Favorite Fall Trends

Suede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall Fashionimg_616Suede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionSuede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionSuede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionSuede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionSuede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionSuede Bell Sleeve Top // Fall Trends // 2016 Fall FashionOutfit Details: Top (Similar $39) // Gap Jeans // Similar Heels // Rebecca Minkoff Bag 

Suede, Bell Sleeves, Bell Bottoms, Florals, Chokers, Chunky Heels & Bomber Jackets. Say hello to some of the top trends of Fall 2016. 

I have been really, really into this years fall trends, as opposed to the years before. I mean, don’t get me wrong, fall has always been my favorite season to dress for, but something about this season is different. It’s not as #basic as it has been the past few years & I am absolutely loving it. One of my favorite parts though, is that a lot of the trends are similar to what we were wearing all summer. Just warmer shades! Like these chunky, Steve Madden sandals, bell sleeves and blush. I picked up the bell sleeve top I’m wearing from Pomp and Circumstance Boutique a few weeks ago and love that not only is it a bell sleeve, but that it is suede as well! 

I mean, all of these trends are so 70’s! Am I Right!?! But like better…hehe (sorry mom!:) )

Here are all of the Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2016

(You can shop each one by clicking on the picture)

Suede | As you guys can tell from today & Monday’s post, I am loving suede. From tops, like this one, to skirts like this one. Suede is on the top of my list. 

      pink suede skirt outfit    img1   4c5e20959a7c267a17603bc086807be9_best      4cda7a00373e6efc66a30bb9f7f0258e_best  1d5b1aab08f22585f5585a5c4987d750_best    7ce996f712995ab9e79814dcdb3d99b4_best img

Bell Sleeve | Along with the suede, bell sleeves are another trend I cannot get enough of. My love affair with bell sleeve started with this top from this post. The only bell sleeve item I do not have in my closet is a bell sleeve dress, so I am currently coveting this one

          27923d6f4d937b62b225d12138661583_xlarge   06669c2454d35a783504ecf6beda1528_xlarge   a4886079c382b55c93e1202daefecfee_xlarge  015fb1614963a2228bf817d020ad4072_xlarge  de3d4a1d4e44a34ea9d97044f6abf156_xlarge  59762ac009821a12536f06fcdc65c5cd_best

Fall Florals | This years top fall trends are all about the 70’s & it is not stopping with the florals! These florals have mixtures of deeper tones. The first fall floral piece I added to my closet this season was this romper and now I am dying over this dress!  

    _12790152  prod_3231pe_030  _12893682 forl-wd413_v1 7c7b92b958afa0be6f7996cf2e76fdae_xlarge  screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-01-36-pm

Chunky Heels: Chunky heels were a big hit all summer, so I am glad they are continuing into the fall! From sandals to booties and mules, chunky heels are here to stay! 

  _12385276  _11844846 _12547460  _11734932    _11220031   _12417897

Bomber Jackets | When I think of the bomber jacket trend, I immediately think Kendall Jenner. She’s the ultimate “cool girl” which makes the bomber jacket the ultimate “cool girl” piece. I have my eyes on this & this one!

       faf65c66a1c73143c7d2a02ac7f99f3d_best   fcbc1e57afb9545f8d0c45308cb86d87_best  8e4bb5690019f6195527a3e7ab6778a4_best 2b004ead98eeeaa12646057e2cc29d76_xlarge  960c84f334ad0f240eb327506bd3cffc_xlarge  704ed8d0fd4d89f822731811a60d5d9b_xlarge

Blush | Blushes (pinks) are usually on the spring & summer list, but this fall, they are making a big statement. 

                  bf8d1827669698a9dd7f9f0dba67a6bf_xlarge   b4a920156579f57e19ff4cbe6103958e_xlarge   05b3dafdf691b0fabe120d9148c65bad_xlarge     99c62ceade40a0d4bebfd9380e1d450f_xlarge     cb291aa9e113cc776bd6f2e9047be7fa_xlarge     779fdfc9284b731594cc4b22385c153b_xlarge     f6bd2a8642a5f93b70f9459b483bd3b8_xlarge

What do you think of each trend?? 



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