Feeling Like A Bride

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Good Day Everyone!

After much request, I finally decided it was time to give you guys a wedding update! We have officially been engaged for, errrrrrrr 3 months now (?) and I am finally just getting used to calling Colton my fiancé, as well as finally getting used to having a ring on my finger. 

I told you all in our engagement post that we were going to take all of June to just enjoy being engaged before we started any actual planning. So we did that and loved every moment of it. In June we had our engagement party and really enjoyed our time being able to take it all in. When July came, we were ready to hit the ground running with all of our planning.

Thennnnn, I got overwhelmed. Like reallllyyyyyy overwhelmed. I couldn’t handle all of the questions or decisions we were having to make. Mainly because I am extremely indecisive and I’ve honestly never pictured myself as a bride. Idk if that sounds weird or now, but like as a child, I always pictured myself being married and my future husband, but I just never pictured the getting married part.

Which is funny because I made my childhood best friend, Bradley, marry me at least 30 times when were six -lol.  

What’s even crazier though, is that Colton and I were together for over four years and I never questioned if Colton would one day be my Husband. I mean, I had my dream ring picked out on Pinterest 6 months after we were dating lol. It was just the being the bride part that I never really thought of. 

I think it’s because the older I have gotten though, the less I have wanted a wedding. I’ve adapted the, “Lets elope, and spend the money we would spend on a wedding, on a home and a European vacation” attitude. But now that I am engaged, I’ve realized how much I do want a wedding….That maybe having your dream wedding isn’t as silly as I thought….

But lets get back to where we left off.

 Oh yeah, July! So we started planning in July, and I got really overwhelmed (thanks to Pinterest & Style Me Pretty) so we stopped cold turkey and decided to start planning again in August. When August hit, we felt a little more clear about things and I was less frazzled. 

Things that we know so far: We know that we want to have a destination wedding, but not at the beach. We know that we want it to be small and intimate (like under 150 people), mainly outdoors and not in a ballroom. We don’t want to do a “first look”, because we want that moment when walking down the aisle. I want to have a live band, Colton wants a smore’s bar, and I want everyone in long dresses.

Oh, and we’ve also decided that Bentley will definitely be a groomsman -lol. 

We’ve been venue shopping a lot lately and are finally narrowing things down which is really relieving. Everyone says that things become less stressful once you have a venue. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but I am praying that it is. I’ve also laid off looking at all of the wedding websites, because as you read earlier, they were driving me into the crazy house lol. 

I’m finally getting to the point where I am feeling like a bride, which is kind of an exciting feeling. I’m happy that we are having a longer engagement and that I am able to really enjoy this time, because, you really are only a bride once. Colton has also been getting into all of the wedding planning  festivities too, which kind of really warms my heart. I like know he is as excited as I am. 

I’ll do a Wedding Q&A here in the next few weeks when I have more answers. When you all took this questionnaire, most of you guys had wedding planning questions -lol, so I’ll answer all of those soon! 

Until then… 🙂



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