How To Get My Signature Red Lips

how to get perfect red lipHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsHow to get perfect red lipsOutfit Details: Striped Top: Nordstrom ($25) | Faux Fur Coat: Jack Wills (on sale!) | Paige Black Jeans: Nordstrom

Red Lip Details: YSL Mat Red Lipstick (203): Nordstrom | Lip Conditioner: Nordstrom | Mac Lip Primer: Nordstrom | YSL Lip Liner: Nordstrom

As you guys know, there is nothing I love more, than a classic red lip. 

 I love that you could be wearing the most basic outfit ever, add red lips to it and instantly transform your whole look. Red lips are bold, they’re sexy and exhilarate confidence. While red lips are the perfect addition to any Holiday look, I for one, wear them all year round. Hands down, my favorite accessory. 

How To Get Perfect Red Lips 


The first step is to exfoliate your lips, because there is nothing worse than dead skin crackling through your lipstick. For my exfoliation, I just use water and my Foreo (post here!), but I also have tried this Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and love it. Plus, it tastes good too!:) 


After I exfoliate, I put on a very light coat of this Mac Lip Conditioner while I do the rest of my makeup. I started using this moisturizer while at Baylor and have been loyal to it ever since. It locks in moisture and is the perfect base for my lips. 


Just like for your face makeup, it is important to put primer on your lips as well! I’m not going to lie, I sometimes forget this step, but whenever I do, I immediately notice the difference and wish I wouldn’t have forgot. This Mac Lip Primer is my favorite. I apply it all over my lips and around the edges. It makes my lip stick last and reduces feathering. 


Very important. After I put primer on, I line my lips with this liner. Liner is important because red lipstick is known to feather off your lips and onto your skin. There is literally nothing worse than having red lipstick fade on the outer line of your lips. This lip liner from YSL is honestly everything. I love it because it is clear (yep, clear!) so I can use it with any lipstick color. My life changed when I tried it for the first time. It’s honestly genius. 

Mat Lipstick

After I do all of the steps above, right before heading out the door, I apply my mat red lipstick to complete my look. 

It’s my favorite part because I live for my YSL Mat Red Lipstick and I give all the credit to Colton on finding this lipstick. I had been using a Red YSL Lip color for a while and one day before heading out of town, had completely run out and needed to pick up a new one. I couldn’t make it to Nordstrom’s, so Colton being the amazing guy he is, went to pick it up for me. I wasn’t answering my phone (shocking) and he didn’t know what to pick, so he ended up picking this one


Ya’ll,  it’s the mother of all red lipstick. Never will I ever again wear a different red lipstick and if they ever discontinue it, I will cry for a million years. I’m telling you, this YSL Mat Lipstick (shade 203) is everything. Making sure it is a mat is very important. Glossy (or regular) red lipsticks can make your lips look overdone and honestly kind of messy. So if you have tried red lipstick before and didn’t like it, it could be because you weren’t wearing a mat.  

What do you guys think of red lips? 



5 thoughts on “How To Get My Signature Red Lips

  1. Quick question Lauren, I love wearing red lipstick but Tony hates it cause when I kiss him his lips turn red too! lol Any who does the YSL Mat Lipstick (shade 203) smear? Meaning are able to kiss Colton and not get red all over his lips??


    1. Hi!! Since it is not a stain, it does come off a little bit but since it is a mat, it really isn’t that bad! I know this sounds weird, but Colton and I have a weird kind of smooch when I wear red lipstick. It’s like we go in for a quick smooch, but barely touch lips haha. Then he always wipes his mouth just to make sure lol! This lipstick barely comes off though


  2. Hi Lauren, the link for the YSL lipliner is going to the Mac prep & prime. I want to make sure I order the right one, can you let me know what the shade name is or send the link? Thanks so much, really excited about this great discovery!


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