August Tidbits



Oh August, where did you go? Correction. Oh summer, where did you go?! I mean literally, this summer literally flew by.

I’m not going to lie though, I feel like I haven’t been doing summer to its fullest the past few weeks. It has just been so hot outside, that I have been constantly staying indoors.   Except for when I was in LA of course, because, well, their weather is the best! You can read more about my LA trip, here.


Other than LA, I feel like my August was very chill. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we did a lot, but we also didn’t do a lot at the same time, if that makes sense lol.

Well correction, I didn’t do a lot! Poor Colton, he hasn’t been able to catch a break. From a boys fantasy football weekend to Bachelor parties, he has been super busy, but I don’t think he is complaining one bit – ha!

whitelinnennightOutfit Details: Similar Lace Dress // Sandals (on sale!) // purse 

The first weekend back from the my girls trip to LA, we had White Linen Night in the Heights which is always the best and has quickly become one of our favorite events of the year! 

Literally such a party! 

Houston Bloggers

Then that week I went to the fall fashion preview at Neiman Marcus and had a total blast! I love getting to see all of my favorite Houston bloggers! Especially when it is over brunch and fashion!  


That weekend we headed to New Orleans to see my best friend, Ann! 

She moved there at the beginning of the summer, so we knew it was time to make our way to see her. We were so packed with plans all weekend, that I feel like I didn’t take any pictures lol. But I guess that’s a good thing because we were too busy having fun! 

The weekend flew by so I am hoping we get to make it back up there this month for her (& Colton’s) birthday. I absolutely love the vibe of New Orleans. The people, the music, the bars, the culture, I love it all. 

That betch, no wonder she moved there – lol. 

IMG_1331IMG_5115IMG_4544Black & White Outfit Details: Here // Popsicles: Steel City Pops // Smoothie: Nourish Juice & Smoothie Bar

The rest of the month was spent in total relaxation mode. 

Like I am not kidding you, I literally did nothing -lol. 

I mean, I had the occasional girls night and what not, but I really took these last two weekend to rest. 

I have been really, really stressed recently. Between work,  blogging, my social life, planning a wedding, my family and Colton, I have been over the top overwhelmed. So when the weekends have been hitting, I’ve been dead. I’ve also been sick for the past few weekends…so that probably had something to do with it too. I think my body needed to rest. 

It was literally yelling at me to stop! 

IMG_4569Outfit Details: Dress // Heels // Purse 

But I guess all of the stress and hard work has been paying off. 

This particular night (from the picture above), Colton took me to Artisan’s Restaurant ( my fav! ) to celebrate me hitting 10k followers on Instagram. 

As excited as I was, I hated celebrating it.. I hated being like “omg look at me” because I know that on the greater scale of things, the amount of followers I have means nothing in life. But at the same time, it is still an accomplishment because I am working hard and I love the support from all of you. It took me a year to get to this point and I am so happy how far I have come. So there. We celebrated, we let loose, and had the best time. 

…. all on a Monday lol 

IMG_4641Keepsake Mini DressAnthropologie Mug // Keepsake Mini Dress // Palm Tree Phone Case // Baanou

Now it’s the end of the month and I know that all of my relaxation is over – lol. 

I am hoping to really bring you guys the content you deserve this month, as well as make a dent in my wedding planning, and hopefully make more time for rest! That way, I can avoid getting sick like I did this past time! 

And as of today, we are off on our next adventure! The first of many for this fall. 

Have a great Thursday! 




2 thoughts on “August Tidbits

  1. I love this! And girl, you should SO celebrate your accomplishments through your blog! Followers may not be what it’s all about, but that following means that you are getting through to a lot of girls, who want to hear what you have to say! You are one of the two bloggers that inspired me to blog, and I read your posts first thing in the morning with my spark! You are very inspiring and have amazing content in your posts! Keep doing you girl!

    XOXO, Nikki


  2. Yay you!!!! So excited for you hit 10k followers. I attempted to start a blog at one point in college and am now thinking its time to get back to it!

    Love the grey comfy!! Where is it from??


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