Gift Guide For Your Sister / BFF


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I wanted to start this years gift guide series with my favorite Gift Guide of them all. The Gift Guide For Your Sister / BFF. I love this one, because it’s fun and it’s basically like shopping for yourself. You know what they like, what they need and what they don’t have.

There’s a pretty good chance that if you love it, they’ll love it too! Which makes it even more fun when they are opening their presents. These are all of my favorite picks that I know my best friend and my sister would both love. 

Gift Guide For Your Sister // BFF

  1. A Trendy Sweater: A girl can never have too many cute and trendy sweaters. I’m currently loving all sweaters this shade of pink. 
  2. Monogrammed Necklace: This is actually on my wish list and I know is one your sister or BFF would love!
  3. Twinning Emoji Print: Love, Love, Love this twinning print.  
  4. Faux Fur Pom Key Chain: For the girl who cannot keep up with her keys for the life of her. #mylittlesister
  5. Pineapple Shot Glasses: HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! My little sister is only 15, so I will not be getting here these -lol, but for my bestie? Yes, please! I’ve literally never seen anything cuter. 
  6. Gold Lip Tease Mug: A cute mug is always a cute and easy gift. I love this one because it is definitely Instagram worthy and your sister // BFF will think so too. 
  7. Adidas Running Pure Boost: You girl will love these new kicks. My little sister loves these and is really into all of her sneakers so I know these would be a good fit for her. If your bestie is sporty, then she will love these too! 
  8. Cute Scarf: This scarf will literally go with everything and will be the perfect addition in her closet. 
  9. Drop Earrings: I love these earrings because they are so cute & trendy. You honestly can’t go wrong here. 
  10. Pink Cross Body Purse: A super cute bag, that won’t break the bank. I love this purse as a gift for a friend because this is a purse most girls would look at and love, but pass by to go for something more neutral. It’s basically a fun purse she wouldn’t normally buy for herself. 
  11. Suede Moto Jacket: As seen here. Your bestie will freak when she opens this. It comes in multiple colors and is absolutely the hottest jacket this season. 
  12. Curling Wand: You know, so that she can learn to curl her own hair instead of you constantly having to do it for her – lol. 

What do you guys think of these picks?!



2 thoughts on “Gift Guide For Your Sister / BFF

  1. SUCH good suggestions here!! I especially love the monogram necklace – perfect gift for my sister. That moto-style jacket is amazing too.


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