Labor Day Main Course

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Grilled Vegetables


2 Zucchinni

2 Yellow Squash

1 Red Onion


Wash & slice zucchini // yellow squash long ways into decently thin slices.

Cut onions into large cubes

Mix vegetables with 1 tbs of olive oil // Himalayan Salt & Pepper

Grill to liking

Grilled pineapple & Chicken Kabobs


3 large chicken breasts

Cubed pineapple (I pre bought mine)

Sliced onions


Barbecue sauce preference

(I didn’t add barbecue to this grocery list, because, I figured most people have barbecue sauce laying around like we do!)


Cut chicken breast into cubes, and marinate in barbecue sauce

(We marinated over night, because we had very little time the night we were shooting, so I did food prep the night before!!)

Cut the rest of the onion into bite size pieces

To your preference, add chicken, pineapple & onion to the skewers in whatever order!

Grill to liking!!:)



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