What To Wear To The Pumpkin Patch

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Outfit Details: C/meo Sweater // Gap Jeans // Booties // Black Ray Bans // Marc Jacobs Purse

If there is one holiday I loved the most while in college, it was without a doubt, Halloween. I would put a lot of detail into throwing the perfect Halloween party, and spend months planning out my Halloween costume. My favorite tradition of them all though, was going to the pumpkin patch, before carving pumpkins. 

I think I have mentioned this to you all before but I can’t remember…. so I’ll just continue like I haven’t told ya’ll.

The Thursday before Halloween, my roommates and I would go to the closest pumpkin patch, take pictures with all of our pups and pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving. We would bring them back home, invite all of our closest friends over and have a huge pumpkin carving party. We would drink beer, play music, order pizza and just have the best evening. For some reason it is one of my favorite memories and most cherished times. It’s crazy that a bunch of  college kids would have so much fun carving pumpkins – ha! 

Anyways, lets just say my love for carving pumpkins and Halloween runs strong haha. Sadly, for the past two years, Colton and I have been out of town on actual Halloween (Last year we were in Hamilton, NY) but one tradition we have kept on, is going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. This year, it was a bit more relaxed event, taken place in my living room watching Hocus Pocus – lol. Which is still the perfect night for me! 

Hopefully next year, Colton and I will be in a bigger home and will be able to have everyone over for a full night of pumpkin carving just like we used to! 

Right now, Houston is in that weird time where it is super chilly in the mornings & evenings, yet is pretty warm during the day. Since we went to pick out pumpkins towards the evening, this sweater was super acceptable as the temperatures were dropping quickly! 

My favorite thing about this sweater is the fact that it is high in front and longer in the back. I also love that it is a turtleneck, it’s truly unique! Also, a little birdie told me it is selling out super fast, so just a heads up! 

Have a great Wednesday! 



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cmeo-green-sweater  gam-jeans trott-bootie black-ray-bans  Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 9.11.17 PM.png

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