Christmas Decor + Easy Tips For Decorating Your Own Home

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I feel like everyone says this, but I promise I am not kidding you,when I say, I love my home during the Holidays. I love it so much, that I put my tree up over a week before Thanksgiving. The weather had finally dropped, and I honestly just couldn’t resist! 

Decorating for Christmas has always been one of my most favorite things about the Holidays. As a child, we would make hot cocoa, put on  Christmas music and decorate away. Until this day, I do the exact same thing, except more wine and less hot cocoa lol. 

Since I haven’t lived at home in over 6 six years, I’ve had to start collecting Christmas decor on my own. One thing I have learned is, Christmas decor is not cheap! Which is why I have added more and more, little by little, each year.

My favorite places to pick up Christmas Decor are at Marshall’s // HomeGoods, Target, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s & Walmart (Hello Cheap Ornaments!). 

Be sure to pull everything you already have out, to see what you have, before you start buying. Then once you do start buying, decide where you can save. For example, I highly recommend buying basic ornaments at Walmart. Then buy more fun & unique pieces at places like Target. 

Another thing I make sure to do is, I make sure that all of my Christmas decor easily ties in with my current home decor. As you can tell, we went for more of a white & gold theme to match the apartment.

Also, be sure to pick a tree that’s right for your home, as well as one that’s right for your budget. I really wanted a white tree this year, or at least a real one, but opted for the fake/pre-lit green one, I have used the last three years. I bought this tree from Walmart and it was honestly such a steal. It is 7.5 feet tall, pre-lit and under $100. You can find it here. If you’re a new graduate, living in a apartment and are wanting a tree, but not wanting to break the bank, I really recommend it! It’s also super easy to set up. One trick I recommend to make it look more full, is to use ribbon along with the ornaments. 

  I also like to make sure I have a million holiday candles burning all at once. As in, I want my house to smell like a Christmas cookie at all times – lol. Just make sure you’re buying your Holiday candles at places like HomeGoods and not at places like Bath and Body Works, where they are charging $22 a candle.

Another thing to keep in mind is, don’t be afraid to move your rooms & previous decor around to make your Christmas decor work! 

How do you guys decorate?? 




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3 thoughts on “Christmas Decor + Easy Tips For Decorating Your Own Home

  1. Love the decorations! I too try and keep up with the theme of our home when I decorate (it’s more rustic right now, but I’m forever wanting to change it up).

    Odd question! I know you’ve mentioned that you live in an apartment; how did you mount your TV without any of the ugly cords hanging below it?


    1. Hi Taylor! Thanks so much! My apartment has a handy man on site and he actually did it for me. I hate the cords too so I had him run them through the wall for me. It has made it look so much better!


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