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For the first twenty years of my life, I was as blonde as it gets. I was always the blondest kid in my classroom and strangers would ask if my mom bleached my hair. 

Throughout high school and early college, my hair was something I could always rely on and loved telling people that my blonde locks were truly all natural. Thennnnn, somewhere around my junior year in college, my hair just started changing. It started getting darker & darker, which for me was the most horrible thing that could have ever happened. So what did I do? I rushed to my hair stylist to get my bright blonde color back. 

I love getting highlights because they make me feel like “me” again, but the truth is, I just can’t get it done as much as I would like too. The first time I got highlights, my mouth dropped as to how expensive they were. Like HOLY COW! Needless to say, this is why I only get highlights twice (maybe three times) a year. In addition to the cost, sometimes I just can’t make it to the salon. I’m technically working two jobs here haha, so time is not my friend -lol. 

The truth is, because I can’t make it to my stylist before every single party, blogging event, meeting, or photo shoot I may have, when I was introduced to Back 2 Blonde , I couldnt help but be intrigued.  Back 2 Blonde is basically a temporary fix for your dark roots, that is easy to use and washes out in the shower. So to me, this product was looking like a true #lifesaver. Back 2 Blonde comes in three different shades and for my hair, I chose the lightest option, called Light Blonde. When I first tried Back 2 Blonde, I was a little bit skeptical, because, well.. I am skeptical about all things. My first thought was that it reminded me of a dry shampoo, but I quickly learned that it is nothing like it! I was worried it was going to leave my hair feeling chalky (like dry shampoo does), but after spraying it in my hair and brushing it out, it actually left my hair looking softer and shinier than it did before. Like it’s kind of crazy -lol. 

Now, will this make you look like you just walked straight out of the salon? No – lol, but it really will give you a great temporary fix when you need it. For the times when you just really cant make it to the salon but hate your dark roots.  

You can find Back 2 Blonde at your nearest Walgreens, CVS or RiteAide. For a special $4 offer, check out Back 2 Blonde at Ibotta.

If you have any questions on Back 2 Blonde, feel free to shoot me an email or just leave a comment! Have you guys tried this product before?!



Thank you Back 2 Blonde for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 


4 thoughts on “Back 2 Blonde

  1. I’m interested in the Ibotta app. Have you tried it, recommend it if so? I’m thinking of giving it a try and will let you know and your future readers if it’s great!


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