Five Things

img_1555-copyimg_1564-copyimg_1589-copyGoodnight MacaroonLoeffler RandallGoodnight MacaroonSteve Madden BootiesGoodnight MacaroonGoodnight MacaroonOutfit Details – Sweater: Goodnight Macaroon |  Paige Jeans: Nordstrom | Steve Madden Booties: Nordstrom | Loeffler Randall Handbag: Nordstrom | Hat: Nordstrom | Ray Bans: Nordstrom

Hi guys! 

My goodness, it feels good to be back! How was everyone’s Christmas?? Besides the fact that it was 85 degrees here in Houston, ours was really lovely. The entire weekend was spent with family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. At Church on Christmas morning, the whole sermon focused on the importance of Presence over Presents during the holidays and, well, everyday. For some reason, this really hit home for me. Which is why, over the weekend, I just kind of really took a break from everything and focused on what was important to me, which was the people around me. 

Earlier in the week, before Christmas, it was actually freezing outside, which was when we were able to shoot this look! Now that I think about it, it was really cold for quite a few weeks because at one point, I definitely wore this sweater from Goodnight Macaroon at least 5 days in a row. Maybe more. I got it in early December and it quickly became one of those items that I wanted to wear all the time. It’s warm, it’s soft and the fringe gives it a little edge that separates it from other sweaters. This sweater is definitely my favorite piece in my closet right now! The weather man says that the temperatures will be dropping this week, so fingers crossed because I want to continue wearing this sweater everyday -lol! Also, really quick before I get into the rest of this, Goodnight Macaroon is having a site wide sale so everything is 40% off with code: XMAS40 !!

Okay, now onto my FIVE THINGS. These are random things that have either been on my mind, that I am loving or that I am wanting. 

(1) I’m First a Blogger, over everything 

I thought about writing a whole post on this, but I think for now, this will suffice. Recently, with growth on Instagram and constantly having to keep up with all of my social media channels, I feel like I have forgotten a little bit that I am a blogger first and everything else is second. This blog is what I put my heart and soul into everyday and what I produce content for. I produce blog posts everyday for you guys, not for likes on an Instagram post. 

(2) Kate Somerville Has Done Wonders For My Skin

I honestly cannot say enough good things about the Kate Somerville Skin Care Line. Like OMG. I will do a whole post on it this month, but until then, if you are looking for a new skin care line, I highly recommend it. I saw immediate results in my skin after one use – swear!

_11556710 _8114823 _13378871

(3) I’ve become completely and totally  obsessed with Podcasts

Podcasts have been filling my life recently and I can’t stop. I listen to them in the car, at the gym, at work, and on walks with Bentley. I’m literally obsessed with them. If you’re interested in a post featuring all of my favorites, let me know! 

(4) Taking Breaks Away From Social Media Is Vital 

Over the weekend, I really took a huge break from social media and absolutely loved it.I wasn’t on the computer, I wasn’t scrolling through Instagram and I wasn’t checking up on snapchat or anything. I pretty much put my phone away and didn’t know where it was half the weekend. I didn’t realize how much I needed this break until I had it. With the blog and with social media outlets, like Instagram, it is really easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Which is why it is so important to step away, and give yourself a break.

(5) I’m Absolutely Obsessing Over Swimsuits

I know, I know, Christmas was just two days ago!!! But in my defense, we leave for Cabo in less than 15 days so I am stocking up! So far, I am loving all high neck halters tops, one pieces, and even high waisted suits! Below are a few of my current favorites! 

_100075305 _13476711 miko-wx359_v1 screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-7-47-19-pmagua-wx162_v1



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