly brushing my hair after a workout. It’s one way that I instantly feel more put together. I also have a teasing brush for the days when my hair is a little greasier that normal.
  6. Deodorant: To freshen up before heading back to work.
  7. Water Bottle: I like to keep this bottle in my bag so that I can fill up throughout and after my workout.
  8. Body Wipes: Because somedays, I just don’t have time to shower…. Recently I have been keeping this brand in my bag!
  9. A mini cosmetic bag: For your little touch ups, like concealer, mascara, & lipstick. I already keep this little bag  in my purse at all times so I just throw it in my bag when I head to the gym.  
  10. Hair Ties, and lots of them: Let me tell you, there is nothing worse that getting to the gym and realizing you don’t have a hair tie. Which is why I basically have a lifetime supply of them in my bag. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this later!