Post Vacation Blues

Resort WearResort WearResort WearResort WearResort WearResort WearResort Wear

Outfit Details – Yacht Romper: Planet Blue | Pom Pom Basket: Shop Bop | Tory Burch Sandals: Nordstrom | White Tassel Earrings: Shoptiques | Ray Bans: Nordstrom 

Good Morning! 

Well….I guess the morning is almost over, but still! I’m proud of myself for actually getting this post up! Work and life have been crazy since I’ve been back from our trip. Between my day job, running the blog and planning a wedding, I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Seriously, a little overwhelmed. So bare with me these next few months, okay guys? I hate it when I feel like I am slacking, but know that I am not doing it on purpose! 

Anyways, all of this stress is really making me miss Mexico. Like, I don’t know about you guys, but I think that the post vacation blues is seriously real thing. It’s like your gone for X amount days, having the time of your life and then all of a sudden you have to get back to real life. 

Literally the worst – lol jk. It’s just how life works. 

I randomly picked up this Yacht Romper from Planet Blue a few weeks before our trip and Planet Blue must be craving Spring & Summer as much as I am because they already have all of their resort wear ready & up. This romper is literally SO comfortable and would be the perfect for any vacation. It could be a swimsuit cover up, a running around town outfit, or add heels for a cute & casual dinner look. I can literally think of 10x ways I’ll be wearing it throughout the season. 

In other news, it’s like crazy flooding here in Houston. I woke early to shower and get ready for work this morning having no idea the city was under water. So for everyone that’s reading this that’s from Houston, I hope you are staying safe and dry! I ended up making it into work, but if things get worse I will be heading home early. 

Have a great day ya’ll! 




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