A Spring-Like Winter Wonderland

Winter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCWinter Neutral Outfit - NYCimg_5726Winter Neutral Outfit - NYCOutfit Details – Pink Sweater: Goodnight Macaroon | White Jeans: Nordstrom ($59) | Coat: J Crew  (30% with code WEEKEND) | OTK Boots: Steve Madden  (40% off!) (more sizes here!)| Purse: Rebecca Minkoff 

Good Morning! 

My goodness it feels good to be back. We had an absolutely incredible time in New York but there is nothing better than coming home after being away for a long period of time. Originally, we were supposed to come home on Sunday, but….. Saturday morning, after my birthday, I became incredibly ill. At first, we thought it was nothing more than feeling the effects of too many martinis from the night before (it was my birthday!), but as the day went on, we realized that it wasn’t a hang over at all and that it was actually food poisoning. Which I hate to say because we LOVED the restaurant we went too.

Anyways, after being sick all morning (tmi?), around 11:00, Colton took me to a clinic that hooked me up to a IV and gave me a ton of nausea medicine. By 2:00 I was finally feeling like myself! Which I am so thankful for because at one point we didn’t know if I would be able to leave the hotel all day. None-the-less, even though we had Saturday afternoon, we still felt like we missed a huge chunk of time and decided to stay an extra night! 

Besides the getting sick part (ha!) NYC was a dream. I hadn’t been in a few years and this was Colton’s first time. The energy in New York is like nothing else. There is just something always going on and it’s incredibly exhilarating. I’ll do a whole recap sometime this week!

These photos were taken in Central Park on my birthday, after brunch and I was so excited to see the snow hadn’t quite melted yet! I mean, it was technically more like ice…. but still! It was the closest thing I had seen to snow all year. Since the temperatures have been so warm in Houston, in my mind it’s definitely spring time. I’ve been bringing out my spring clothes a little bit earlier than usual and have been swapping out my darker shades for more neutral tones. Even though the temperature in New York was way chillier than in Houston, I still kept the same spring like mentality. The combination of white, tan, and pink is perfect for this transitioning season. 

Any who, this week we are taking it pretty chill. Actually, now that I think about it, things should be pretty relaxed around here for awhile. Maybe I will actually be able to start getting things done for the wedding. You know like,  finally getting our Save the Dates out. Lets just say its been a work in progress lol. 

Have a great week! 



image_f534e85d-c24e-4076-b643-d3be384b0a85_1024x1024 screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-5-05-31-pm rm steve j-crew

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