December Tidbits + 2016 Favorites

img_6394{Outfit : Baanou }

Holy Moly. December is almost over? Wait a minute, 2016 is almost over?! Time is literally moving so fast. The Holidays are over and it is so crazy how quickly they come and go. There’s all of this hoopla and craziness that revolves around the Holidays and then they’re just gone in the blink of eye. I’m not complaining though, because I have had a lot of fun this past month!

 The moment December hit, it was a world wind of fun events and parties. Starting with the most awesome event, put on by Modern Luxury Weddings Magazine. Lots of champagne with some of my closest friends and even got to meet one of my favorite Wedding dress designers, Hayley Paige (above), before watching her fashion show! 

img_6426img_0975Lauren Outfit Details – Bell Sleeve Sweater: Good Night Macaroon | Jeans: Gap | OTK Steve Madden Boots: Nordstrom | Burberry Scarf: Nordstrom | Watch: Daniel Wellington

Colton Outfit Details – Bonobos Henley Shirt: Nordstrom | Bonobos Chino Pants: Nordstrom | Chukkas: Nordstrom | Watch: Daniel Wellington

img_6431img_0994Outfit Details Top Photo – Popcorn Sweater: Bloomingdales | Jeans: Nordstrom 

Outfit Details Bottom – Sweater: Good Night Macaroon | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Tights: Nordstrom | Burberry Jacket: Neiman Marcus | Steve Madden BootiesNordstrom | Loeffler Randal Purse: Nordstrom (on sale!) | Lipstick: YSL Nordstrom

I guess a lot of wedding stuff happened in December! I’ll have to fill you guys in next week, but for now, I’ll let you know that I did ask all of my Brides Maids and MOH’s (yes plural) to be apart of our wedding. 

The picture above is of me and my best friend Annie, at Tiny Boxwoods, right after I asked her! LOL, you’ll notice we’re wearing the same sweater and in the first and second picture. 


I have always wanted to do a Christmas card, but have been very adamant about not sending one out until Colton and I were married. I don’t why this is. Anyways, I had the great idea to send some out, but just have them of Bentley. 

Long story short, I stuck to my gut and decided to wait until next year to send Christmas cards out. Honestly, how cute does Mister Bentley look?! Like what a model. 


We had the most fun evening { Thanks to my friend, Laurel! } at Lights in the Heights.

img_6529img_6493Outfit Details – Hannahs top: Nordstrom | My Sweater (similar): Goodnight Macaroon


I asked Little Hannah J to be one of my MOH’s and then a few days later she got a puppy. Actually, now that I think about it, Hannah J had a pretty good December, despite what she may think. 

This puppy though, is a handful in a half. I forgot how much work puppies are. We had Sammy (the puppy) for one night before giving him to my sister and let me tell you…. as cute and sweet as he is… we were ready to send him home!

All Black Winter OutfitOutfit Details – Black Wrap: Shein | Jeans: Nordstrom | Black Shirt: Nordstrom | OTK Lace-Up Boots (ON SALE!): Nordstrom | Loeffler Randall Purse (ON SALE!): Nordstrom | YSL Lipstick: Nordstrom


Here is a sweet picture of myself and Dede (DressUp Butter Cup) at the Tootsies Christmas event. I do not go to a ton events, because I am kind of a hermit, but when I do go, I am always glad that I did! We have a really great blogger community here in Houston, and I love getting to see sweet friends like Dede, who is literally my favorite person ever. 


My sweet little Ginger Bread House 

img_2501img_2512Last but not least, a few pictures from Christmas Day. There are a few more picture I am missing from this past month… but they must all be on Colton’s phone lol. 

Now, this weekend is NYE and I honestly cannot wait. We are packing up our bags today and are heading to New Orleans with another couple to ring in the New Year! 

As I look back on 2016, I honestly have mixed emotions. I personally loved 2016. Its hard, because I know there was a lot of heart ache for so many people that are so close to me, but none-the-less, a lot of memories were made and big moments happened for me that I will never forget. 

I took two amazing trips to Los Angeles with my girlfriends, one in January and one in August. I turned 24 years old. I spent 3 weeks in Europe with Colton and his family and got engaged in Capri along the way! I had the most amazing Engagement party when we returned, LifetoLauren turned 1 years old and we went to Napa not once, but twice! In between all of that were a lot of laughs, a lot of hard times, and a lot of little moments. 

As I look towards 2017, I am just so excited. I am excited to see where the next year takes me and I’m so excited to see everything that will happen in a short 365 days. I only pray that everyone in my life stays happy and healthy. As I end this year, I know more about my self than I ever have before. I know what I want in life, and I am stronger in my friendships than I ever have been. 

In 2017 I cannot wait to grow even more, I can’t wait to see where this little space on the internet takes me and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. 

2017, I am ready for you. Just please be nice to me. 



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