Gift Guide For Your Dad


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Good Morning!! 

My goodness what a week it has been and it is not even Friday yet. Today  I am showing  probably one of your last gift guides! Are ya’ll over them? I know I am. But at the same time, I do have to say, building these guides have tremendously helped me with buying gifts this year. 

I mean think about it, I pretty much had to do a lot of research and go through each and every top site, to bring the best gifts to you all. Which in return, helped me buy all of my gifts! Especially gifts for the ones who didn’t put anything on there list. I’m talking to you Dad!

Any who, this is the first year (in like ever!) that I have pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping a whole week before Christmas. Colton and I are notorious for Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. So I am really proud of myself this year. I have a few little last minute gifts to buy today, but then I’m done! Another thing that really helped me get all of my shopping done this year, was the fact that I bought everything online. Amazon Prime, you mah best friend. Not only was it just convenient to online shop, but it help me not make impulse purchases or over buy. In the past when Christmas shopping, I would go in with a list, then completely ignore it and over buy. 

Despite my Dad not having anything on his list (well besides a vacation 😉 ), I know everything above is something that any Dad would love. A Bonobos button down is always a solid choice. My Dad and Colton both LOVE Bonobos. They sell Bonobos at Nordstrom’s, but I prefer to buy them directly through their online store. The actual online site has way more sizes, colors and also offers slim or regular fit. 

These noise canceling earphones are perfect for the Dad that works on the go. This Burberry Wallet is absolutely beautiful (My sister and I split buying this for my Dad last year!), this battery charging cell phone case is perfect for the Dad who never charges his phone and this cologne smells so incredibly good! 

If your Dad is a big golfer like Colton and I’s Dads are, then he will love this Nikon Cool Shot. It’s a Golf Laser Rangefinder that is supposed to be really cool. Then I added these personalized golfballs to the list because someone got these for Colton’s Papo last year and he absolutely loved them! Except his has had face on them – lol! They were absolutely hysterical! Then these Ugg slippers are literally the most comfortable things in the world!

Any ways, like a I said, everything on this list is something your Dad will love! If you are like me and are planning on doing mostly online shopping this year, I wouldn’t do it any later than Monday! Most of the online stores says “Order by Monday to receive it on Christmas” but I for one, hate cutting it close, so I’ll probably put my last order in, Friday by the latest! 

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Christmas Gift Guide For Your Mom


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See, I told you all there would be a Gift Guide today – lol! 

I’m not sure about you guys, but I am really really close to my mom. I know I have told you guys this a million times before but she is definitely my best friend. I love buying gifts for her, because she rarely buys gifts for herself. So I love getting to spoil her a little bit. 

When putting this list together, I definitely had my mother in mind. So hopefully all of our mothers are a like – ha! First things first, I thought about what she likes and what she has. My mother loves to entertain & cook, she loves to read and she loves her baths. She only wears night shirts like #1, she is obsessed with her Daniel Wellington Watch (check out post here!) and one thing I have learned over the years is that I can never go wrong with Kendra Scott

So if our moms are anything alike, then she will love anything from this list above too! I bought this electric wine bottle opener for my mom on her Birthday and she loved it! These slippers are honestly the softest thing ever and are perfect if your mom has hardwood floors. A Fitbit is a perfect gift if your mom is trying to get a little healthier for 2017 and I think that bath caddy’s are the coolest things ever! I mean, it literally combines all of my moms favorite things in one – lol! 

Last years Christmas Gift Guide for my Mom was pretty solid too and are still great gifts!

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Stocking Stuffers

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Happy Friday my loves! Cheers to another weekend! 

I’m keeping it short and sweet today 🙂

We have Colton’s companies Christmas Party tonight, a friends housewarming / Christmas party tomorrow night before Lights in the Heights, and then possibly another Christmas party Sunday. I came down with a really terrible cold // flu bug Wednesday so I am really hoping I will start feeling better soon! 

Stocking stuffers are one of my favorites parts of Christmas morning.  I love stocking stuffers because they are easy little gifts, that do not cost an arm and a leg. They are the little gifts that we get pumped for because they aren’t the stereotypical gifts from your list.  My Dad has always been really good at stuffing stockings. I’m talking little fun gifts literally overflowing out of the stockings.

Last year, Colton put my favorite matt red lipstick (#8) in my stocking and I was so excited to get it! A gift card is something you can never go wrong with, this passport holder would be perfect for the jet setter in your life and I just bought these socks (4) and holy cow they are soft! 

Also, if you haven’t seen the tab above on the menu bar, click the Holiday Shop Tab to find all of my Christmas Guides and Christmas Goodies

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Have a great weekend! 



Gift Guide For Your Guy

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Happy Friday Ya’ll!!

Welcome to Colton’s Christmas list! 

Lol, just kidding!

But a few things on here, definitely are on his list. Recently, he has been buying so much stuff for himself. So I kind of jokingly asked the other day “Why don’t wait until Christmas?”. He told me “Idk, I know a little girl that always buys herself things right before Christmas and it seems to work out for her”.


I definitely do that. But, hear me out! I’ll walk past things or things will be in my cart and I’ll look at them and go, “Oh, so and so doesn’t need to buy me this. I feel silly asking for something like this. Or I’ll say, “this is a weird gift to ask someone for, no one will even know where to find it”. Or I’ll feel guilty asking, so I get it for myself. Does anybody else do this? 

Anyways, back to Colton. He is by far my favorite person to shop for. I know I said that buying for my bff or sister was my favorite, but I think Colton beats it. I literally get so much joy from buying him things, so lucky him. I think it’s because since we live together, I know exactly what he needs and what he doesn’t have. So he is just like super easy to shop for. Everything above is something your guy is bound to love and 100% Colton approved. 

Gift Guide For Your Guy

  1. Henley: These Bonobo Henley’s are Coltons absolute favorite and with good reason. They are incredible soft and go with everything. He has this exact one and would wear it every day if he could. 
  2. Jack Black Gift Set: Jack Black, sets the bar when it comes to mens grooming. I’m talking the best face wash, body wash, body lotion and after shave your guy could ever have. It also smells amazing!
  3. Chukkas: A good pair of Chukkas is an absolute necessity. Dress them up or dress them down. Either way, they are perfect for the fall and winter season. 
  4. Casual Button Down: The perfect shirt for him to wear from work to dinner. I love this one because it goes with both black and brown. 
  5. Personalized Bottle Opener: I love this as a gift because it’s personalized and different. Your guy will be pumped to put this up. 
  6. Tie & Belt Hanger: Whether your guy is already pretty organized or is needing a little bit of help in that department, he will love this gift. 
  7. Burberry Cologne: This cologne literally smells heavenly. While this is of course, a personal preference, it really does smell super dreamy. 
  8. Amazon Echo: Literally the coolest thing ever. We just got this in our home and I am obsessed. It’s kind of hard to explain, so watch the video on it here
  9. Sneakers:  These sneakers are so chic. They are the perfect pair of shoes that your guy would love to wear not only to the gym but everywhere. 
  10. Daniel Wellington Watch: I love Daniel Wellington watches. They are great quality and add a little something extra to all of their designs. This watch is on Colton’s wish list. 
  11. Weekend Bag: The best gift I ever bought Colton. We travel a lot and for the longest time, he only used his old hockey bag. When I bought this gift for him, he was honestly so pumped. I always had nice luggage, so I think he liked getting nice luggage too. 
  12. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones: Actually, the very first gift I ever bought Colton and they have gotten more use over then you would ever believe. They are perfect for traveling, for when studying, or while at work. They really are the best. 
  13. Apple Watch: Never in a million years did I think a Apple Watch was a necessity until I got one and OH MY GOSH. Trust me, if your guy is even the least nit tech-y, he will fall in love with this thing. 

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Have a great weekend!!:)