Gift Guide Under $100 + Tips For Not Breaking The Bank This Christmas

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First off, I want to say, that I promise, I am not the scrooge of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite Holiday -lol. I just wanted to bring this gift guide to you, in advanced, to get you guys thinking about the Holidays, as well as helping you get a game plan for not breaking the bank this season. 

To try and save during the Holidays, I like to buy things in advanced and slowly purchase up until Christmas. That way, it’s not the week of Christmas, and I end up spending so much in three days that I can’t eat for a month. 

I really enjoyed putting this list together for Gifts Under $100 because it shows that there really are good gifts for everyone on your list, for under $100. This Jack Black set is such a good gift for the guy in your life. Jack Black is Colton’s absolute favorite brand. I’m kind of crazy obsessed over this mermaid blanket. This purse would be so fun to give a friend. I love it because, I for one, never buy fun pieces like that for myself, but if someone gave it to me, I would be obsessed. The “After This We’re Getting Pizza” water bottle is so fun and this Bauble Bar tassel earring set is really a great price. Plus they’re all so cute!

With the wedding and multiple trips coming up in the next year, Colton and I are really trying to not spend a ton this year, so if you are looking for ways to save, here are a few tips & tricks that we are trying this year. 

  1. Realistically think of the amount that you can spend this Christmas. 
  2. Start in advance and do it little by little. I would love to have my Christmas shopping done a week before Christmas!
  3. Write a list down early of everyone you want to buy for this Christmas and stick to that list. It doesn’t hurt to write down what you will get them as well, to avoid impulses purchasing. 
  4. Actually get people what they want and like. Not what you think they want and like. For example, last year, I asked everyone for a set of velvet hangers. I was trying to revamp my closet and truly wanted this item but no one took it seriously because it was only $9 – lol. 
  5. The amount you spend doesn’t show the amount you love. 
  6. Brain storm really cool gifts as opposed to really expensive ones. For example, last year, Colton’s sister got us a wine club membership to Club W and we absolutely loved it! It was so unique and we really used it. 
  7. Look into joint gifting. This is especially good for anyone in a relationship. Meaning, instead of giving separate gifts to everyone in ya’ll’s lives, get one gift, signed from the both of you. 

What are your tips for saving during the Holidays? 



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