Going Back To The Basics – Join The BBG Challenge

Good Morning Everyone! 

I had a different post planned for today, but after seeing something exciting on Instagram yesterday, I decided I need to post this instead! 

As you guys know, I love BBG and Kayla Instines. I believe in her programs and I love that she preaches confidence to all women.  In honor of the new year, this week, I have started the program over again.   The BBG community throughout the world, including Kayla, are starting from week one. To encourage and be there with everyone starting from the beginning for the first time! 

So for the next 12 weeks, we can all do this together! 

 If you have wanted to start BBG and you’re ready to make the change, then this is the time to do it. I know I probably should have done this post yesterday, but I truly didn’t even know about it until Monday afternoon! Yesterday, I did week 1 legs for the first time in 54 weeks and oh my gosh ya’ll, it was just as hard as the first time. I tell you this because, if you start this program and you discouraged after the first workout because it is hard, I’m here to let  you know that it is hard for me too. 

It’s not easy, it’s really hard, but it is also worth it. 

If you would like to start, you can buy her ebook here, or just download the Kayla App! For beginners, I highly recommend the ebook though. I loved the ebook because I think it really does a great job going into depth as to why the program works. 

I also have a post on How To Conquer Kayla Instines BBG Program Like A Pro” 

I know this probably isn’t what you were expecting this morning, and it may even sound like I am trying to get you guys to join a cult – lol. I promise that’s not the case though! I just really think it is amazing that the whole BBG community is doing this together and I really wanted to make sure you all have the opportunity to be apart of it. Make 2017 your year to get healthy! Make 2017 the year you become the best version of yourself. It’s not too late. You really can start today.  



2 thoughts on “Going Back To The Basics – Join The BBG Challenge

  1. I’m on week 2 of the pre training and already struggling but I’m pushing through! I re read you other post and I’m taking the tip about not looking ahead on board as I don’t want to discourage myself. As much as I am struggling, I’m motivated and embracing that ache! Thanks for motivating me ☺ Laura x



    1. Hi Laura! Don’t even feel bad about struggling through the pertaining, I personally think it is just as hard! So keep pushing through! I am so happy to hear you are staying motivated and committed. Truly, so awesome! Also, keep to not looking ahead! I’m telling you, when I would look ahead at the beginning, I would get so much anxiety and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it! But by taking each day by day, it made it way better!

      xo, Lauren


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