How To Ask Your Besties To Be In Your Bridal Party

How To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal Partyimg_1266-copyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyiHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal PartyHow To Ask Your Bridesmaids To Be In Your Bridal Partyimg_1268-copyimg_0544-copyimg_6303-copy

When I started thinking about how I wanted to ask my best friends to stand by me, on Colton and I’s wedding day, I kind of got a little emotional. I would read little poems on pinterest and then get tears in my eyes, thinking about my friends because the girls standing by my side are without doubt the best women in the world. Truly not trying to get over sentimental or anything, but each one of them make up the person I am today and I love them so much!

When I first told my mom that I wanted to make each of them boxes, I think she thought I was going a little overboard. Maybe I was, but I was adamant! I really wanted to do something special for them and ask them in the cutest way possible, without breaking the bank. 

I ended up asking a total of ten girls to be in my bridal party, which can get pretty costly as I have recently learned (lol). Eight of my bridesmaids are my closest friends from high school and college, and then Colton’s sister Ashlynn as well! When it came to picking my MOH, I decided to have two! My best friend Ann Bowie, and my little sister Hannah. I had the hardest time with this and in the end ultimately couldn’t pick between the two. Hannah is my little sister and I love her more than life, but she is also only 15 and there are certain things she just can’t do nor plan, which is why I am so incredibly thankful for my Ann Bowie! Plus, Ann didn’t give me much of a choice haha! Just kidding, but when she found out we were engaged, I was face timing her and she yelled out, “Does this mean I’m your MOH!?”. It was funny and a total Ann move. 

Anyways, after researching on Pinterest for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally made a decision on everything I would put in the boxes! 

The Personalized Wine Bottles: 

The moment Colton and I decided to get married in Napa, I knew I wanted to get my girls personalized bottles! I mean, it was too appropriate! I ended going with these wine bottle labels came from the Lollibella! They were absolutely perfect and were easy to put on. Lauren, the owner of the Etsy boutique is an absolute doll and made it so easy to personalize everything! 

Also, since Hannah is only 15, Dad asked me not to gift her a wine bottle (lol), so instead of a personalized wine bottle, Hannah had a personalized coffee mug from Anthropologie in her box! 

The Cards: 

I found this print through Pinterest and absolutely loved it! I thought about ordering professional cards but instead, I decided to DIY them. I searched for free Bridal Party prints, found these, bought card stock paper, printed them out and made them myself! 

I tried to write a little something different on each persons card, but if you are having  trouble finding the words, then these are some suggestions below!

What to say to your friends: I found my guy but now I need my girls! {Insert Name} will you please be my Bridesmaid? 

What to say to your sister: I found my Mister, but now I need my sister! {Insert Name} will you be my Maid of Honor? 

What to say to your future sister in law: The day (Your fiances name) and I marry, our families will blend. You’ll be my sister and also my friend. To make the day special & creat memories to last. There is one favor I have to ask. Will you be my Bridesmaid? 

What to say to your MOH: I need something old, something borrowed and something blue. But most importantly…. I need you! (Insert Name), will you please stand by my side and be my Maid of Honor? 

The Wine Stoppers

To continue with the wine theme, I decided to add personalized wine stoppers to the boxes! I bought these from Target for $5 each and they were the perfect addition! Unfortunately, Target was completely sold out of two of my girls letters at the time, so after looking for similar ones for what seemed like forever, I ended up just going with diamond shaped bottle stoppers, which worked just fine!

The Treats 

For the girls I was able to ask in person, each box contained three macaroons from Petite Sweets in Houston! Since two of my friends lived outside of Houston, I wasn’t sure how macaroons would hold up through the mail. So instead of macaroons, I put little boxes of Sugar Fina in their bridal box as a treat! 

How I Asked My Girls

As I mentioned above, each one of these girls really mean a lot to me, and them being apart of the wedding means the world. At the beginning, I really tried to plan a big brunch where I could ask almost all of them together at the same time, but it just didn’t work out, and schedules were not matching up so I had to go to plan B. 

So instead, for each girl that I was able to ask in person, I tried to make it as special as possible. For four of my friends I was actually able to surprise them with a super cute brunch at La Table and had their boxes on their seats when they arrived. 

The night I asked my little Gabi, I brought her to a super fun Bridal Fashion Show Event and it was literally so fun! Then another friend I asked during a wine and cheese night that we had set up at Sonoma Wine Bar in the Heights. 

When I asked Ann, my MOH, I had to be very strategic. She was in Houston, from out of town, so I had to find time to steal her away from her bf for one day! The Saturday she was in town, we woke up and went to a Barre class at Equinox then went to brunch with Colton at Tiny Boxwoods. Some may think it was weird that Colton was there, but it wasn’t, because Ann has been a really big part of our relationship for the past three years and it has always kind of been the three of us. It was so hard hiding the box from her at brunch, but eventually I was able to slip away from the table to go to the “bathroom” and came back with her box!

When it came to asking my sister, I really wanted to make her feel grown up and apart of the Bridal party, so Ann and I scooped her up and took her to the most fun little brunch at State of Grace.  In the past few years, Hannah and I’s relationship has grown so much. She transformed from such a little kid, to such a little grown up so fast and I am so excited to have her by my side! 

Special Maid of Honor Gifts

Since the MOH has such a big role in the wedding and has extra responsibility, I wanted to add a little something into the MOH boxes to make Ann and Hannah really feel special. I found these Kate Spade Knot Earrings at Nordstrom and knew they would be perfect for them! I ended up buying a pair for each of them, as well as for myself. It’s sentimental and I love that we all have matching pieces. As of right now, they are my favorite earrings to wear!  

I’m not going to lie, at one point I was a little overwhelmed with my boxes, but in the end, I am so glad that I did them! They all loved them and I love that they loved them so much! Plus it made everyone so excited for the festivities! 




Free Bridesmaid & MOH Printable’s: Swooned Magazine 

Wine Bottle Labels: Lollibella 

Initial Wine Bottle Stoppers: Target

Photo Boxes: Michaels (Find White In Stores)

Shredded Paper: Michaels

Wine Bottles: Barefoot 

Sugarfina: Bubblebears 

Kate Spade Earrings: Nordstrom




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