Ruffled Blouse

Shein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical Stripedimg_7406Shein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical StripedShein Black Vertical StripedOutfit Details: Top // Black Jeans (on sale!) // Black Sandals // Purse (FAV) // Lipstick // Prada Sunglasses (on sale!)

Good Morning! I hope everyones week is going smoothly.

When Colton and I were laying in bed on Sunday night, we started talking about this up coming week and what all we had going on. I knew we had ACL this weekend and that I had one event Thursday, but other than that, I thought it was going to be a pretty empty week. Well much to my delighted surprise, this week filled up real fast. We usually spend Monday – Wednesday evenings at home relaxing, but this week, we literally have something every night and I have been loving it. 

I wore this top to lunch last week and it has immediately become my new favorite top. I ordered it from Sheinside, which can sometimes be sketchy, but to my surprise, this shirt really was great quality. I love the vertical stripes on it, how it is a little flow-y and the small details on the back. When I ordered it, I was expecting it to be black (because that’s what it says -lol) but when I received it, it was definitely more of a blue. When you look at it in person, it is kind of hard to tell, but these pictures clearly show it is blue! 

Oh and side note, Nordstrom’s is price matching and my favorite Prada Sunglasses are on major sale! 

Any who, last week, Colton and I officially joined Equinox which means I have pretty much given up my lunch workouts and have switched to morning / evening. It’s been a little different figuring out my new routine, but so far we love the gym. It’s just so nice and the classes are so good. Right now we are still kind of in that awkward stage of just joining a new gym. Meaning, we still feel like total newbs and are still trying to figure out where everything is, but so far we are really enjoying it! 

Tonight we’re going to El Tiempo with friends to see one of my bestfriends who flew into Houston for literally 24 hours! 



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