Life to Lauren Q & A

Off the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOff the shoulder fall lookOutfit Details: Off the shoulder top // Jeans // Chucky Heels // Sam Edelman Suede Handbag  (More Colors) // Black Ray Bans

First off, Happy Birthday to my sweet Momma! My biggest supporter, my number one fan and my best friend. Literally you guys, words could never describe the amount of love I have for my Mom. I probably call her, errrrrrr…. 3-4x a day. No joke. Anything that happens in my life, I have to call and tell her immediately. Or I call her just to chat, because I do that………a lot. So happy Birthday mom, I love you! 

In other news, rise & shine you guys!! How’s your week going? Happy Hump Day! Remember when I said on Monday how I am just praying this week goes by smoothly? Well, I am still praying lol. It’s Wednesday and I have not stopped once. So if you see me and I seem a little off, it’s because I am uber stressed & tired – lol. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being busy!! I just also need a nap sometimes haha. 

I wore this outfit to a double date last week and knew I wanted to shoot it as soon as I put it on. As you can tell by the pictures, it was a little rainy that day and I was really feeling the all black look. Plus I had just bought this suede purse (literally I’m dying it’s so perfect) and wanted to put it to good use. I literally bought it a week ago, and it is already sold out in black at Nordstrom’s and Zappos, but I found it here!

When I asked you guys to take a survey a few weeks ago, one section, had a question for a LtoL Q&A. Most of you guys had the same questions all around, which made it easy to answer all of the following below. If you guys have anymore questions, jut leave a comment 🙂

What is your favorite topic to blog about? 

Life! 100%! I like to talk about real struggles that you guys may be going through as well as things that I am going through. Literally anything in life that allows me to connect with you all. 

What inspired you to start Life to Lauren? 

Moving back to Houston after graduating, I felt like something was missing in my life. I read a lot of blogs and always talked about starting one of my own but put it off until Colton (& my mom) pushed me to do it. Originally, it started off as a way for me to document the things that I loved, as well as my new post grad life, but since then, it has grown into so much more! 

Who takes your photos? Do you use a professional photographer every time? 

Colton takes all of my photos! When we have taken photos together in the past, we have used professional photographers.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Literally everywhere! Anytime I get inspiration for a post, I immediately put it in my phone and start writing down key points I want to hit in the post. 

How do you edit your photos? 

I use Photoshop, even though I am not very good at it. I mainly use it to mess with the lighting. I usually turn up the brightness and alter the contrast & saturation just a little bit. Other than that, I am pretty useless at it. I know that I could do it just as easily in iPhoto or Lightroom but I like Photoshop better. 

How do you decide where to take your pictures? 

Convenience. I base all photoshoots off of convenience. We usually shoot before dinner or brunch on the weekends so it all depends on where we are.  My favorite places to shoot are around the Galleria, at Highland Village and at the River Oaks District. 

Where are you favorite places to shop for bargain deals? 

Marshall’s! I also love Neiman’s Last Call too. 

Do you have to get everything tailored? How did you find a tailor you trust? 

I rarely get anything tailored because I don’t trust anyone. When it comes to buying jeans, I usually buy them from the petite section. If I do use a tailor, I use one from Nordstrom’s. Since I am a card holder, I get free alterations. 

What is your favorite dessert? 

This one is hard! I would definitely have to say any kind of Lemon Meringue or Key Lime Pie. I literally can’t say no to either of those. I also love Crème Brûlée


What shade of red lipstick do you always wear? 

My go-to is the YSL Matte Colored Red shad 203 Rouge Rock 

Is blogging your full time job? 

Nope! I also work full time as a Marketing Coordinator. 

What is yours and Colton’s education background? 

We both graduated from Baylor in 2014. I studied Business Marketing and Colton studied Computer / Electrical Engineering. 

Where did you get Bentley & how old is he?

Bentley is 5 1/2 years old and I got him my freshman year at Baylor. A random couple that lived right outside of Waco, had a litter of Golden puppies and were literally giving them away. It was a super sweet deal. He didn’t have his papers, but I saw his parents and then just hoped he would turn out as pretty as they were. Good thing he did:)





2 thoughts on “Life to Lauren Q & A

  1. Ok, I have to state AND ask- Your black jeans show NO lint on the pictures! And we all know how amazing that can be on black clothes. Am I wrong? How do you prevent that? I hang mine once they are dried from the dryer.


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