My Daily Uniform

everyday casual outfiteveryday casual outfiteveryday casual outfiteveryday casual outfit
everyday casual outfiteveryday casual outfiteveryday casual outfiteveryday casual outfiteveryday casual outfit
Outfit Details: Long Sleeve Top //  Lulu Shorts // Adidas Shoes // Black Ray Bans // Spanx Sports Bra 

My goodness, how is it already Monday? This weekend literally flew by for us. As you may know, Colton and I went to Waco, to go to the Baylor football game and to say it brought back all of the feels is the understatement of the century. 

Before heading out, I had to run a million errands. Small errands, but ones that needed to be done before heading out of town, once again. I was short on time, so I really wasn’t concerned about what I was wearing. I was going more for comfort and convenience to say the least-lol. Like I definitely wasn’t wearing makeup and the Nikes I had on, may or may not have had a hole in them. So of course, this was the time that I not only ran into almost everyone I knew, but a few readers as well. After running into about the fifth person, I called my mom to tell her how mortified I was about my appearance. I mean, here I am, supposedly this “blogger”, giving out fashion advice and I look like a train wreck! She said, “Lauren, you know, they probably don’t care and to be honest, it makes you more relatable”. When she said it, I immediately felt ridiculous because the truth is, I am not dressed perfectly all of the time and I do have days where I am running around like a total hot mess. 

When I do dress up, it is usually for work, dinners, events & parties. The rest of the time, this is most likely what you will catch me in. I wear workout clothes or the equivalent to workout clothing probably 75% of the time. For example, this Lululemon Long Sleeve Top that I have literally been living in since I bought it. I know that Lulu is #sobasic… but I can’t help but love it. I don’t buy ll of my workout apparel from there, but the items I do buy, I wear a lot. For example, these shorts are the only shorts I will work out in and I own about 5 pairs. I’m telling you, when I find something I like, I stick with it. This is my morning walk with Bentley outfit, my quick trip to the grocery store throw on, my cooking dinner and running errands go-to. 

In other news, the rest of this week is kind of jammed packed for me and I am just praying it all goes by smoothly. I have a meeting on Tuesday for an upcoming project that I am so excited to share with you all, my Moms birthday is on Wednesday, I’ll be trying out Orange Theory Fitness for the first time, my little from my sorority officially moves to Houston, Kick Ball is starting back up Thursday, one of my best friends is coming in for the weekend from Minnesota, and little Hannah J is going to her very first Homecoming! 

Have a great week 🙂



5 thoughts on “My Daily Uniform

  1. Girl, I’ve seen you on Snapchat with no makeup on, you look amazing with or without it! I know that’s why I was drawn to your blog, because you keep it real and you don’t cake on 10 pounds of make up. You’re a genuine blogger and your readers know that! 🙂 Keep it up girl!


  2. This post is something we’re all feeling and I love that you put this out there. I am the same way! My grocery store/errand runs are generally a hot mess, and I pray no one who knows of me sees me. You’re lovely and real, that is what so many readers LOVE. Just continue being awesome you! We all love one another for the special unicorns we are 🙂


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