Fake It Till You Make It

Black Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopBlack Scalloped TopOutfit Details – Scalloped Top: Shein | Jeans: Gap | Otk Boots: Steve Madden | Similar Purse: Calf Hair Leopard Clutch | Raybans: Nordstrom

Recently, more than ever, the topic of ‘faking it until you make’ has come into conversations in numerous occasions. I’ve had this conversation with my parents, with Colton, with friends, with strangers and with other bloggers. The more and more this topic has been brought up, the more and more I have become to fully believe in it.

Believing in yourself is a key element to success. No matter what, in every situation, if you do not believe in yourself, then the people around you won’t believe in you either. The key philosophy in this method is pretending you are, whatever you want to be, until you gain the experience or tools necessary to believe that it is all for real.

So why am I telling you this? Because majority are just like me. You’re a young adult, trying to figure out your next step. You’re trying to figure out career path, success in your current job, your purpose, and your life. I’ve met a few of my readers recently, and it’s crazy to me that some of you truly think that I have it all figured out and that I have it all together. Because in reality, I definitely don’t! I turn 25 next week, and I still feel like I am fumbling around playing the game of “LIFE”. No matter how I feel though, the more I keep pushing forward, believing in myself and telling myself I am what I dream to be, the farther I get and the more I grow. 

So incase you were in the need for a little uplifting on this wonderful Thursday, I hope you got what you were looking for- lol! 

Any who, I guess I should talk about this outfit before I let you guys go! I wore this look to dinner with Colton before leaving for San Diego last week and received a million compliments on it that night. This top is absolutely everything and looks way more expensive than it really is, because in reality it is only $9 #holla. You literally cannot get better than that! I thought this look was appropriate for today’s post because even though this top was only $9, I felt like a million bucks in it 🙂 

Tomorrow is Friday (yay) and I couldn’t be more excited! I am looking incredibly forward to a long and relaxing weekend. 




shein jeans boots sunglasses   leopard-clutch

4 thoughts on “Fake It Till You Make It

  1. One of my favorite posts ever! And I am one of your readers that admires everything you do and def thinks you have it all figured out! Happy early birthday, gorgeous! Aquarius!!!


  2. Amen girl! This is so true in all aspects of life. I remember looking up to the 20 somethings and thinking they were so “adult” lol little did I know that I would soon be there and have NO idea what I was doing. Loved this post!

    XX, Shelbi


  3. First of all, loved the outfit! And of course I agree with you about believing in ourselves – it’s like confidence. You don’t really need to have all the confidence in the world, as long as you play along and pretend you do. You can go a long way with a good attitude!


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