I Drank Charcoal & Collagen For Two Weeks and I (Kinda) Liked It – (A LOT)

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A few weeks (months) ago, I tried my very first detox cleanse. I’ll tell you right now, I am not the type of person to do a cleanse. The thought of drinking 3 juices a day, in place of my meals, for 5 days, literally makes me sick to my stomach. Like, no thanks. Anyways, when I started hearing a lot of buzz around the internet, about this Dirty Lemon Detox, where you drink charcoal for a week, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. 

What intrigued me? First off, the fact that you can actually eat whatever you want on it. The only requirements are to drink it on a full stomach. Like I’m sorry, that sounds freaking pretty cool right? I thought so too. So yeah, I had to try it. When I started reading more and more about Dirty Lemon, what I got from the company, is that they are unapologetically cool. They have the, have your cake and eat it too, #yestomore concept. 

For my first order, I decided to get two different drinks. First, The Dirty Lemon Detox, which is charcoal infused filtered water, with lemon juice, dandelion root & ginger root. Then second, I ordered the Dirty Lemon Skin + Hair, which is filtered water, lemon juice, cayenne and collagen. 

First things first, when you place an order, there is no doing it online. You literally text them, and they send it to you. I mean, you have to set up your account online, but other than that, literally everything is done through texting. Which makes reordering obnoxiously easy. Like talking about marketing geniuses. 

After ordering, my package arrived in about two days and inside of a cooler (gotta keep em cold). Each order comes with 6 drinks and have the same signature striped, chic bottle. As soon as I got the package, I wanted to immediately try one, but instead decided to follow the instructions and have it on a full stomach. For six days, I drank this charcoal drink every night after dinner. I didn’t expect to lose weight off of it, but I was interested to see how it would affect my body. I mean, only good could come from it. Essentially it’s only supposed to help with digestion, balance your bodies PH levels, and basically flush all of the toxins right out of your system. It tells you that right there in the ingredients. 

After six days, I was hooked. Like, I craved my drink and looked forward to it every night. I didn’t see any major changes, but I honestly just felt better. My energy levels were up and I kind of just felt lighter. Which means it did exactly what it probably was supposed to do. When you flush out all of your bodies toxins, how could you not feel better? As for taste, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s black, due to the activated charcoal, but it just tastes like really really lemony water. 

Next, I basically drank collagen for six days. If you guys aren’t up to date on the benefits of collagen, read up on it here. To put it shortly, the collagen in your skin, is what makes you keep looking young. The older you get, you start to lose collagen, so adding it into your daily routine can do wonders for your skin. After my six days were over, I was expecting to be GLOWING with radiance, but honestly, I didn’t notice anything. As in terms of taste, it tasted just about the same as the Detox.  I feel like if I would have drank it for more than six days, I would have seen better results. But nonetheless, I still really enjoyed it and could have only benefited from it. 

So would I order it again? ABSOLUTELY.

Well, the Dirty Lemon Detox Drink at least. In fact, since ordering it the first time, I have bought it three more times. I did the detox right after Thanksgiving (all that pumpkin pie), right after the holidays (all those Christmas cookies), and I am drinking my charcoal right now as we speak, post Cabo (hello tequila). 

If you do want to try it, I really do highly recommend it. Each package comes with six drinks for a whopping $65 and each drink is 10 calories. My advice, is to go into it with an open mind and do not take it with any medicine! Seriously, the charcoal in it will make whatever you take not work.  Which is another reason I drink it at night. I like to think of it as a way to reset my body after a long period of indulging. To get me back to normal without sacrificing too much. In the end, I love it,  I crave it and I enjoy reaching for my Dirty Lemon more than I do a glass of wine. So right there is a win for me. 

Have you guys tried Dirty Lemon?



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