Currently Coveting: Blush Suede Skirts

pink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitOutfit Details: Skirt // Top // Heels // Rebecca Minkoff Purse // Sunnies Sunnies // Christian Paul Watch 

Hello & Happy Monday! 

Man oh man, where did the weekend go?  I mean, I swear it was just Friday like two days ago (hehe). 

At the beginning of last week, I was really bummed and starting to get major FOMO over missing NYFW, but after a few circumstances that occurred, I’m so glad I did not go and was here in Houston instead. 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend, was that I was able to see all of my closest friends from high school. While I hate the reason that we were all together, I still loved seeing everyone. It was super nostalgic. We all currently live in different cities and are rarely all together at the same time, so I really cherish the moments that we do have together. Lets just say that I would have been more upset about missing them, then missing NYFW. So there – lol. 

Yesterday afternoon, I convinced Colton to go on a long walk with Bentley and I at Buffalo Bayou. I had been inside for most of the day, and for some reason, I was convinced that it was cool(er) outside. I literally have no idea what I was thinking, because I was so wrong. It was incredibly hot and not even the least bit cooler lol. What can I say, my heart is dying for it to be fall, but Texas just doesn’t agree! 

Honestly, living in Texas takes all the fun away out of the seasons changing. Don’t you agree?? Like total buzz kill -lol. So I guess it’s a good thing I have learned to dress for the season, without having a heat stroke. When I received this skirt from CSquared a few weeks ago, I knew it was going to become my new favorite skirts. It is literally the perfect transitional skirt. Plus I love that it is just a little different from your average suede skirt. It kind of just takes your outfit up a notch! 

Ya know what I mean?

Plus, blush is kind of really in this fall season, which I am all for! Especially in fabrics like suede! I went ahead and linked a few other suede blush skirts below. Do you guys like this skirt as much as I do?? Or  do you prefer a basic camel one?



Shop More Suede Skirts

pink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfitpink suede skirt outfit

3 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: Blush Suede Skirts

  1. Love this look! Living in Houston, and Texas in general definitely makes me feel like we never get a chance to actually wear fall fashion. But love this skirt, and it is great for a Texas “fall”

    xx, Jamie


  2. Love love love! Can you relink the skirt though? Hopefully I’m not making a mistake, but the link in your post and top keeps directing me to the shirt.

    Thank you! So cute!


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