Fall Looks & Giving Thanks

french connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookfrench connection fall lookOutfit Details: French Connection Sweater // Gap Jeans // Steve Madden OTK Boots // // Ray Ban Sunglasses // Bordeaux Lip Color

Good Morning! 

I don’t know about you guys, but today definitely feels more like a Monday to me. Sunday night, our flight coming home from San Francisco, was super delayed, so we didn’t make it to the apartment until almost 3:00 a.m. So to say we were exhausted yesterday, would be the understatement of the century!! I’m literally feeling a million times better today though. It’s a new day and the first day of the new month. I have high hopes for November! 

Over the weekend, Colton and I really talked a lot about what we are thankful for and the way we view certain aspects of our lives. I think with all of the social media we are exposed too, it leaves us at times, not feeling complete in our own lives. It’s easy to look at others and somewhat play the comparison game. I’m guilty of this. I’m guilty of looking at others and thinking I am not enough or the way others are living their lives, is better than the way I am living mine. 

The thing is though, if you live your life that way, you will never be complete. It’s so easy to get so caught up in focusing on what you don’t have, instead of focusing on what you do have. Which is sad, because everyone has something amazing in their life to be thankful for.In some way, we are blessed every single day. 

Which is why I am really going to focus on giving thanks and truly being appreciative for the whole month of November and not just on Thanksgiving. To really focus on counting my blessings and not my problems. My plan is, that by focusing on what I am thankful for, for the whole month, that it will help me to transition into how I will view things for the rest of the year. 

Any who, you can thank all of the wine from this past weekend, for today’s life talk -lol!

Now really fast,  I want to talk about this Popcorn French Connection Sweater. Ya’ll, the best sweater ever. The moment I saw how cold it was going to be in Napa, I knew I was bringing this baby along with me. For being an over sized sweater, it is actually very flattering and the popcorn texture really makes it different. I paired it with these camel colored OTK boots to really give the whole look that fall feel! Now if only Texas could start to feel a little bit more like fall…..Hopefully November will bring it to us! 

Tomorrow I will be sharing a few ways to give thanks throughout the whole month of November, along with things I have done in the past!



7 thoughts on “Fall Looks & Giving Thanks

  1. You are so adorable & petite! I feel like this sweater would be super unflattering on me, but I wish I could pull it off. Over the knee boots are on point too!


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